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How to modify your savegame
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    lurchibald posted on Nov 28, 2009 7:48:24 PM - Report post
    First you will need to install the dragon age toolset

    once installed (you may need to look at the wiki for installation help social.bioware.com/wiki/datoolset/index.php/Installation_into_a_directory_with_a_long_path_name )

    open up the toolset once in select file->open file->"your save game directory"->"save slot"-> save name.das

    you can now do many things

    to increase backpack size and money (to whatever size you wish) select savegame_partylist and modify the value of savegame_max_items (for backpack size) just above that you have savegame_money if you change the value of that it will increase your money.

    to increase your PC and Party attributes:

    For PC

    select savegame_playerchar->savegame_playerchar_char->savegame_creature_stats->savegame_statlist
    selections 0-5 will modify your attributes (strength etc) and i am guessing the rest affect regen rate, attack etc

    For Party
    select savegame_partylist->savegame_partypoolmembers you will then have numbered options 0-? of your party members (if you want to know what party member they are just look at the value of templateresref as the value should be their name)
    once in it is the same as above to change attributes savegame_creature_stats->savegame_statlist

    i hope that this helps people!

    Ps I am sure much else can be done with the toolset (i am about to figure out how to add talents and skills i believe)

    EDIT: Talent and skill Editing!

    for all talent and skill codes go here: dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Console#Skill_ID_Codes

    now on how to add different skills, talents and spells to your PC and Party members with the toolset.

    For PC

    FOR TALENTS: Go to savegame_playerchar->savegame_playerchar_char->savegame_creature_stats->savegame_talentlist
    Depending on how far into the game you are this should have a few strings in it already.
    To add a new string (for a talent) right click on savegame_talentlist go to insert then click on UNIT32 (this will create a string with a value of 0 to add the talent of your choice go to the site i linked here in the edit and find the number code)

    so for instance i want Arrow of Slaying for my Rogue archer i would change the value from 0 to 802

    FOR SKILLS: Go to savegame_playerchar->savegame_playerchar_char->savegame_creature_stats->savegame_skilllist everything is the same as adding talents (above) but you must choose from the Skills list from the same site)

    FOR SPELLS: Go to savegame_playerchar->savegame_playerchar_char->savegame_creature_stats->savegame_skilllist (you are probably getting the picture by now XD) same as above again just have to choose the codes from the Spells list

    DISCLAMER: I don't know whether different class talents will interact properly using this method eg giving a warrior a spell/rogue talent

    FOR PARTY: Same as changing the attributes (shown above EDIT) but selecting the talent/skill/spell lists as shown for the Player Char and adding the skills etc you want.

    [Edited by lurchibald, 11/29/2009 2:47:18 AM]

    EDIT #2:

    Infinite Potions/salves/injury kits. (will not work for crafting items)

    In the toolset open your save and go to savegame_partylist->savegame_backpack This should open up a list of items 0-### (if you have a lot in your backpack, in-game choose to sort items by "newest" from there the last item in your backpack will be item 0 and so on IMAGE EXAMPLE: Link )

    Now once you have your item you want to make infinite go to this in your item selection savegame_item_infinite and change the value to 1

    NOTE: This does not work for some gifts.

    I have also found how to change item stats also via the toolset (but will post how when i find more codes for abilities)

    Toolset "Out of Memory" workaround.
    Posted: 2009-11-10 - 12 comment(s) - 0 trackback(s)
    Category: bugs
    Firstly this is NOT! a Fix & works for those with 4GB+ of RAM on a 64-bit OS, or 32-bit OS with /3GB Switch.
    Thanks for the confirmation.
    Some of you might of noticed when you open a Save file or something similar your toolset goes from using 590mb .etc all the way up too 3.4gb for no reason. It seems thought not sure why, but the more you progress throughout the
    game your Save File will use more and more RAM when you open it. I tested again after I beat the game, my Save File used up 4.3GB of RAM in the toolset...

    here's a small workaround.
    Download CFF Explorer,

    Open Dragonagetoolset.exe with CFF (make a backup first)

    On the Left Click "File Header"

    On the Right Click the [Click Here]

    Check the "App can handle >2GB addressest"

    Click OK

    File -> Save & Exit.


    This wont fix the toolset from using 3.4 GB of RAM We'll have to wait for that from BioWare.
    But those with 4GB+ this is a quick workaround from getting the Out of Memory Error for now, Hopefully.
    You should beable to open your Saves again just fine, but the toolset will still be at 3.4GB.

    [Edited by lurchibald, 12/3/2009 8:05:01 AM]
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    Send a message to ShadowRD
    ShadowRD posted on Nov 29, 2009 2:07:52 AM - Report post
    Sure helped me!

    My PC and Party is a walking powerhouse with Shale in it
    Play the game first then use cheats or trainers.
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    Send a message to lurchibald
    lurchibald posted on Nov 29, 2009 2:14:39 AM - Report post
    glad i could help!

    EDIT: this post will be used to continue everything from first post (first post is over limit)

    [Edited by lurchibald, 12/2/2009 6:12:53 PM]

    Player Character Stats



    Note: The following values are recorded by the game in a FIFO order, meaning the moment the game needs to generate a specific key, it will do that.
    This way you can have index X in position Y in one save, and in the other the same index X will be in position Z. While changing the
    Correct Index Link
    keys, pay attention to the proper SAVEGAME_STATPROPERTY_INDEX and not the SAVEGAME_STATLIST index.
    Correct Index STAT_PROPERTY_INDEX Effect Maximum Displayed Value
    1 Strength 1000
    2 Dexterity 1000
    3 Willpower 1000
    4 Magic 1000
    5 Cunning 1000
    6 Constitution 1000
    7 Health N/A, Clipping Above 1000
    8 Mana N/A, Clipping Above 1000
    9 Attack 1000
    10 Defense 1000
    11 Armor 1000
    13 Spellpower Bonus 1000
    14 Health Regen 50
    15 Level 25
    16 Melee Dodge % N/A
    19 Experience Points N/A
    20 Movement speed
    21 Melee Crit % N/A
    22 Magic Crit % (?) N/A
    23 Ranged Crit % (?) N/A
    27 Character Class 1 - Warrior, 2 - Mage, 3 - Rogue, 17 - Dog
    28 Combat Health Regen 20
    29 Mana Regen 50
    30 Combat Mana Regen 20
    32 Mental Resistance 100
    33 Physical Resistance 100
    34 Attribute Points 100
    35 Skill points 100
    36 Spell and Talent points 100
    37 Background (Magi, Noble, etc) 1 - Dalish Elf, 2 - Dwarf Commoner, 3 - City Elf, 4 - Magi, 5 - Human Noble, 6 - Dwarf Noble
    38 Specialization points 2
    39 + Melee Damage N/A
    41 Fatigue N/A, Negative values possible down to -25
    42-46 Elemental Resistance 75
    49 Possibly another Damage Estimate -99 or -97 most of the time. Seen as 7.85625 on Leliana.
    50 Estimated Damage Done N/A
    51 Healing Received % N/A
    52 Resist Magic % N/A
    53 Armor Penetration 100
    54 Backstab/Melee Critical Damage N/A
    55-59 Elemental Damage modifier % N/A

    [Edited by lurchibald, 12/7/2009 8:15:02 AM]

    [Edited by lurchibald, 12/7/2009 8:15:59 AM]

    [Edited by lurchibald, 12/7/2009 8:16:30 AM]
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    Send a message to kache
    kache posted on Nov 30, 2009 11:14:15 AM - Report post
    Thank you very much. This helped me a lot! ^_^
    Ipsa scientia potestas est.
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    Send a message to lurchibald
    lurchibald posted on Nov 30, 2009 8:47:09 PM - Report post
    originally posted by kache

    Thank you very much. This helped me a lot! ^_^

    no worries!

    Added more stuff to do in the toolset (read first post)

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    Send a message to Timmiek94
    Timmiek94 posted on Dec 01, 2009 11:20:21 AM - Report post
    Thanks a lot mate!
    But do you also know how to add extra specialization points?
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    Send a message to Zeifer
    Zeifer posted on Dec 01, 2009 11:22:50 AM - Report post
    Could you put this in the first post as well? It's a temporary fix for the "Out of memory" error.

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    Send a message to Anfruns
    Anfruns posted on Dec 01, 2009 3:11:00 PM - Report post
    hey , I saw the image of the game and I wanted to know how did you get all those items ?

    [Edited by Anfruns, 12/1/2009 3:11:14 PM]
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