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Toronto is Under Attack by Terrorists
SuperSkyline89  posted on Jun 26, 2010 1:54:57 PM - Report post

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No, it isn't being bombed, but it is being attacked by it's own sorry excuses of citizens.

"Protesters" are trashing police cars, banks, fast food places, chain stores and pretty much everything they can get their hands on.

These scum are nothing but terrorists, they should be arrested and charged as such.

What really gets at me is that they don't stop with the corporations. The guy on the radio said they're "jumping on a random BMW". Theses people aren't protesters, they're just worthless punks who are jealous of those who made something out of their lives because they can't take anything of their own.

Unfortunately there isn't enough police to start arresting yet, hopefully that will change.

Foxxie-kun  posted on Jun 26, 2010 8:13:02 PM - Report post

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If they're being so violent as to be a danger to the police and civilians I'd say deadly force should be authorized and carried out by local police and Army Reserve personnel within the state.

"Protesting" is a peaceful demonstration of your viewpoints. "Terrorism" is any singular or en masse act meant to disrupt the peace and instill fear in non-combatants to the point where there is no alternative but to suppress or destroy the aggressors.

There is no alternative in this situation but to suppress and/or destroy the aggressors (In this case the Terrorists who, operating en masse, are destroying public property, endangering the lives of civilians, and doing so with no regard to their own safety or lack thereof whilst carrying out these acts of domestic terrorism)

DABhand  posted on Jun 27, 2010 5:46:59 AM - Report post

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Unfortunately these things always happen, you will have a bunch of peaceful protesters but there will always be a group who will gate crash the party so to speak and then cause havoc or instigate trouble.

It is if their lives are revolved in just making trouble, and the sad part the peaceful lot are then looked at the same.

SuperSkyline89  posted on Jun 27, 2010 10:34:35 AM - Report post

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By the end of the day police had arrested 130 people. Hopefully they'll all be charged.

I heard on the news that when Italy held the G8 they did it at a military base, I think they had a good idea with that.

PseudoAnxiety  posted on Jun 27, 2010 5:19:02 PM - Report post

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I'm laughing for all the wrong reasons.
ServiusTheBear  posted on Jun 27, 2010 10:25:37 PM - Report post

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Not enough high octane beer! Get more and that should sort it. Or just shoot the
shianova  posted on Jun 27, 2010 10:45:40 PM - Report post

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This looks just like after a hockey game where the Montreal Canadiens lost...
jane29  posted on Jun 28, 2010 7:21:38 AM - Report post

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Ok so...trashing a police car will solve all the worlds problems, maybe punching an old lady will solve global warming.

These people who are ****ing up our city are low lived idiots who have nothing better to do. They were searching for some excitement. At first, it was a friendly protest then some black dressed ****ers ruined everything. =( I feel bad for the people who got held in the box for 4 hours for nothing...at least it's ova.

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