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Locked Topic  Trade List
Ladst3r  posted on Aug 09, 2007 1:06:10 PM - Report post

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First of all Id like this topic not to be posted of becuse it is a topic ment to be viewed and not for disscusion. People have been asking me questions of how to get items and one of the easy ways is trading.
Here are the list of items to trade to the viggie elders.

Forest & Hills Elder (Area 7)

Spiderweb --> Special Mushroom
Garbage --> Dung
Scatternut --> Special Mushroom
Iron Ore --> Sm Monster Bone (Mystery Bone)
Earth Crystal --> Med Monster Bone (Bone)
Machalite Ore --> Lg Monster Bone (Mystery Bone)
Lightcrystal --> Rathian Spike (Lg Monster Bone)
Firestone --> Majestic Horn (Rathalos Wing)
Insect Husk --> Special Mushroom
Kut-ku Shell --> Plesioth Scale (Cephalos Scale)
Kut-ku Ear --> Plesioth Fin (Piscine Fang)
SmlBlueKut-KuEar --> Monster Bone+ (King Scarab)
Power Extract --> Piscine Jaw (Med Monster Bone)
Sm Monster Bone --> Sm Bone Husk (Mystery Bone)
Cephalos Fin --> Rathalos Webbing
Pale Lips --> Lg Lobstershell (Sm Lobstershell)
Rathian Plate --> Lao Shan's Claw (LaoShan's Scale)
Rathian Spike --> Monster Broth (Monster Fluid)
Rathalos Plate --> Lao Shan's Claw (LaoShan's Scale)
Rathalos Tail --> Monster Broth (Monster Fluid)
Azre Rthlos Scl+ --> Rathalos Scale+
Crimson Horn --> Rathalos Tail (Wyvern Marrow)
Majestric Horn --> Wyvern Marrow (Rathalos Tail)
Gravios Carapace --> Diablos Spine (Iodrome Hide)
Gravios Head --> Mosswine Head
Diablos Spine --> Gravios Carapace
Blos Fang --> Rathian Claw (Lg Monster Bone)
Blos Jaw --> Rathalos Webbing (Rathalos Tail)
Monoblos Spine --> Diablos Tail (Twisted Horn)
Gt Lobstershell --> Rthlos Brainstem
Pawprint Stamp --> Mega Pickaxe (Iron Pickaxe)
Egg Ticket --> Mega Pickaxe
Commendation --> Monster Fluid (Vespoid Shell)
Grt Sword Ticket --> Dragon Toadstool
Lance Ticket --> Dragon Toadstool
VegElderTcktBrz --> Wyvern Marrow
VegElderTcktSlv --> Rathalos Plate (Rathian Plate)

Swamp Elder (Area 1)

Garbage --> Disk Stone
Toadstool --> Special Mushroom
Blue Mushroom --> Special Mushroom
Insect Husk --> Special Mushroom
Sm Monster Bone --> Iron Ore (Disk Stone)
Med Monster Bone --> Earth Crystal (Iron Ore)
Flame Sac --> Machalite Ore (Earth Crystal)
Giant Beak --> Lightcrystal (Machalite Ore)
Rubbery Hide --> Earth Crystal (Iron Ore)
Vespoid Bladefin --> Lightcrystal (Ruststone)
Hornet Bladefin --> Firestone (Union Ore)
Cephalos Fin --> Iron Ore
Pale Bone --> Union Ore
Rathalos Claw --> Machalite Ore (Earth Crystal)
Rathian Claw --> Machalite Ore (Earth Crystal)
Rathian Shell --> Machalite Ore (Earth Crystal)
Rathalos Wing --> Lightcrystal (Ruststone)
Wyvern Marrow --> Lightcrystal (Ruststone)
Rthlos BrainStem --> Firecell Stone
Crimson Horn --> Machalite Ore (Ruststone)
Majestric Horn --> Ruststone
Basarios Shell --> Machalite Ore (Earth Crystal)
Basarios Wing --> Machalite Ore (Earth Crystal)
Gravios Carapace --> Lightcrystal (Dragonite Ore)
Gravios Head --> Firestone
Monoblos Spine --> Machalite Ore (Earth Crystal)
LaoShan Thoracic --> Firestone
Pawprint Stamp --> Earth Crystal
Egg Ticket --> Machalite Ore
Commendation --> Lightcrystal (Macahlite Ore)
Grt Sword Ticket --> Earth Crystal
Lance Ticket --> Earth Crystal
VegElderTcktBrz --> Lightcrystal
VegElderTcktSlv --> Novacrystal

Jungle Elder (Area 5)

Garbage --> Needleberry
Iron Ore --> Potion (Rare Steak)
Insect Husk --> Special Muschroom
Flame Sac --> Demondrug
Sleep Sac --> Armorskin
Electro Sac --> Immunizer (Catalyst)
Poison Sac --> Lifecrystals
Stun Sac --> Nutrients
Thunderbug --> Mega Potion
Mystery Bone --> Blue Mushroom
Mosswine Hide --> Max Potion
Velociprey Hide --> Honey (Red Pepper)
Genprey Hide --> Honey (Red Pepper)
Ioprey Hide --> Honey (Red Pepper)
Genprey Hide --> Hot Pepper
Piscine Fang --> Power Juice
Plesioth Fin --> Power Juice
Grn Plesioth Fin --> King Scarab
Cephalos Fin --> Power Juice

Ladst3r  posted on Aug 09, 2007 1:07:44 PM - Report post

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Rathalos Claw --> Demondrug
Rathian Claw --> Armorskin
Rathalos Scale --> Catalyst (Herbal Medicine)
Rathian Scale --> Catalyst
Rathalos Shell --> Dragon Toadstool
Rathian Shell --> Dragon Toadstool
Wyvern Marrow --> Power Pill
Blos Fang --> Mega Juice
Blos Jaw --> Mega Juice (Pale Extract)
Lg Lobstershell --> Power Pill (Mega Demondrug)
Pawprint Stamp --> Mega Bugnet
Egg Ticket --> Bugnet
Commendation --> Mega Nutrients (Nutrients)
BBQ Ticket --> Well-Done Steak
Grt Sword Ticket --> Catalyst
Lance Ticket --> Catalyst
VegElderTcktBrz --> Max Potion
VegElderTcktSlv --> Master's Skull

sorry for the double posting but I couldnt fit it all in.

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