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If you could build a game...
Whit3Ghost  posted on Jun 29, 2010 12:20:31 PM - Report post

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If you could build a game, what would be the title of it? And maybe the character/s names and what goes on in the game.

Hmm a title for mine would be Darkness Reborn(or something like that) and it would be about a Brigadier General leading a Brigade of soldiers into China during the future until they suddenly get bombed by them leading to pure torn destruction. All are dead, except for the Brigadier General, Christopher Kraiver, who is saved by the Devil to do his dirty work. From there he uses special powers to kill his enemies and become the devil's messiah.

I've been thinking of that one for a pretty long time

SuperSkyline89  posted on Jun 29, 2010 1:40:46 PM - Report post

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One thing I've always wanted was a gun controller that works with multiple FPS games. Like duck hunt basically but it would be a range of different realistic guns. The standard range would be:

- M4 Grenadier
- AK47 Grenadier
- M9 pistol
- M4 combat shotgun
- M249 SAW
- M82 sniper rifle
- M72 LAW rocket launcher

You'd have to "pair" the guns you buy to the guns in your games. So if you have a budget one gun would work for every weapon in your games. Or you could buy 2 or 3 guns and assign different in-game weapons to each of them. And of course if you're loaded you could buy all of them and assign one game gun to each.

There would be special edition guns too. Games like Halo and Gears of War have their own unique weapons, so there would be a whole range of gun controllers based on those, but of course they would also work with any game so there wouldn't be any compatibility issues.

Regardless of what gun it is they'll all be weighted realistically and would have all the same functions like safeties, firing modes, triggers, and loading mechanisms that the real ones have. They last few inches of the barrels would be solid though, so it would be impossible to use them to fire anything. Clips would slide out and you would have to chamber the first bullet or it won't shoot.

Probably wouldn't be cheap, but nothing good is.

Rise_Against  posted on Jun 29, 2010 1:50:48 PM - Report post

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Well kinda like a RPG-ish game where you have like over 50 ways to do something, and each way effects the game, even the really small decisions may have the biggest effects.
So baisicaly a game where everything down to what hair or eye colour you have, or killing or sparing someones life makes a difference.

Sometimes the bigger things may not make much of a difference and the smaller things might make a huge difference etc.

It's just a sketched idea I made up just now. I haven't really thought of anything like a name.

Dhampy  posted on Jun 29, 2010 2:06:58 PM - Report post

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Copy/Pasted from this thread: Link

Um... since I made this post, it's been done--sort of. It's called Mount and Blade and Mount and Blade Warband.

Let me try and put this into words...

I envision a game world that could be here on Earth or another universe, it doesn't matter.

The game mostly takes place on the fringes between empires. You are just an ordinary person, but events unfold around you that propel you into a position of great importance.

It would have a system of play similar to Oblivion or Morrowind, and I want that kind of feel in the game. 1st person, with the option to play 3rd person.

It would be an RPG, but also an adventure game. It would have multiple aspects of gameplay.

You'd be able to do just about anything, join any number of factions and do anything with them. If you join the military, you would fight in battles---real battles with real tactics, not unorganized melees with a half dozen dudes like the "battle" in Oblivion--but like RTW size battles. You may control them if you're in that position but if not, you're a pawn and you have to act like a pawn. Stay in formation--break the shield wall and you'll die. If you become a thief, you'd do thief stuff. A merchant does merchant stuff.

Technology would be a mix of Medieval and Victorian, with even some anachronistic stuff from the early-20th Century thrown in. It will require a singular character. Not steampunk in artistic style, but as if steampunk were actually real.

There won't be "magic" magic, but instead there would be a form of technology which would unlock latent mental powers. Like Psi powers in System Shock 2. Magic sans "magic".

But it wouldn't just occur in the hinterland between empires, but within the centers of those empires as well.

If you choose a course which takes you into the imperial households, adventure aspects will come into play. You won't be able to solve your problems by hacking someone to death, you'll need to use logic and manipulation.

Extremely good AI will be required as there will need to be thousands of ways to go about a task. It must be completely open to be worth a damn.

All paths will have to eventually take you through an imperial household, but it will always be different.

Each city will have to be utterly unique. Each empire so different from the other that it would be night and day.

All items and clothing would be completely customizable so unique things will be constantly being created. There would need to be an in-game editor to make new items from scratch or from a collection of attributes.

This could very well work as a multi-player game, but it will be nothing like Warcraft. There will be no guilds or parties doing quests--unless you happen to be ordered to work together by your superior in whatever organization you belong to--you could be side by side with human players in a battle and never know it. But when you ascend to a certain point of progress in the game, it would have to become single-player.

I haven't fully worked out a plausible story, but it would be variable depending on your actions. Perhaps your overall goal will be to conquer the other imperial capital, or perhaps it will be a palace coup in your own. Or switching sides or leading a lost heir to his throne. It will depend on your choices.

On the other hand, if you don't want a main quest, you would be free to not pursue it. The game wouldn't be any less fun if you like to make chairs and sell them. Those looking for an MMO experience would no doubt find this advantageous.

The depth of play would also be variable. If you want to be simplified, that's fine. If you want it so in depth that you have to physically have your character use the bathroom and sleep for 8 real hours a night, that's fine too.

It won't be an rpg or an action game or an adventure game so much as an experience of a complete alternate universe.

It also is practically impossible, but that's OK.

Rise_Against  posted on Jun 30, 2010 6:42:33 PM - Report post

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A game like the above would take years to make.
But it would be worth it in the end, I'm sure everyone would like to play a game like that.
sabinboy  posted on Jun 30, 2010 7:08:45 PM - Report post

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Yeah i love that kind of game.
latios_power  posted on Jun 30, 2010 7:47:21 PM - Report post

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The Others and The Brothers.

Based on a zombie and alien invasion.

captainkirk  posted on Jul 01, 2010 12:16:04 PM - Report post

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Title: Morphogenesis

Story: You start as a lowly soldier in a small squad of british soldiers in Afghanistan. Infact you are the last group of soldiers still there because the government called most soldiers back. While there, there is an increase of bombings and insurgent attacks, and many of your regiement is killed. While on a search of some towns you find new russian weapons and proof that the russians are behind the attacks and suppling Al Quaeda, when you find the proof you get ambushed by highly skilled and alot of Spetsnaz, nearly all of your squad has been killed apart from you and 4 others. Each of you are specially trained in different areas of weapons such as sniping, and artillery.
You now begin to stalk the spetsnaz until you find their leader who you assasinate to revenge your friends who were slaughtered. But you and your squadmates get killed while doing this.

Obviously this would need a bit of work but I think it wouldnt be to bad a game.

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