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Kaiba is the most quoteworthy character
malyg  posted on Jun 19, 2010 1:49:08 PM - Report post

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From only two episodes... 194 and 195.

"Get out of my life! And take your bad hair with you! And mark my words, if your over priced shoes step anywhere near me again, I'll destroy whats left of your pathetic company!"

"I'm throwing you out because I don't like you. Not because I'm scared of you."

"Are you done? These people came to see a duel not a bad poetry reading."

"Call off your ponies! Their moment in the spotlight is over!"

"You nauseate me."

"And what do you think I'm afraid of? You're ferocious galloping girl scouts?"

"It's time to get rid of your little friend! Along with the horse she rode in on!"

"That lame stratergy may have worked against a dork like wheeler, but I'm in a different league!"

You gotta know the whole thing to find these great. Siegfried uses a monster to look at Kaiba's first three cards in his deck. He says "show me Kaiba's destiny!" It shows three Blue Eyes White Dragons and Kaiba goes:
"By the expression on your face I'm guessing my destiny looks pretty good."
Siegfried then uses a monster where if he guesses the card at the top of Kaiba's deck, he gets to choose what happens to it. He predicts it's a monster card, as he just saw it using the other monster.
Kaiba: "Gee, how did you ever guess."

"No one is foolish enough to come between me and my Blue Eyes! And anyone who does pays the price!"

"Looks like the same old story. I rise to the top and you get lost in my shadow."

"Do I care? NO!"

"Eventually your girlfriend is gonna run out of points and when she does my dragon will be waiting!" xD

Seigfried: "Whats it like being a washed up has-been?"
Kaiba: "Why don't you tell me?"

"Whats your problem? You're jealous that I run a sucessful company and you don't?"

"Don't blame me because you came from a family of failures!"

"Lets duel! And this time when I knock you down maybe you'll stay down!"

Siegfriend: "You need to give up 100 of you're life points and you can't afford that"
Kaiba: "There is nothing I can't afford!"

"I'm glad you came here, because now I get a chance to publically humiliate you again."

Siegfriend: "This isn't over!"
Kaiba: "Your lifepoints just hit zero. Thats as over as it gets! So take what little dignity you have left, AND GET LOST!"



He's got some other great ones as well. Off the top my head:

"It's in the briefcase, moron!"

"Anyone who is late will be disqualifed. Mokuba, make sure Wheeler is late."

Pegasus: "I play my trap card which means-"
Kaiba: "I know what it means. Do you ever shut up?"

Dark Magician Girl: "Now join forces!"
Kaiba: "Anything to shut you up!"

"I didn't come here for Egyptian History 101."

Neo7  posted on Jun 19, 2010 9:26:05 PM - Report post

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If that kind of technology existed where holograms can simulate the battle, Yu-Gi-Oh would be so badass.
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