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Re4 bosses! too dumn me!
shiguretheperv  posted on Sep 25, 2009 11:18:36 PM - Report post

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Bosses Faq.

Shigure the perv.

1. Dr salvador


When you first meat this weirdo, in the village you have a choice, use 4-9 hits of shotgun on him, or the handgun. its suggested that when useing the handgun you aim for his legs then barage bullets into his back.


1. Del Lago. The easyist way is to just wait for him to come to you, for this is more a challange of patience, avoid all wreckage from him and counter. Oh, and when he dies dont forget to be prepaired to tap the A button in succesion.

3. EL GIgante (the giant)


Ok so remember that dog you saved in the begining? wellthat would help, ok heres what to do,the second the fight starts run backwards, then fire either Handgun rounds, or tmp rounds if you wnat to spare them. The dog will distract the Gigante evantuly. Needless to say after he takes what is between 20-30.0 firepower hell have his transformation plaga apear, run up and do the CUT opion by hiting A or B in succesion,How fast you hit him makes A BIG DIFF! On pro mode it only toom me 2 dices onced becouse i was hyped up, but when i was tired i had to slice him 3 times on normal mode. So realy i now its hard, but just keep your distance and dont try anything risky, tho it may take a few times.
Cheif Bitorez Mendez.


Defeating him isnt to hard, at first.... His first form has a exsteam weakness to grenades so if you wnat to spare them throw them, tho its not neccisary do to him only haveing 50.0 health on pro, at tops im not sure tho, tho his spinal plaga takes 2x damage so aim there with your handgun. Well for his second form, WHen hes close to you and alredy swinging your about to get hit hard... Its kinda tough, but i just use shotgun and rifle on him and when he falls to the floor pile more rounds into him. Oh and pick up the loot in the area.

Nice going *******, youve managed to **** of Wolverine. In the prison cell, the second you charge that cage, turn to the levar, dont pull it press DOWN B and shoot the parasite on his back with a shotty, then hall ass behind the pole, doge his attacks without walking, this guys blind so he relys on hearing to help him, so use your rifle from a far and shoot the bells with a handgun round to get him stuck. Hell get stuck on all walls tbh, oh and when he raises one claw evin to where his eyes should be hall ass cuzz thats his one hit kill attack.



Ok, so monster man, luckily you guys didnt sell your BB from the fountain right? well now would be a good time to use it! ok when you actuly see him face to face,dodge all his attacks then get him straight in the face with the Nitrogen and while hes frozen, use the BB, when out of magnum bullets use your striker, if you dont have the striker too bad lol. Tho a rocket launcher can be used do to when you get the 2 other pieces of what he drops it sells for 48000 which is 18k more than a rocket launcher. Tho i realy wouldnt suggest that.

Dos gigante Bros.

No pic =(

Well i got no pick but realy, just el digantes with more smoothing on there skins and much taller, well you should have noticed the hole zip line trap. When doe n re enter the room to collect the 15k at the end of the tank. Kill the other one just like a el digante, tho bewarey hes about twice as strong.

Best pic i could get, oh and theres 2 ways to do it, well aweviously he dont take real damage till he shows his real self, i.e. the mest up body in the sack.... Well aim for the main eyebal on the tentacle to make himself show and blast his boddy with perferable a BB or rifle, Or do the tentacle trick and go to the side and blast one of his normal tentacles with a BAR fully upgraded. and he will show himself. His body has about 300 health so dont be surprised if hes hard.

No pic needed

Ide suggest going upstairs in that first house, and taking the 3 magnum bulltets and usieing those on him then finish him with the striker.

U3 or It.


Well when you actuly do get to fight him, first thing i did was save up my fire nades and used 7-10 to kill him in succesion of throwing, after you use up your names use the barrels, then magnum, then shotgun, if your out of shells almost, just use a handgun or tmp, hes fast so be carefull i now he can be hand but i didnt find him that challenging.

This guys pretty easy, well kinda. While you have to worry about dodge sequences... Just aim for his legs and when he falls over in pain run up and knife him, for the knife is his weakness.


Honestly dont now what he looks like?
Well all i can say is look for the little eys on his legs and aim for those, shoot them with your handgun then shoot his big eye once, with your magnum or shotgun. then do a knife sequence, noobs may want to buy a killer7 and no upgrades neccisary for a quick fix.To make things evin easyer, use the red barrels and electric devices to your advantage and use the specail launcher. He is defeatable without it tho, ive done this hole battle with just the unupgraded punisher pistol so youl be fine.

I was gona submit this to become an author but im too dumn to do so but enjoy guys.

H  posted on Sep 25, 2009 11:55:28 PM - Report post

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Then why you post it here?!
Try submitting it maybe you even be an author,but you have to add some stuff first,but anyway submit it here Link.
Latiosmaster47  posted on Sep 26, 2009 12:22:30 AM - Report post

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This will not be accepted if he submits it for authorship.
H  posted on Sep 26, 2009 2:42:44 AM - Report post

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Yes i know,because of some stuff like not big enough and the spelling and specially writing it down here.
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