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Alt-tab Out of Game
Wingle  posted on Mar 24, 2010 7:51:53 AM - Report post

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Hey everyone, been trying to alt-tab out of the game for a while now, considering using a third party app to be able to minimize the program because when I Alt-tab, the game continues to be on top. When I click around, the icons on my desktop or whatever window is open under the game flickers a few times letting me know what is under, but is replaced very quickly with the game in about one or two frames. Its weird, like it just doesn't want to be minimized. I even clicked on the show desktop button on my taskbar's Quick-launch (hard to find, but possible because like I said, whats under the mouse flickers (sometimes the whole window, or the icon, or the taskbar; whatever is currently at the position my cursor is at at the time of the click)) But it doesnt minimize. Control-Alt-Delete doesn't do anything but display the Task Manager for a frame or two, then dissapears (but is still open, under the game). Alt-Esc doesn't work. I need to alt tab to be able to use artmoney in this game. I read about some other kid using artmoney to get certain values. (To those of you that use cheat'o'matic, artmoney is 10 times better than cheat'o'matic, you just have to read the help document it comes with if you dont understand it. Its easy to use and more configurable than Cheat'O'Matic and takes less time to find the values if you know what you are doing. You can even create your own trainers if you download the trainer-maker-kit somewhere else on the net, but that requires a little higher level of understanding in programming and values and all that other 'hibbedy-who-blah'.
I was also wondering if any of you knew how (or if there is a way) to pause this game. I read somewhere that the protection this game employs is internet-based, that if the internet connection was lost, it would pause the game, and upon reconnection, it would return you to the last state before the pause. I have yet to try this, and see if it had any impact upon my ability to alt-tab. I am hardwired by ethernet cable, so I could try this easily. If the person who was using artmoney could alt tab out of the game (posted in one of the other threads), I'm sure others can do it. I was just wondering if anyone else was able to do it, and what methods they employ. For those of you who want to know about artmoney, the main webpage is: www.artmoney.ru and the spoiler contains more info about it Spoiler:

No it is not Russian (although there is a Russian version I believe), and yes, it is free (although there is a pro edition that comes with other abilities, but it is not necessary, the free edition is more than enough to edit any program - even Macromedia Flash games. It searches for float (1, 2, 3, 4, and/or 8 bytes), integer (4, 6, 8, and/or 10 bytes), Macromedia flash, text and/or string bytes, reverse or normal order in any combination. If you don't know what you are doing, there is a standard combination that you should search for first (cheato'o'matic tries them all I believe, that's why the searches take so LONG, when you get more advanced, you can knock off certain settings that make the search time go WAY, WAY down, from minutes to seconds. You can search for an exact value, a sequence of values, a range of values, an unknown value, a coded value, save a memory dump, a structure, search by formula, or a pointer (don't know what those last 5 are, as i never had to use them). Cheat'O'Matic doesnt have that option, it only lets you search for an exact value (I think anyway, I haven't used it in a long time, maybe there were updates???) Anyone who uses cheat'o'matic can see now that artmoney is by far, exquisite in comparison. Cheat'O'Matic seems primitive by a super long shot.
If anyone knows of something even better than artmoney (though I doubt it ), let me know about that also
Sorry for the book I just wrote, hope it didnt take you too long...
sfinks  posted on Mar 24, 2010 8:01:57 AM - Report post

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about alt+tab problem. search in option.ini FullScreen = 1 and change to FullScreen = 0. Have fun.
Wolf-dk1984  posted on Mar 24, 2010 8:34:27 AM - Report post

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originally posted by sfinks

about alt+tab problem. search in option.ini FullScreen = 1 and change to FullScreen = 0. Have fun.

The ALT - TAB problem is beacuse its an Pirate Version..


Wingle  posted on Mar 25, 2010 12:25:54 AM - Report post

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It's not the pirate version, i just bought it. I got it the day it came out, had to wait a few extra hours to download it because the button that i was supposta download it from said "Preordered" because they didnt release it for download until a specific time on the 23rd. I can send you the details if you dont believe me buddy. Ohh and Wolf, i have the purchase email and everything, i can link a pic that says my username here (same username at Ubi) bought it, directly from ubi shop. You could have asked about it, or sheepishly suggested that maybe it was due to the fact that it could have been pirated. Most of the time, games (especially with the copy protection that they employed in this game) of this caliber are not pirated and released (working) until a few days (after they have had a chance to render the internet-protection and whatever other methods that they employ useless).
Thats one other reason.

Directly from wiki:
"The game is one of the first to introduce a new form of Digital Rights Management for Ubisoft games known as the Online Services Platform. The service requires players to authenticate the game at start and remain online while playing, if network connection is lost the game would automatically pause."

To sfinks, who gave me a fix (to change the .INI settings), Thank you SOOO very much, I really appreaciate it! I did search for files I could edit, but besides the one, they all looked humongous (like over a gig, and you know what happens when you try to open up huge files with wordpad or notepad lol, CRASH! lol). Thanks for checking for me (and posting).

Yeah sorry for the spam, I just want to let everyone know that cheat'o'matic is old school - thats all.
I didnt want to spam anyone (thats why I stuck it in the spoiler, so you wouldnt have to see it).

Allright, thanks again everyone.

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