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Making a Retail JTF Inf Ammo Trainer
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    McCovican posted on Aug 07, 2009 6:02:25 AM - Report post
    Hi there,

    I'm a big fan of this military simulation RTS. Unfortunately, none of the trainers out there seem to work properly, and in later versions, the number of available in-built cheats seems to dwindle. The only version with all the proper cheats is the original retail. However, that doesn't have a trainer with an infinite ammo option.

    Now I'm not one to demand someone else do the work for me, so I set about creating a trainer for myself, specifically to create an infinite ammo option, following all the tutorials on your site.

    Now, I'm pretty sure I've found the address in question (00434F8B - which seems at least to be constant, no DMA). However, beyond that I'm stuck, and was wondering if someone could at least point me in the correct direction.

    The trainers at this point tell you to try altering the value for this to check if it is indeed the correct one. However, in TSearch, whenever I try to alter the value, it just instantly reverts itself to the original. AutoHacking it and freezing the value doesn't work either. There is another address that you can freeze to stop the ammo COUNTER for the weapon itself (in the right-hand-side command toolbar in the game) decreasing, but I can't seem to stop the actual ammo from decreasing (as shown in the ammo count for that unit, in the centre information panel).

    Looking at the opcode surrounding those two addresses (which are the same two that consistently turn up for ammo), there are no sub, dec or add opcodes. There are only push, mov and lea.

    I'm at a loss here, and I really would like to use AT-4s, because at the moment, if you don't micro-manage each individual troop, they'll all go waste their ammo on a single target. Any help would be appreciated.
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