Cheat Happens Prize Wheel
Welcome to the Cheat Happens Prize Wheel where users that have earned spins may spin the wheel and win one of nine possible prizes. Wheel spins are typically earned by being a Lifetime PLUS member but may be given out to any user as a result of a contest or other event held at the site. Wheel spins may not be traded. Once a wheel spin is used, the prize chosen is final and only the Free Game and Cheat Happens T-Shirt may be traded for Reward Credits immediately after the spin. Non RC-based prizes may be deferred and claimed at a later date through the User Settings menu. As of right now, prizes have no expiration date but this could change in the future.
Earn free spins each month with our Lifetime PLUS membership. Spins are given out on the 1st day of each month to those that have an active Lifetime PLUS account. First time Lifetime PLUS subscribers also receive an instant free spin when upgrading.
Have fun and best of luck!
Each spin will earn you one of the following prizes:
  • Free Alias Change
  • Free Custom Rank
  • Free Custom Avatar
  • Free Custom Profile Header
  • Free Game (up to $20)
  • 5,000 Reward Credits
  • 10,000 Reward Credits
  • 100,000 Reward Credits
  • Cheat Happens T-Shirt
Spin the Wheel