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Game Hints and TiPs
tankus910  posted on Aug 06, 2009 12:51:26 AM - Report post

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Hey Guys thought id create a Topic in which we can ask how to do things in game an see if we can get answers!!!

seeing i created it i will go first!!!

1. can i swap out my teams weapons at any point say to give them diffrent ones?

2. When i run out of ammo or my team does and i call a ammo truck one doesnt come? do i need to create one myself? and even when i had one in my team how do i get my team to restock??

3. When say doing the mission Dogs of War how do you give extra units to the Squad Leaders so that its not just 5 or six individual blokes running around if u choose to be commander?

4. Is it possible when doing mission again like dogs of war for u to make it so u can get support such as transport heli's?

5. when commander how to you get your Unit groups to capture a town ect i order them into the area but nothing happens they sit there!!

Ok thats all i really need to know!!
Wouldnt be fair if i didnt leave a tip!!
When looking at the game graphics tab i found when going advanced and changing stuff around i was making my game laggy and making it suffer from bad texture pop ins even on medium settting especially in big cities or towns!! yet my pc can run the game on the very high default setting fine without tampering in the advanced area!! So if u are suffering the same thing try and just use some default graphics settings and see how they perform!

tankus910  posted on Aug 06, 2009 2:55:34 AM - Report post

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Oh after posting this last i thought of another question

How do you build units such as trucks - bmp's without units already being in them?

P.S Cheats happens is the best site keep up the good work guys and girls!!

tankus910  posted on Aug 06, 2009 10:48:28 AM - Report post

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Okay you definatly cant say im not thinking of stuff now!! Makes me feel clueless in this game!!

When u buy a unit and then send that unit to one of the AI captains does it mean that they all follow that one man running about? such as if i created a few Heli's and sent them all to one AI captain will they just hover above where he is? Or will the AI send them where they are needed? Same with Urals and transports or tanks do they just stick on the one guy that is there unit leader?

Another thing is if u say give a AI 5 units of infantry then give him a ural unit will he use it to move them around or will it just tag along behind useless!! If so would he use a transport chopper if u sent him one?

And last thing i can think of at the moment is What happens to units when u disband them? they dont dissapear will the AI Commander make them be part of the action or will the AI just make them drive about one area all the time the missions in going on! In such case how would u make it so that Supply trucks and salvage trucks etc can be used to earn u more money say if u send them to a commander? or would u disband them?

I have combed the WEB and read the manual word for word trying to find answers but it leaves so much un explained hense this post! seeing if anyone will help fill in the blanks!

vchris  posted on Aug 10, 2009 11:32:33 AM - Report post

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Hey there tankus,

After many hours of frustration, I thought I'd share what I've found.

All the units under your command can be selected individually or in groups, using the F1-F10 keys. If you have more than 10 units under your command, F11 and F12 cycle the 10 units visible. (F11=previous, F12=next)

Question 1:
Yes you are able to swap out the weapons of any unit under your command. (change their gear)

First, there must be an ammo/weapons crate near the unit you want to change gear.

Second, select a single unit using F1-F10. Then bring up the action menu of that unit by pressing 6. With the action menu open, select the action "Gear". If there is not a "Gear" selection visible, select the action "More" until it appears.

The unit will then go over to the ammo/weapons crate, and the gear menu will open up. Allowing you to change the unit's gear, as if it was your own.

Question 2:
When a unit under your command runs out of ammo, and there is an ammo/refueling truck near by, you can tell the unit that needs ammo or fuel to rearm or refuel at the truck by using the action menu.

Select the unit needing ammo/fuel, press 6, then select refuel/rearm. The unit needing ammo or fuel will run to the truck and refuel or rearm.

Note, if a unit is completely out of fuel, you will need to drive the fuel truck to the unit needing fuel. (obviously)

Question 4:
I don't think so, support options like Maddox's transport heli, are mission specific.

Question 5:
To capture a town, just order units to stand next to the town's capture point. It may take a minute or two to capture a town.

tankus910  posted on Aug 12, 2009 6:46:08 AM - Report post

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ok thought i would just point out that all the above questions are meant for the single player campaign not created scenarios or editor missions. . . as for the first one about making your team re arm im not sure if there is any ammo crates in the single player is there? Thanks alot for the other tips tho!!

Keep Em coming!!!

tankus910  posted on Aug 13, 2009 4:47:22 AM - Report post

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ok the only way i have found so far to give ur team mates new weapons is to buy them ureslef then drop them on the ground and have your team pick them up. . .
flyingmongoose  posted on Aug 24, 2009 8:25:47 AM - Report post

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Hey Tankus.
I think I have a couple of answers about disbanding AI. Whenever I've disbanded my troops (this is on the demo at v1.2 though) They've just followed the rest of the army into the action. So I'm guessing they join another squad, or fall under direct control of the commander. But they don't just stand there doing nothing, regardless. As for your question about the NPCs using helicopters, urals, and other transports, you could set up a simple experiment in the mission editor. Place down an empty UH-1Y transport helicopter, or a transport truck, and spawn 5 or 6 USMC soldiers and tell them to move to a certain position and see if they get in. Or another method would be to Buy a helicopter in a campaign mission, then disband it, and see if other squads take it.
vchris  posted on Aug 25, 2009 10:43:36 AM - Report post

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Hi all,

I have a few gameplay tips for the campaign missions

1. Commander
Specifically in "Dogs of War" I leave the "Commander" position to the AI. For my playing style, it is difficult to be in combat and manage squads across the map simultaneously.

2. Task Timers
Some missions' outcome will be affected by waiting too long to complete a task. Tasks that time out are usually marked as failed.

3. FF & Armor
I've found the current AI is terrible at preventing friendly fire incidents. You must position armor (tanks/APCs) explicitly so that they wont hit each other when firing. Often when sending two of my tanks into a town, one positions itself behind the other, firing into the rear of the other tank.

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