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Locked Topic  No public release policy
SCHUMI_4EVER  posted on Jan 28, 2010 4:53:20 AM - Report post

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I understand you people want to get your money in but what I don't understand is that you just won't release some trainers to the puclic (well I would understand if only multiplayer games were concerned but some single player games are also affected)...you honestly think you're going to lose possible subscriptions or money a year after whatever the game the trainer is for has been released?
In many cases those games are not even in shops anymore so almost no one can newly accquire it legally (not all countries have internet connections good enough to make use of Steam (or similar) downloads so that's not a viable excuse or at least only limit those and not the retail ones) so aside from being kind to those of us who refuse to (or can't) submit to your commercial ways you're losing absolutely nothing aside from people who wish they could boycott you.
When it comes to games with a strong emphasis on multiplayer gaming (unless the community is virtually dead) I can understand the policy afterall no one likes cheaters so you're preventing them from ruining the multiplayer communities which is a good thing.
But restricting Single Player games (or games which emphasize single player over multiplayer or whose multiplayer community is virtually non-existant, or limiting the release after a patch which fixes gamebreaking bugs) is just being plain stingy, you're losing no subscriptions you're just making yourself hated among those who are unable to pay (or who would not get enough value out of doing so) and who the BReWErs group has not catered to.
The public already gets enough motivation to become unlimited members from all the lengthy delays attached to public trainers releases...keeping trainers from them forever is just greedy and hatefull.

The policy seems hap-hazard anyways, some games are instantantly unlimited only, others only after a couple of patches others again only have STEAM versions restricted, others again are entirely public (just with a couple of delays which is no problem AND enough motivation to become unlimited members)....

Yes mostly I am just ranting cuz my damn Mako keeps on getting destroyed by Thresher Maws (Mass Effect) and I patched my game and don't want to lose one of my 5 activations by reinstalling (and this time not patching to 1.2 (which also means I don't get some fixes) to use the public 1.1a trainer) and BReWErS did not include Mako health in their trainer and for some reason there's no ini entry for it so I am basically not enjoying the game at all and am almost forced to drop it due to how much of chore it's become despite it's quality
....but I still believe my points are valid and at the very least need to be said even if they are greedily dismissed.

PWizard  posted on Jan 28, 2010 5:16:59 AM - Report post

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So basically because you're too tight to pay a meager $6.95 for our trainer, that makes us greedy bastards? Give me a break.

The fact that we release ANY trainers to the public is a testament to our kindness. Wouldn't it be cool if iTunes made 99% of their music FREE after 2 months? Does it make them greedy bastards since they do not?

We work extremely hard to produce our trainers and the nice people that pay for memberships make it possible to continue updating and releasing trainers for games, some of which are years old. We decide to make some trainers UNL only (typically less than 1% of our entire inventory) as an added value. Many times these are trainers that would otherwise not be created in the first place, but have been requested by existing UNL members.

So, stop being greedy yourself and expecting everything in life to be given to you on a silver platter. We work our asses off to produce this content and it's well within our right to ask for a small payment in exchange. If you don't think it's worth it, then you're welcome to use our FREE tutorials and make your own trainers.

saurabhfzd  posted on Jan 28, 2010 5:21:37 AM - Report post

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everyone deserves to be rewarded for their hard work. wouldn't u expect the same schumi?

[Edited by saurabhfzd, 1/28/2010 5:22:13 AM]

SCHUMI_4EVER  posted on Jan 28, 2010 8:03:01 AM - Report post

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Well it's not a quite so meagre an amount if you're not earning dollars (or a stronger currency), but it's more that I don't have means of payment even if I do have the cash...anyways my beef is not that you charge, my beef is that you still charge once the product has basically expired...ok granted that does not neccessarily apply to Mass Effect just yet especially as it's part of an ongoing trilogy but the fact remains that the newest trainer is not time delayed but rather unavailable forever.

Music is timeless thus it makes sense that people charge for it, games however come and go, only die-hard fans hold onto a game for as long as they possibly. Besides, the music industry has always charged whereas Cheathappens is the first site/group to charge for trainers or limit trainer releases, NONE of the previous groups have charged. Now I will give you that Cheathappens trainers are quality and they tend to beat other groups to releases, but I would say you're already more than getting your money's worth from the Unlimited Members you do have (and that includes server costs) otherwise you would stop completely and vanish like the groups before you.

I know you guys work hard and that you need the memberships to host a site as nice as this, the memberships are not my problem, you work hard there's no doubt about that and you deserve some recuperation...but you're not going to get anything a year+ down the line (well almost nothing, there's always an exception or two) so why keep limiting? you say you do it as an added service to UNL members? do they care? have they requested the limiting? Surely UNL members already get their money's worth by getting their trainer before anyone else? Surely just making the public wait a couple of months is already enough? If one unlimited member pops up and requests a trainer for some old game most people have forgotten, cool no problem, restrict that to UNL members, heck make even more money and restrict it to just that member and make the others pay a little extra cuz you had to deviate from the current feature games to make that trainer...but don't restrict feature games like Mass Effect beyond a time-limited public release especially not whilst inbetween patches that actually still fix bugs and don't just rebalance or apply multiplayer fixes.

Oh, I hardly expect everything for free, I pay not in money though but in time, for a couple of months I have to sit there not being able to play the game as I want to as I wait for the public release (if I am not unlucky and the trainers ends up UNL only). And yes I know you guys work hard to produce your trainers...as for you deserving payment, yes you do, but keep in mind no other group before has requested it...and you get your payment from the members you do have and those unwilling to wait for public releases (and as I said I bet there's enough of those) yet keep on limiting those whom you never will receive payment from which is pointless and less than friendly.

As for the free tuts, I have tried (though addmittedly not with Mass Effect) in the past and failed miserably, I simply don't have the skill or knowhow to do what you do, so you do have my respect for that. I am afraid I am dependant on your and the other trainers groups kindness.

Mass Effect is not the only game where I have UNL trainer I want having no public release by the way, another one is Red Alert 3, I have no problem there though because most new patches just contain rebalancing and multiplayer fixes, the game is perfectly playable before those patches and even if not it's preotection is less draconian so I could uninstall and then reinstall and only patch up the highest I can get a public trainer for. Plus as many RTSs the game has an almost equal weighting on multiplayer so you restrict cheating in that scene. Just so you know that I can be reasonable and understanding of UNL only trainers, I just think that limiting those games that everyone wants to play (like Mass Effect) whilst still being given important patches is quite mean of you guys and I am very thankfull that the Batman - Arkham Assylum trainers are only time-limited (though I have yet to get the game anyways).

Telapicus_old  posted on Jan 28, 2010 8:39:59 AM - Report post

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its basic business really no self respecting company gives services away for free.
SCHUMI_4EVER  posted on Jan 28, 2010 8:45:06 AM - Report post

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Trainers were never a business until Cheathappens appeared...
Telapicus_old  posted on Jan 28, 2010 8:48:22 AM - Report post

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so what it took a couple of people to turn a good idea into a business that's how business's start
saurabhfzd  posted on Jan 28, 2010 8:52:29 AM - Report post

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all great ideas were turned into money spinning machines. maybe u should raise a hue and cry about them too schumi.

[Edited by saurabhfzd, 1/28/2010 8:53:13 AM]

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