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    Send a message to awakendjay
    awakendjay posted on Sep 09, 2009 6:55:56 PM - Report post
    every few seconds...maybe like 4 seconds ... the game stutters in a small yet "persistent" and Annoying way...... its really small but HIGHLY repetitive which destroys the gameplay play beauty and feel....

    anyone else have this problem? its not my PC because i can play crysis maxed out over 50 fps.... and i have quad gtx 295's and core i7 and 12 gb of ram.....sooo yea...just wondering if anyone else has this running vista 64 bit OS........

    I have user account control turned off.... thanks

    I downloaded the steam us version of the game
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    Paradox posted on Sep 09, 2009 6:58:32 PM - Report post
    My guess is that it's a problem with the game. It just came out, so it's reasonable that something like this might occur. Try messing around with the settings in the game, though. That could also be an issue.

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    awakendjay posted on Sep 09, 2009 7:17:33 PM - Report post
    are you getting lag also?

    I did every possible tweak.... loaded the game from steam, and from directory, messed around with the games graphics.... turned off sli and physx off and on.... turned user account control off and on...compatibility modes, even messed around with the games task manager core affinity options ....... nothing.... its really annoying....

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    Send a message to awakendjay
    awakendjay posted on Sep 09, 2009 8:18:40 PM - Report post
    USB keyboard the culprit

    Ok i fixed " My problem " which may be a problem fixer for other people, or at least some sort of clue for people who want to get to the bottom of this problem.

    Well I remember seeing someone post something about the usb keyboard being a problem with another game which caused the same type of micro tiny lag I was experiencing with this game ( mini ninjas )...

    Well I have a G15 logitech keybaord, and a REGULAR logitech normal keyboard that came with my alienware PC..... i also have the 360 controller.

    What I tested and found was that when using the BASIC Keyboard from logitech ( NOT the G15 logitech keyboard ) The old basic keyboard while plugged in was the problem and was causing the lag!!!!.....

    The lag DID NOT occure when using the G15 keyboard, and did not occur when using the 360 controller.

    So the problem somehow was the basic keyboard from logitech. ( My hypothesis is that somehow I think the game is checking to see if a controller or a keyboard is plugged in and somehow it gets all messed up with some keyboards...i dunno lol )

    But anyway, removing the keyboard fixed the problem... I suggest people with the 360 controller who have this problem, take out of the computer all of your usb keyboards and use the controller only, or try using different keyboards....see of that helps...

    so to summarize,

    1. The problem was caused by a certain keyboard
    2. The problem was eliminated when taking out that keyboard
    3. the game worked fine using a different keyboard ( g15 keyboard, and 360 controller)

    Here is the specs and name of the keyboard that was causing the problem...maybe there is a certain chip or something inside it?

    M/N: Y-UL76
    P/N: 867675-0403
    PID: BT843DFR351
    (ITS JUST A STRAIGHT FORWARD BASIC BLACK KEYBOARD that came with computer from alienware)

    sorry for the long post, but this is just one example why PC gaming can sometimes be very difficult..... ITS LIKE A NEEDLE IN A HAY STACK, I would have NEVER thought it was a keyboard problem if i didnt luckily come accross someone elses post........its sad for some people who end up going mad trying to fix BASIC pc issues when the problem can be something as so simple a keyboard plugged in! ! ! ! !! ! !
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    Send a message to Caliber
    Caliber posted on Sep 10, 2009 6:46:18 AM - Report post
    i was going to report that i had NO lag or hiccups with this game-

    anyway, glad you figured it out-

    Trainer Creator
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    Send a message to scot00
    scot00 posted on Sep 10, 2009 10:34:12 AM - Report post
    Testing the game today with a Basic Logtech KB

    M/N: Y-UT76
    P/N: 820-000310
    PID: SC72620

    Our serials are not the same so, maybe I wont have any issues.

    *update* No issues with my KB

    [Edited by scot00, 9/11/2009 5:54:52 AM]
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    Send a message to BeLGaRaTh67
    BeLGaRaTh67 posted on Sep 10, 2009 5:27:22 PM - Report post
    There are posts on the Eidos forums regarding this issue and to be honest I have had the issue since Kane & Lynch and the same issue was prevalent in that game too of which Eidos chose to ignore the issue.

    I had the issue too in the demo of Mini Ninja's and am deliberately not purchasing this game as it is stupid that I either have to purchase a new keyboard (I have the Saitek Eclipse II which causes the issue here) in order to play a game.
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    Send a message to glyth
    glyth posted on Sep 11, 2009 8:56:16 AM - Report post
    12 gig ram huh u must be rich then 0.0
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