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How to edit Offline Stats ?
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    Kaizer posted on Feb 15, 2010 2:05:25 PM - Report post
    Can anyone help & tell me how to edit THE OFFLINE stats profile ?

    I want to ask about how to edit your OFFLINE STATS profile in the game ?
    What file do u need to do that & where is the file too ?
    I had search in my document in Win 7 and in my folder game but all i found is just the savegame no the profile

    I need to edit my offline profile since Its very very emotional & totally unacceptable to see that if you lose in your mission then u choose to load the game directly... for God sake, it give u another +1 loss AGAIN !

    Its just an offline profile so I don't believe anyone will bother to know or see your OFFLINE PROFILE but in the same times, I can't accept that UNFAIR game policy & its definitely ruining any of my gaming exp + fun since I now playing with heavy pressure to avoid any mistake at all & to WIN thus avoiding to load the game even in skirmish mode
    Believe me, its not a fun playing a game with VERY DETAILED STATS just for an offline game

    I can't believe this game even note ALL the offline games WITH INCREDIBLE DETAILED & SPECIFIC stats... even beating the stats of other ONLINE game
    Its the offline stats, the file should be in the PC

    Plz help me & thank you so much
    Deutschland Reich !!!
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    ServiusTheBear posted on Mar 10, 2010 12:53:30 AM - Report post
    Do not know at all and I rather like that cause it pushes me more to become greater and greater. Even better than chris here But you should not be ashamed of your stats. Use them improve them. Become better.

    Heck I used to get my *BEEP* kicked left right and center until one day I remembered evey unit and its weaknesses and strengths. Harden my defence by 10x fold and blizted up my offence by 100x fold.

    So do not be ashamed improve yourself Become better and maybe challenge The online
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