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NecromancerJoe  posted on Feb 01, 2010 9:40:36 AM - Report post

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Alright, so i've played only a bit of oblivion and have'nt gotten myself a full grasp over the mechanics to break the game and make an awsome bad ass charecter.

I was wondering about a few things.

1.I was told that when your charecter is in Vampirism, you simply go to the Mage's Guild and enchant your armor to have fire resistence to give you no damage against Sunlight. I've yet to test this out but i'm seeing if anyone else has done this to clarify this if true or not before I take a shot at it.

2.I had aquired a Frost(or some sort of cold worded) Bow from killing an NPC out in the open fields. I forgotten what was the name of charecter and place but he also had with him a meriad of arrows with enchantment on them. I was wondering if anyone knows any particular great Bows to obtain in the game and where I could get them.

3.This involves with the duplication trick everyone talks about. I've never attempted this but I wish to. How do I go about doing this. I know it involves having two similiar scrolls. Does this mean that they are compleatly seperate but the same scroll none the less or does this mean you just need a certain scroll of number? As well to the fact that everything is just simply hitting the X button on each scroll then choosing the item you wish to drop?

4.I would like to know which NPC's or tricks anyone knows of who can get the Marksmenship to it's maximum capacity.

5.What sort of Magic is the strongest and of what element would I mostly be using throughout the game if I were a Magic user? And how would I do best to go about Maxing out the skill for that certain Magic class

6.Which is better for all about use? Heavy Armor or Light Armor?(E.X:a heavy armored assassin with Mastered Sneak.)

I'll have more questions as I play through Oblivion.

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