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Halo Tips Part 1: Weapons
Riingo  posted on Sep 02, 2009 3:22:15 PM - Report post

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SO you want to be better at halo eh? Well I got some tips they not the best but they atleast help some. All of these were handwritten by me from memory of the game mechanics.

1. Learn to use the weapons correctly and have a large variety of weapons you use.

I can tell you that constantly using certain weapons won't get you anywhere unless it's a common weapon such as a BR or an AR but you still need to maintain knowledge of how to use the other weapons in the game also.

Battle Rifle: A good mid to long range weapon, has a 2x scope for longer range. Tip: when shooting try aiming slightly below the neck, the spray pattern of the BR causing shots to miss when aiming at the head.

Assault Rifle: a good short to mid range weapon. Has no scope but is fully automatic and can kill someone in about a clip. Tip: manually firing in burst shots can give an accuracy boost while in farther mid range. Also make sure if your in close range to spray the enemy with about half a clip ( a little more than half) then melee not the other way around!

Beam Rifle/Sniper Rifle: Both sniping weapons that can be used at long range. They both have a 5x and 10x scope and both will kill with a headshot. The only difference is that the beam rifle can fire 2 quick shots if necessary but will overheat if that is done.

Brute Shot: Best used at close mid to far close range. Fires grenades that explode on impact. Tip: Shoot the enemy with a few grenades and then melee for an easy kill.

Carbine: One of my preferred weapons it is semi-automatic with a medium sized clip and a 2x scope. It is far more accurate than the battle rifle in my oppinion. This is a mid to close range weapon.

Gravity Hammer/Energy Sword: Pretty straight forward weapons. They provide beatdown badges when you kill someone with it. The sword is a more reliable killing machine however due to the gravity hammers ablility to throw your opponent instead of killing them.

Fuel Rod Cannon/Rocket Launcher: Both rocket launchers that have 2x magnification scopes. The fuel rod cannon has a larger clip and shoots faster but does less damage then the rocket launcher. Your best bet is to use these at midge range for best accuracy and to avoid killing yourself.

Machine Gun Turret/Rocket Pod/Plasma Cannon: Both good for taking out vehicles. The rocket pod by no means is a good weapon for killing enemies though do to its lack of accuracy. The turret/plasma cannon however can mow down enemies quite quickly. The drawback to the turret/plasma cannon is your movement speed is decreased highly so you need to watch your back.

Mauler: A handheld shotgun. The mauler is a good close range weapon doing about half the damage of a shotgun. Tip: shoot your enemy then melee them for a good kill.Can be dual wielded!

Plasma/Spike Grenade: Not really a weapon but none the less still a valuable asset in Halo 3. They stick to your enemy and explode and are quite effective at destroying warthogs mongooses and other lighter vehicles. Tip: If you enemy is falling aim towards the crotch area. If they are jumping aim towards the neck.

Firebomb Grenades: One of the less seen weapons in Halo 3 Multiplayer but still an ok asset. These don't do much unless you are spot on accurate with them then they burn you enemy. Tip: Refer to the Plasma/Spike grenade tip section.

Frag Grenade: A grenade that does not stick to your opponent and can be bounced around corners. Tip: When bouncing around corners aim higher for the grenade to go father. Tip: when being chased throw a grenade at your feet for a nice surprise. Tip: When throwing a grenade at enemies throw it closer to you if your in a fire fight with them. Tip: These grenades don't bounce on sandtrap or snowbound/avalanche.

Plasma Pistol: One weapon I do not reccomend using at all. The weapon is weak except when fully charged and shooting someone with a fully charge shot and then killing them is known as noob comboing.

Plasma Rifle: A dual wildable weapon that does moderate damage and is good for mid to close range. This weapon will oerheat when used excessivly so watch the heat gauge on it.

Sentinel Beam: Another one of the less seen weapons in Halo 3 it does ok damage but not much and like many other weapons is good at mid to close range.

Shotgun: Another of my favorites is the shotgun a.k.a the shotty.This is a close range weapon cabable of devastation to your target. Tip: Shoot then melee for a good kill. Tip:Every wonder why in zombies you don't kill the zombies with a shot to the head. Well there is a certain range at which you can one shot kill so try to figure it out!

SMG: A good mid to short range weapon. Fully automatic and can be dual wielded. Tip: refer to the AR tip a full clip msut be emptied though.

Spartan Laser: Mainly a vehicle destroyer the spartan laser has a 2x scope and a charge time on it. You can kill people with it and it is easy with one tip. Tip: if you look back and forth fast while charging the laser it widens the shot.

And finally the spiker. A good mid to long range weapon the spiker shoots out spikes like the spike grenade. It is similar to the SMG and can be dual wielded. Tip: refer to the AR tip except a full clip must be emptied.

Well thats it for me folks my first guide I will try to get part two out soon!

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