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Locked Topic  Official Trainer Thread  Civilization 5 Trainer
CyberCore  posted on Dec 02, 2010 2:06:08 PM - Report post

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originally posted by kevinpiatt

I've noticed that as the game progresses further along, the distances your units can travel without crashing becomes more limited. I've been checking a few system monitors to see if it is an equipment problem. Although the CPU takes a high load sometimes during the gameplay, it is usually short lived. My GPU is running about the same as the CPU. Although one gameplay peaked my GPU at 70C., that was an anomaly and mid-to-upper fifties have been the constant. THE CPU runs between 30C and 40C. However, my RAM seems to be taking a constant hit (only running on 4G dual channel). Any chance someone out there with a larger portion of RAM (8+) is not having as many crash issues while using the movement cheat? As of yet, I have not played a game that demanded more... so I haven't expanded... is now the time to do so?

[Edited by kevinpiatt, 12/1/2010 10:57:06 PM]

My System:

CORSAIR DOMINATOR KIT with AIRFLOW KIT 3x2Gb @ nearby 2000MHz, run's with tripple channel transfare (usually) @~30°C
Intel Core i7 *950* Overclocked from 3,06GHz to 3,444Ghz @~50°C
SAPPHIRE RADEON 4890 OC from 850MHz Core-and 975MHz RAM-Clock to 890MHz Core-and 1012MHz RAM-Clock @~70°C

ALL Values are taken by a log while I was playing - record in the backround as usually.

The game only crashes on my system if I try to travel a very far distance, where the "MOVING SIGNAL (Blue to Grey to Yellow and at least Red) Red marked distances" are not availlable any more - SO - it seems that you can travel by this cheat ONLY in the maximum distance (marked red) in the game but as often as you want - still genough, I think.
Distances = out of field of viewing (FoV) you cheat the game to much and that ends in a freeze or error of cause.

The game need on WIN7 64bit Ultimate-Version with the latest drivers *only* ~2Gb's of my RAM - that's a little bit much isn't it?

But okay, I hope my response of my experiences by using this trainer option is helping you to enjoying the game further in cooperation by using the distance cheat ;-).

Greetz, I'm out - Cyber... "Ehhhhm, by the way... *Did someone read my post?* Because I'm still waiting for answers or some ideas?"

legate123  posted on Dec 14, 2010 6:54:06 AM - Report post

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On December 10,2010 Steam announced a new patch with massive fixes will be released by Dec. 16,2010 this week. I hope we have a trainer that can work with the new patch.
bean5oh  posted on Dec 15, 2010 12:14:17 PM - Report post

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When do you expect to release a trainer for the new release on Steam? My game crashes when I try to use the current one.


Pappystein  posted on Dec 15, 2010 7:35:22 PM - Report post

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Trainer is up but seems to have crashed my scenario I started this morning. I am in the midst of troubleshooting so am not calling this a "bug" yet. However since I activated the trainer and the Funds cheat as well as the XP cheat, I can not build any buildings (standard or Wondrous.)
Pappystein  posted on Dec 15, 2010 7:45:54 PM - Report post

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Ok call it a confirmed bug, at least in DX9 on my box.. My system is too sissy to run DX11 (meets minimal specs only.)

Trainer version is for Press the Max XP button (*) and all buildings are deleted from ques and you can not add buildings to production que.

Exiting the trainer and the game and then reloading the scenario clears the issue completely.

System is a Core 2 Duo, with a GeForce GTX260M on 6GB of ram. Win 7X64 Home Premium.

Zugustaz  posted on Dec 16, 2010 4:02:04 AM - Report post

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I ran it in DirectX 11 and the (*) bug mentioned where you are unable to build or purchase buildings or wonders is confirmed here as well. Money works fine move works fine as well as research runs fine and I generally don't use the others.
brandino130  posted on Dec 16, 2010 12:15:58 PM - Report post

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Just downloaded the newest Trainer and it works just fine but after a few turns my unhappiness jumps to like 400+. Is there a way to fix that with the Trainer am I doing something wrong?
PWizard  posted on Dec 16, 2010 2:15:50 PM - Report post

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The XP option is working correctly and per the readme.

a) use trainer only on UNITS that have XP and TURN IT OFF when done before clicking other items

b) if done by accident from not reading instructions, turn option OFF, save game, go to main menu and then load game. it resets.

c) basically, click unit that has XP. turn option on. click unit again. note increase in XP. turn option off. resume normal play. This goes for ALL the unit manipulation options. best to turn them on, make the change to unit, then turn it off.

We found an issue with the Golden Age option and have uploaded a new version to fix it.

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