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Week 3
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    Dhampy posted on Jun 16, 2009 10:31:48 AM - Report post
    Question for Week 3:

    A lot of made of prophecy. These prophecies were planted by the Sisterhood to act as release valves for archaic cultures and to provide a safe-haven for Sisters on the run.

    Yet the prophecies actually seem to fit the situation.

    Now- We need to postulate into the mind of the author. Pretend you are writing it all. Do the prophecies really fit events or is it merely hindsight?

    What I mean is--anyone can look at an event and shape a prophecy to fit it. There are thousands of people who read Nostradamus and try to fit quatrains to historical events--but that's not prophecy, is it? Real prophecy would be to look at text and say "this will happen tomorrow" and it happens.

    Then you have the Kwisatz Haderach--or as Paul says, something different. How does that enter in?

    Excuse the stream of consciousness here.

    Discuss! yay!
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    Serivor posted on Jun 17, 2009 6:11:42 PM - Report post
    I just finished Part 1. haha
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