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Achievement Guide
SuperSkyline89  posted on Jun 26, 2009 3:31:25 PM - Report post

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I'm writing a guide on the achievements for Halo Wars. I'm about a third way done, here's a little preview of the Playin' the Field achievement (not spell checked yet):

This achievement requires you to win a Skirmish game as each leader. The UNSC and the Covenant each have three leaders. When aiming for this achievement it's recommended that you play as each leader on a different map as this will bring you that much closer to getting the next achievement which requires you to win on each map.

The UNSC has Captain Cutter, Sergeant Forge, and Professor Anders. Each has their own benefits and super units which are listed below:

***Captain Cutter***
UNIQUE TROOP TYPE: Elephant - built at the Firebase this vehicle allows you to train Marines, Flamethrowers, and Spartans without using a base socket. You will need a Barracks to upgrade your troops though so build one to do just that and then sell it to build something else. Elephants can be useful in rushing as you can deploy them beside an enemy base and train a constant stream of infantry to take down the base. They are also good defensive structures when upgraded with Turrets and Ceramic Armour to help bolster your base defenses. LEADER POWER: MAC Blast - accessed by pressing up on the d-pad this is a giant slug fired from the Spirit of Fire at the cost of 600 supplies. Starting at one shot you can upgrade this ability at the Field Armory to a total of four shots per attack. Due to the high accuracy of this power it's not very smart to target the enemy's troops with it unless they're standing still while attacking your base. Otherwise the best reason to use a MAC Blast is to help destroy the enemy's base or a Covenant Scarab that isn't moving.

SUPER UNIT: ODST - these are the most hardcore infantry besides the Spartans. They are only available once you fully upgrade your Marines at the Barracks and then pay 1800 supplies to get access to them. By the time you unlock this ability the game is too far in to use them as your main attack force though. ODSTs have two good uses; to Garrison Reactors and Supply Pads, and to hot drop into a battle from the Spirit of Fire. Due to their ability to heal themselves and their access to very powerful weapons ODSTs can hold their own against anything but a full frontal assault from the enemy. Their second use is accessed by pressing up on the d-pad and sends down ODST squads from space, this can be used to surround the enemy and split their fire in multiple directions and possibly turn the tide of a battle.

STARTING ADVANTAGE: all Bases Start at One Higher Tech Level - your intial base starts with 7 base sockets instead of 5. All bases you build after that start with 5 sockets instead of only 3 giving you access to turrets rigt away and saving you 400 supplies per base. This is very advantageous early in the game when supplies are scarce and lets you focus on training troops and building structures.

TACTICAL NOTES - Captain Cutter is strong early in the game because of his Elephants and ability to build a base quicker. He's ideal for someone who prefers the Rush form of gameplay. However, he becomes weaker as the battle goes one as his ODST's aren't as powerful as Forge's Grizzlies or Anders' Hawks, and his MAC Blact ability (though powerful) is based on accuracy and isn't useful for destroying advacing enemy troops as a Carpet or Cryo Bomb are.

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