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Latiosmaster47  posted on Jul 09, 2010 11:36:55 PM - Report post

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originally posted by zorrodude

And Eminem is NOT homophobic. Incase you don't remember, to prove he's not, him and Elton John did a performance together at the Grammy's a few years ago.

And the song they preformed was the track "Stan" off the Marshal Mathers LP. The whole thing was a shout out to his fans to learn to separate fact from fantasy and to realize that the whole Slim Shady thing is an act, an outlet for Eminem's anger and frustration, and something not to be emulated.

Foxxie-kun  posted on Jul 09, 2010 11:40:30 PM - Report post

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Him turning over a new leaf does not excuse his past.

Act or no, it was offensive.

I honestly had no idea Hailie was a teen. Children of celebrities are always coddled and pampered their whole lives though, so who knows how they've fared psychologically considering their father's highly offensive style of music from his past.

I do hope he's a good enough father to not allow his girls to listen to his music. They'd probably freak out and/or kill him in his sleep hearing about how he wanted to shoot Hailie's mom...

zorrodude  posted on Jul 09, 2010 11:42:31 PM - Report post

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Again, listen to Recovery or read the lyrics. Alot of them are how he messed up too and they he still cares for Kim, it just wouldn't work out between them. You can tell how much he matured.

Neo7  posted on Jul 10, 2010 12:22:14 AM - Report post

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originally posted by Foxxie-kun

Listening to Eminem when I was in my mid teens dropped my IQ by 1/10th total and now I am ashamed he is counted as one of the most popular rappers in the industry.

Rappers sing about shooting guns and beating women and such, but odds are they'd scream like little girls if they heard gunshots directed towards them and faint at the sight of their own blood.

In fact, a lot of males freak out seeing their own blood, but women don't. Makes sense I guess...

今 現在 過去 未来 その先や後は 全然 見えないみたい
期待膨らませ夢見る未来 だからもう過去には 戻らない
今のまま そのままの自分で十分だな この人生の中

限りある時間許されるままに それぞれの道に進む人達
行き着く場所なんてわからない でもここで立ち止まるのはやめよう
明日 あさっての自分を想い描こうなんて 考えたらきりがないし
今の自分の気持ちを大事に 僕らから送るこんなメッセージ

※「わかってんだ」って言って 強がって飛びだして
わがままに ただ 遠回りしたけど
間違ってなんかないさ 胸はって夢描けよ
ガムシャラにただ… 見えるだろう ほら 君のストーリー※

自分が歩んで来た道の意味や 胸ん中の意思は全然変える必要ねーし
今のまま そのままでイイし
人は常に常に決心して全身SO 塗り替えるページ
僕らの放つ言葉を Check it I know I know! know you can make it

ずっと気持ちは変わらない この想いはずっと忘れない

これから 続く旅路の中で いったい幾つの出会いや別れを
繰り返して時が薙がれて また 大人になってゆく
今を一歩二歩三歩 これをkeep on 願いはきっと叶うから
だからそう下を向くのは止めよう ずっと前を向いて歩いて行こうよ

la la la…
いつまでもこの想いが 君の胸の奥にずっと続く様に
la la la…
これからも旅は続くけど ずっと ずっと そのままで

Rise_Against  posted on Jul 10, 2010 12:39:24 AM - Report post

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Not saying that I like Eminem, I dislike his music, but I think that maybe Foxxie has taken this a bit too seriously.

It's just a sham, an act. He didn't actually mean any of that stuff.

latios_power  posted on Jul 10, 2010 8:38:25 AM - Report post

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I won't say anything and won't argue, Recovery defends him...
Foxxie-kun  posted on Jul 10, 2010 5:05:37 PM - Report post

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Um, Neo, is there a point to this wall of incomprehensible text?

You have to realize that most Americans don't know Mandarin from Korean from Japanese in terms of text, which makes copy-pasting into a translator much more difficult.

Back on topic, I could care less about Eminem because for one I never listened to or even heard of his new stuff (Recovery, etc.), just his "Angry Raging Hormone Man" years or "Slim Shady" act, but if he's went from Savage to Saint this quickly then I may have to try to listen to his Recovery album some day. Leech it off of a friend or something, I refuse to pay for anything Rap related.

Most of what turns me off of Rap however are the fans and the "Gangsta Rap" fans.

I cannot believe how many young people at my school with real potential to be something threw it away to be like 2pac or Eminem or whatever. Black, white, Asian-descent, any of them got into fights quite regularly and one even had to get tazed by the school's resident security officer for wielding an assisted-opening knife and threatening to stab another student.

If more young people realized these people are musical artists that sing about fictitious situations drawn from a whimsical interpretation of their lives rather than a literal representation of their life story, I wouldn't have a problem with these guys. Sadly kids are stupid nowadays and can't separate fact from fiction without a jolt of electricity and some shiny silver bracelets on their wrists.

Neo7  posted on Jul 10, 2010 5:39:16 PM - Report post

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To disprove your point that rap isn't as bad as you make it out to be. I did the translation by hand:

The future ahead looks like no other in the past.
It's because the past held so many expectations.
It left just enough in this life for myself.
Somethings things change but right now is not enough.

People go for their goals which cannot be changed.
I stopped here but I don't know where I'll go.
Let's not go on forever!
I think about my feelings for the drawn tomorrow.
We care about your feelings right now.
Send this message as is.

I know the tough say 'take the longer path'
I just spoiled the dream I drew from my heart.
I'm not wrong! I'm just reckless!
Your story will appear in time.

You were walking along until my heart came in your path.
No need for you to change.
We should leave it as is to someone we can trust.
Because we will always be stuck on the same page.
So lets unleash our future now!
Check It! I know I know! I know you can make it!

It flows through for many days,
since the night I shed tears in fear I was helpless.
Now I drift along with what seems like everyone behind me.
They help so that this song can reach the sky.
Nothing has changed though.
I'll never forget this feeling

Meething several friends to follow on this earth into the future.
As an adult I see my footsteps will be repeated by others.
I just wish they couldn't see my detours along the way,
So they can see my wish to be perfect.
But now I face forward and continue walking to the end.

La La La...
I know there is much for my heart to feel in the future.
La La La...
I will remember that my future journey continues as is.

[Edited by Neo7, 7/10/2010 5:44:03 PM]

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