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Mac Or PC???
austinite04  posted on Aug 26, 2010 2:10:31 AM - Report post

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originally posted by LoopDaLoop

originally posted by austinite04

Actually... Mac's have STEAM games now... and World of War Craft.. and The Sims 3 series, Spore, the list goes on... I just wanna mac for the No more viruses thing.. I hate shelling out $50+ yearly for stupid Anti-virus programs.. Not to mention no more driver updates, not as much anyways.. Every month there seems to be a new patch for my ATI 4850.. and my Sound Blaster audigy.. Besides that, there is a mac tower with 8 core processors!!! not to mention upto 40 gigs of ram.. maybe more.. Yes the mac is more expensive.. but I'd rather have no viruses any day over a cheap pc.. Anyone that says there no games on mac hasn't been paying attention, they got loads of games now.. and OpenGL is a billion times better than DirectX.. just like HTML 5 is better than Flash.

Well then go and buy it.

I've always been using Windows and always will. I'm downloading all kinds of stuff and visiting sites you'd never thought they existed and I maybe get up to 10 spywares and 1-2 viruses per week, sometimes per month. Not a big deal. And it's not that hard for me to go to ATi website to download new drivers just so my GPU could work better.

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Wow, That helps the conversation.. I do wanna buy it.. I just want feedback to whether or not its a good buy... Like if anyone has had first hand experience with one...

Also, is there a way that CH trainers can be made for mac games???If so, the $50 I paid for membership here would be well spent..

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Euphoria  posted on Aug 26, 2010 2:20:49 AM - Report post

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Even Mac OS have security holes. They only don't get used that often like on windows. (because not many people use it)
Look at hacker meetings, or iPhone. They hack Mac OS and iPhone within few minuts. On iPhone you also see, that there are to many holes. When one get fixed in few days we have another Jailbreak.
Till you update your Software/OS regulary you won't have any problems with security.

Mac OS have only advantage, when you work with something like Photoshop, like the style, and have to much money.

Other point is, that you have bigger variety of software @ windows. On Mac it's harder to find some special software, that you may need.
Also if you want play good games, windows is better aswell.

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Goro_san  posted on Aug 26, 2010 3:41:23 AM - Report post

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the ONLY reason i use win is gaming
if mac was able to run games i would dump all my PC's
Al-pucino  posted on Aug 26, 2010 5:10:55 AM - Report post

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I've been a windows user for all my life, but that changed years ago when I went to college. I went through a design course and a lot of people recommended me to get a macbook pro. First impressions...I absolutely fell in love with it. Everything's just so smooth and slick. Up to this day, I still love it. I don't actually have an iMac, but I have a PC. I still use that as well.

Overall, if you're into design and all of that sort of stuff, I highly recommend an iMac. But for games and general use, I'd stick with a PC.

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lolikitty  posted on Aug 26, 2010 5:16:53 AM - Report post

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A pictures worth a thousand words. This one pretty much says it all.

DABhand  posted on Aug 26, 2010 5:45:55 AM - Report post

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Dont listen to the lies of some of the MAC fanboi's, MAC's indeed have viruses as does Windows, as does Linux, As does Solaris etc.
king-of-games  posted on Aug 26, 2010 6:03:56 AM - Report post

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Not saying a certain one is better or whatever because honestly I have no idea, but my non-nerdy logic tells me if my PC messes there are going to be more people who can help me considering the ratio of PC to Mac owners.
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