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I Need Help With Afew Things
AN1Gamer  posted on Mar 09, 2010 12:58:49 PM - Report post

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Im having alittle trouble with afew things so if anyone can help me with my problems please post in here and tell me what I need to know

1. I really want to get a dounut as a resident but it rarley visits iv only got it to visit like 4 different times but its not visiting naymore I have like 8 black berry bushes and more then 4 percent of long grass so what exactly do I have to do to get it to visit again?

2.How do you get a master romancer award iv romanced all my pinatas except for acouple I have gotten rewards for romancing them for the first time but not any master romancer rewards so can anyone tell me how I get a master romancer reward

3.Im not able to make any more houses anymore and I know has to dow ith having to masny pinatas or to many houses.Im on level 24 right now and am able to have the maximum of 12 houses so what do I ahve to do or which level do I have to wait to get to to be able to get more houses for my pinatas and stuff?

4.Iv been trying to get my Badgeside to swim so it can evolve into a sweettooth but every time I try to get it to swim it just goes up to the water and drinks it or it drownds can someone tell me how im soposed to get the bageside to swim please

If im having trouble with anything else ill post it but for now thats all I can think of that im having trouble with.Thanks to everyone who has attempted to help me out

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jerryslayer  posted on Oct 03, 2011 8:54:57 AM - Report post

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1. keeep trying, the dounut will come eventually
2. master romancer is awarded for romancing a species over a certain amount of times (5 i think)
3. delete or get rid of some pinata you dont really need or like, have as much space as you can (this may be another clue as to why the dounut isn't visiting, if your garden is over crowded pinatas stop visiting.)
4.make a little island and put something it likes to eat on that island, and it should swim out to get it

hope i helped

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