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Portal Room in Gluttony
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    Jay2770 posted on Mar 03, 2010 4:55:10 PM - Report post
    Ok so some people are having problems with the portals so heres the how to:

    From where you start after defeating the glutton, turn and go through the portal behind you. On the platform you land on, pull the lever using RB and head through the portal nearest the lever (directly opposite the one you just came out of). Once through this portal carry on straight ahead through the next one (there is nowhere else to go).

    At this point take a detour up the climbing wall directly opposite the portal you just popped out of, then at the top turn left and go up the next bit of climbing wall and break open the fountain on the platform at the top for a coin.

    Climb back down the two sections of climbing wall, back to where you were and pull the lever. Once you pull it go quickly through the portal to the left of the lever and run down the Red platform that has just swung into place. At the end of the red platform double jump onto the platform with a lever on the left and a fountain on the right. DON’T pull the lever as the portal it controls is already in the right place (if you do pull it, just pull it a second time to put the portal back). Watch the floating platform and when it is directly under the portal on the top left hand corner of the screen - head through the portal on the right of the platform you are on.

    If all goes well, ride the floating platform through the big blue portal et voila you are done, if not… start again

    Oh and feel free to post the link to this on other sites but please don’t copy and paste and try to pass it off as your own Thanks!
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