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HonestGamer  posted on Sep 15, 2009 10:37:50 PM - Report post

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originally posted by SuperSkyline89

IGN has a ton of new info. Firstly the demo is coming out on the 24th, only 10 days left. It has five cars:
- 2007 Porsche #80 Flying Lizard 911 GT3-RSR
- 2010 Audi R8 5.2 FSI Quattro
- 2009 Ferrari California
- 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X GSR
- 2009 Mini John Cooper Works
and one track:
- Camino Viejo
it also has a leaderboard system so even demo players can set lap times and compete for the top.

You can watch the intro video here - Link

And last but definitely not least, actually probably the best and most interesting thing, the Bugatti Veyron is in the game. You can watch a video about how they got it in the game - Link

You can see the interiors and engines of the cars pretty clearly even from the outside, they look INCREDIBLE.

that made me drool. I don't have the speed to download this game demo. Will have to wait till it hits the shelves.

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SuperSkyline89  posted on Sep 19, 2009 5:17:07 PM - Report post

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IGN had an interview with Turn 10's Content Director, they revealed some really cool info.

You can paint race cars in the game now too, so you can take the V8 Supercars, strip 'em down to a base white gel coat and re-livery 'em and paint them up any way you want, which is going to add a level of customisation to those that normally you don't get with a race car.

When asked about the Nissan GT-R he said:
Yes and no. There's some details we're not divulging around that quite yet.

We love that car. It's a hot car. We're highly motivated to get it in the game. We can't confirm anything right now, sorry.

When asked about DLC pricing:
Typically it's usually around $5 a pack for between eight and twelve cars. Part of it will depend on which cars they are, because sometimes there are some really hot cars that potentially cost us a lot of money to get. We have to source all these cars. If you've seen the Bugatti Veyron video (embedded below) we do laser scanning, we tape it up; it's a lot of work to go to to get these cars in the game. Then we strap them to a dyno, get their audio under load, we put a race pipe on 'em see what they sound like under race trim, so there's a lot of effort that actually goes into building this content. We don't really make much money on downloadable content. We do it really just for the fans to keep the game fresh, and keep it changing, so they keep coming back and playing it over time.

When asked about audio capturing:
I don't have the specific mic information, but I can tell you that we have something like 18 mics on the car when we put it on the dyno. We get the exhaust, we get the intake, transmission, key points around the car where unique noises are going to be emitted. If its got a turbo charger or super charger forced induction we'll actually bench dyno that separately and mic that and get the recording for that separately because it gets so mixed with the rest of the sound that you want those things to be clean. So to get all these source recordings we put it on a dyno and we run it just like a standard dyno – run through every gear from low end to red line in every gear, both positive and negative load, because a car will sound very different under negative load as well as under positive load. We get all that, and stock trim, with the race pipe on it, all that stuff.

We then go back and cut those loops – it's tied to the physics, so depending on what you're doing with your inputs, where the wheel speed is, what your input is with the throttle or the brake, or what traction levels are doing at that point, it will go back and pick the right points of those recordings and blend them together. It's a really sophisticated proprietary system that we developed to take these series' of recordings we've done and piece them together so that when the physics inputs are going to it, it knows how to play the audio back the right way. Cos you'll never hear, like, loop cuts or edits or anything like that – it sounds like the car should.

When asked about drifting:
We have this mechanic now, it's called 'Always Drifting', so they're not specific drift events, but at any point you can bring up the drift hud, which is a little drift score – it's kinda like the Kudos from Project Gotham, and it's always on – you're always getting points for it whether you have the hud on or not, and there'll be drift leaderboards. We've got all kinds of new leaderboards as well, so the top painters will go to their leaderboard, the top drifters, the top tuners, the top videographers… so yeah, drifting is on all the time.

When asked about interior gauges:
Not every dial will work in every scenario, but all the big ones that you care about will, so tach, speed, fuel on most cars, boost gauges, digital gauges as well as analogue, like the Lamborghini Reventon has this crazy Star Wars looking 'stay on target' kind of thing, and it all animates and does all cool stuff, so each car we had to get in, start it up, see how all this stuff actually works and reacts. The Bugatti's got its horsepower gauge and all that kind of stuff. We basically went through each car, and some cars – especially race cars – have a million gauges, they look like an aeroplane, and not every one's going to be important to the player, so we picked the ones that we felt were the most useful.

When asked about rolling:
Yeah, you're able to roll the car now, so we've modelled under-carriages and suspension for every car in the game. Every car can be damaged, every car can be rolled, and already we're starting to see some spectacular results of that as you get multiple cars together...

When asked about the driver shifting gears:
He doesn't, right now. We just couldn't get that feature in in time, unfortunately. It was something we looked at, we had it close, but it was a little too buggy for us to put in… what we couldn't reconcile was that it was a very detailed hand with fingers and it actually grips the wheel, and it was difficult to get him to let go of the wheel and do this (moves hand off wheel) without his fingers passing through the wheel, because you don't actually do real collision detection on the wheel, and depending on how it was turned, there's a lot to work out there to get it [right], and we just felt like the visual trade-off there was too great. We'd rather have it not do it than look bad. And a lot of cars these days have paddle shifters so you're not going to be doing that anyway, so that's how I've rationalised it at least. (Laughs)

gta_dude  posted on Sep 19, 2009 5:19:02 PM - Report post

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Thanks for the info =]
SuperSkyline89  posted on Oct 03, 2009 3:18:14 PM - Report post

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IGN revealed what the second disc in Forza 3 has on it.

"The first disc is your game disc. Insert it and you have access to most of the environments and about 300 cars. To get the rest (104 cars, 29 tracks), you'll need to install disc 2 on a hard drive.

When you first insert disc 1, it will ask if you want to install the second disc. The install eats up 1.9 GB of space. Yowa! But you can instead choose pieces of disc 2 to install if you have limited space or a memory card.

Disc 2 is broken up into four packs that act like downloadable content. If it's installed on your hard drive, then the game reads it and adds in the content seamlessly. If not, then you won't see these cars or tracks in your game and can't use them in online multiplayer."

The 4 packs consist of one track pack containing:
- Rally di Positano
- Fujimi Kaido
- Nurburgring Nordschleife

and 3 car packs:

Axela Sport 23S
Civic 1.5 VTi
Civic Si Coupe
Civic Type-R
CR-X Del Sol SiR
Eclipse GSX
Eclipse GTS
Fairlady Z 432
FTO GP Version R
Impreza 22B STi
Legacy B4 2.0 GT
Mazdaspeed Familia
MINE's R32 Skyline GT-R
MR2 GT #16 G'ZOX
Prelude SiR
Savanna RX-7
Skyline Coupe 350GT
Soarer 430 SCV
Supra 2.0 GT Twin Turbo
Tom's T020 MR2
Tom's W123 MR-S
Top Secret 0-300 Supra
#46 Dream Cube's ADVAN Z
#32 NISSAN R390 GT1
#3 Toyota Motorsports GT-ONE TS020
#35 YellowHat YMS Supra
#6 EXXON Superflo Supra R390
#23 Nissan Motorsports R390

300SL Gulwing Coupe
9-3 Aero
Carlton CC8S
Cerbera Speed 12
CLK55 AMG Coupe
Delta Integrale EVO
Elan Sprint
Esprit V8
E-type S1
Leon Cupra R
Monaro VXR
#24 At-Speed S60 R
Stratos HF Stradale
#8 Audi ABT TT-R
Tuscan S
V12 Vanquish
#4 Johansson Motorsport R8
#5 Audi Sport Japan Team Goh R8
#1 Champion S4 Competition
#7 Team Bentley Speed 8
#2 BMW Motorsport M3 GTR
#41 Team McLaren F1 GTR
#15 BMW Motorsport V12 LMR
#72 Team Alphand Aventures 550 Maranello GTS
#12 Risi Competizione F333 SP
#9 Vitaphone Racing Team MC12
#3 Peugeot Talbot Sport 905 EVO 1C
#3 Lechner Racing School Team 1 911 GT3 Cup
AMG Mercedes CLK GTR
#1 Peugeot 207 Super 2000
#5 Zakspeed Racing 911 GT1-98
#41 Gulf Team Davidoff McLaren F1 GTR

Cobra 427 S/C
Corvette Grand Sport
Corvette Stingray 427
Corvette ZR-1
G35 Coupe
GTO Hardtop
Integra Type-R
Mustang GT
PT Cruiser GT
Regal GNX
Series 1
Stealth R/T Turbo
Eagle Talon TSi Turbo
#16 Team Cadillac CTS-V
#6 Team Cadillac Northstar LMP-02
#126 Team Zakspeed Viper GTS-R
#57 Carsport Holland Viper GTS-R
#11 JML Team Panoz LMP-01
#26 Konrad Motorsports S7R
#81 Team LNT Panoz Esperante GTLM
#91 Viper Team Oreca GTS-R

sauced  posted on Oct 07, 2009 3:22:49 AM - Report post

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nice game to bad microsoft is a bunch of hippies that they so want xbox 360 to win that they use their non hard earned money to pay for it.

just look at the gta IV expansion for example.

i dont not hate consoles i hate companys that make ports from consoles to pc, and think its ok not to include things such as dedicated servers, what a joke.

XBOX 360 has better Forcefeedback than the ps3 but no usb for the newest steering wheels, if it had usb i would buy it in a heartbeat.

Telapicus_old  posted on Oct 07, 2009 3:29:04 AM - Report post

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the only car i wish they would have is a shelby mustang Gt350
SuperSkyline89  posted on Oct 08, 2009 9:10:18 AM - Report post

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Forza 3: Building a Better Multiplayer Game

October 7, 2009 - Developer Turn 10 has created some multiplayer game templates that they feel everyone will gravitate towards. This includes standard lap races, but also elimination races (last driver to cross the finish of each lap is knocked out), cat and mouse, and a few others. These can also be further altered if you like. But there's a near limitless set of game types you can personally create and save. The amount of options is impressive.

The pre-made templates (again, all editable) are: Single Race, Timed Race, Point-to-Point, Drag, Drift, Multi-class, Tag (Pass the IT), Tag (Keep the IT), Tag (Virus), Cat and Mouse, and Elimination.

If you decide to create your own game type from scratch, there are plenty of options. You can choose the track, of course, the number of AI drivers (yes, you can play multiplayer alone if you're a loser), number of teams and more. And that's just in the basic rules section.

In the advanced rules, you can really get into the nitty gritty. The most important choice is the Scoring Type. This is how Forza 3 determines who wins a match. You can choose time-based, time spent in group, drift points, distance traveled, and keep it clean. For each of these, you can choose if "bigger is better." That means that you could create a "distance traveled" match where bigger is not better. This means that the car that travels the least distance wins. Imagine teams trying to push the opponent's car further down the track. Weird? Yes. But possible.

There are plenty of other options in the advanced rules. Choose the conditions that end a race (number of laps, for example), how the starting grid is ordered, and even a roll out delay from the starting gate. You can assign some of these elements to specific teams, allowing you to have specific players leave the gate early. You can even use stock cars and create your own NASCAR-style race.

Once you have the game type set, you can go even further. Determine whether or not people can use autobrake or stability control. You can even force everyone to use manual transmission. If you're playing a team game, you can set specific conditions for each team, including the body style and car types. Want Asian cars vs. US? It can be done.

SuperSkyline89  posted on Oct 08, 2009 9:18:09 AM - Report post

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Forza Motorsport 3 Review

October 8, 2009 - Sony's Gran Turismo may still sit in the pole position among racing sims for many, but Microsoft is making a hard charge with Forza Motorsport 3. Developer Turn 10 has adopted a new philosophy for Forza 3: Make it accessible. The result is a hardcore simulation racing title that can also be enjoyed by the most casual of fans. The career mode is easy to get into but offers an immense challenge; you can auto-tune every car or dive into a rich set of tuning options; and driving can be toggled between a simple point-and-go system and the most physics-driven sim every created.

Simply put, Forza 3 is one of the best racers ever made.

It starts with the cars, of course. Forza 3 has more than 400 vehicles you can take for a spin and the crazy part is, they're all unlocked from the outset. That's right, with the exception of a few cars available only to those who pre-order Forza 3, every car on the disc can be driven from the get-go. Sure, you'll need to earn some credits to make your purchases, but if you can drum up a million creds, you can take the Bugatti Veyron for a spin. If you've played racing games your entire life, this fact alone may just blow your stack. It goes against everything we've ever thought about racing games. You're supposed to start with crappy cars, suffer through a few hours of slow-paced driving, then graduate to a sleeker class of vehicle. Well, Forza 3 is throwing racing conventions out the window. Hallelujah.

Even if you were stuck with the lower-end cars for the first few hours, that wouldn't be as much of an issue with Forza 3. This game is fun from the outset. Though I've played dozens of hours with Forza 3, I still go back to the E and D class cars for some races, because there are so many good cars. This is largely due to the enhanced physics of Forza 3, which add a level of nuance not experienced in most racing games.

The tire physics are so greatly improved (and include real-time deformation), that you get a true understanding of how your car is reacting at every turn. With all of the driving assists turned off, you can feel the difference from one car to the next. And though you'll race the same tracks quite often, the experience changes from one car to the next.

I've always felt that you couldn't properly drive a car in a racing game with the assists off if you didn't have a racing wheel. While Forza 3 controls brilliantly with a wheel, I can assure you that you can play a hundred hours with just a controller and have no issues. Turn 10 has finally mastered the subtleties of the controller, allowing for better responsiveness.

If you're a novice or just like to take things easy, Forza 3 can satisfy your racing needs as well. Turn the different assists (such as traction control) on and you can still have a good time. The cars won't feel as unique, other than the speed, but you'll have no troubles being competitive. You can even go so far as to turn on auto-braking, which allows you to hold down the gas the entire race and let the AI brake for you whenever necessary. You can't throw green turtle shells at the other drivers, but it's pretty much Mario Kart at that point.

The great thing about Forza 3 is that it encourages even the novice to take off the training wheels and drive freely with the assists off. A rewind function allows you to instantly skip backwards in five-second intervals during a race. Misjudge your speed on a tight corner? Rewind. Get tapped from behind and spin out? Rewind. Your cat jumps on your face causing you to crash into a wall? Rewind. There's no penalty for using the rewind and no limit. Some might call this a "win" button, but I think the rewind is a crucial addition to Forza 3. It can become a crutch at times, but it also frees you to kick the difficulty up to a higher level and get a true appreciation for your car.

Nothing bolsters that appreciation more than the visuals. Forza 3 runs laps around its predecessor. The car models have an incredible level of detail, including unique interiors for each car. I will admit that the interiors could look a little better, but overall the car models are spectacular. There's also full damage modeling on every car. You'll see dings and dents, fender benders -- you'll even see cars flip in the air. Those with a sharp eye will catch damage decals flipping on as the car makes contact with something. When you're in the ****pit view and you tap someone with the left corner of your bumper and, like magic, paint scrape decals appear across the entire hood, it can be a little disconcerting.

Each car in Forza 3 has its own sounds, so that sitting behind the wheel of a Porsche 911 is a much different auditory experience than being in a Mustang Boss. And you'll give thanks for the roar of an engine when it drowns out the mediocre music selection.

I felt Forza 2 was lifeless and without spirit. That is not an issue with Forza 3. This is a game that showcases speed and beauty. The cars are sexy, the tracks look great, and the game runs at a smooth 60 frames per second. The lighting isn't always perfect -- you can often see shadows dancing around the car in some odd ways -- and a few times textures didn't load on the track. Despite these issues, Forza 3 is one hot looking game.

Adding some extra personality is the advanced livery editor. As a novice designer, I can't quite see what is new about the livery editor from Forza 2, but those who are experts should find it easier to make high-end art. The good news for the many of us without artistic talent is that the Monets of the Forza community can post their designs on the new online Storefront.

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