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ARMA 2 > Dragon Rising
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    Send a message to bopet
    bopet posted on Nov 21, 2009 4:12:22 PM - Report post
    I just want to say that Dragon Rising sure beats Modern Warfare 2 as to my likings, there are more tactics in Dragon Rising then in Modern Warfare 2. ARMA II is kinda the same to me like the original ARMA, just different missions in it, as far as graphics improvements its none to me.

    You guys can say to my posting all you want, but that is my oppinion.
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    TgrRei posted on Dec 25, 2009 2:49:22 AM - Report post
    Operation Flashpoint 2 and ArmA 2 are two completely different type of games. ArmA 2 continued from where the original Operation Flashpoint and ArmA started with realism and tactical combat scenarios in a battlefield campaign environment. OF2 is more akin to squad level combat with less emphasis on realism and more emphasis on visceral graphic effects.

    To put it in a nutshell, if you like to play out a whole battle, get ArmA 2. If you like games like CoD where you play as a soldier in a squad doing part of the battle, then play OF2.

    The only area where these two can be similar is in simulating special forces squad operations. Delta teams. ArmA 2 leans more towards realism with equipment whereas OF2 goes more towards looks and overall ease of use.

    ArmA 2 has more vehicles, more detailed control options, and a wider battlefield. OF2 has easier to use vehicles and weapons, with a nice look to it.

    My final opinion though is, do NOT get OF2 if you're wanting a realism game.
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    Send a message to NavyGuy2007
    NavyGuy2007 posted on Dec 25, 2009 7:40:59 PM - Report post
    Thing you gotta remember about DR over ARMA1&2, is that Codemasters only owns the rights to the name "Operation Flashpoint," and thats it. Other then the name, it has nothing in common with any other OFP game. ARMA is the true sucsessor to OFP. Personaly from a game play perspective, I like ARMA2 better, just wish BI would have optamised it better. GFX, to me thats a toss up, both have there good points. I play them both but honestly I like the more open-endedness in ARMA2 over DR.

    P.S I know I know, my spelling sux.....dont judge me...LOL
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    ArchDuke posted on Dec 25, 2009 8:05:21 PM - Report post
    Too bad I can't take part in the discussion, since I only have Dragon Rising, I'll try ArmA sometime though.
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    Cheatr_06 posted on Feb 20, 2010 5:41:18 PM - Report post
    I've played both and they have their strengths and weaknesses. But i end up (to this day)sticking to DR simply bec. of the smoothness of gameplay. Arma 2 may be ahead in terms of content but when things get choppy and buggy (esp the campaign) everything just falls apart particularly my appetite to play. DR's fluid performance is a gamer's treat from start to finish. And this is just the unpatched version. With Arma2, no patch addresses it's poor performance issues.
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    Send a message to titantnt
    titantnt posted on May 28, 2010 11:39:10 AM - Report post
    even that the graficks can't beat other game's(like mw2, realy the texures could get some smother). its a fary nice game. in mw2 your just 'schooting others'. this is far more.when you have a sniper, and going to snipe 800M on choke piont (multyplayer, single player isn't just build for me). you have lay down to get better aim. seek a standing still target. get the wind and other balistics stuf right. and blow your targets head of. (not if you made a miss calculation.

    in mw2 you aim you steady. you schoot. and say:"danm why is this .50 call not a one hit killer..."
    trying to snipe your same target agian.
    but ow, he's already running out of you view...

    also for the persons who had readed that dragons' rising is buggy: install patch 1.02. realy fixes most of the bugs.

    and realy funny is when on lan, that you can control you whole squad. somewath of a slow-placed-RTS-shooter.
    it is realy cool. (for those who don't know: when you run a 1 vs 1 LAN/online. don't expext 1vs1. couse you get a whole (...) comuter-controled-squad at your command to shoot the enemy as you flank them to shoot thier head of .

    also, MW2 IS NOT CAPAREBLE WITH DRAGON RISING! couse thare are to many diferances. MW2 is a extrely fast placed game.
    dragon rising. isn't, its more a america's army 3. but better and you fight against the PLA. ow and it gots choppers :P

    hope I canged some negative minded guys ofer thare. if you are a cod player. probobly don't try to play this game.
    for the other. buy the game patch to 1.02 (or the latest) and have fun with this (better than) america's army game

    the only thing that is bad is the single player. but the multy players is realy awsome!
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    Send a message to McIntyre4206
    McIntyre4206 posted on Jul 22, 2010 10:17:50 PM - Report post
    Both are good games however DR just seems better to me. There missions are hard as hell. The only thing I thought that sucked was multi-player. Arma 2 has a much better MP base. DR MP sucks, almost no servers. With the ones avaialable, lacking in players. For those that have players, its filled with constant spawn camping.

    Best gameplay I've had with a realistic game would be PR, that mod has had a lot of years and experience behind the mod. Tweaking the game-play to pefection, with the limitations of the engine. I'd personally like to see the PR developers develope a mod for either games. Than there would be doubt who the victor would be.
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