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The Sims 3 Collectors Edition
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    Alias117 posted on Jun 04, 2009 6:41:50 AM - Report post

    [Edited by Alias117, 6/4/2009 6:42:38 AM]
    I am an old gamer and i need my trainers to help me complete them these days so i have started to look at what trainer options i have for my games and Cheat happens tend to not disappoint so thank you for the game enjoyment i can still have.
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    Slvrbuu posted on Jun 04, 2009 9:05:57 PM - Report post
    Mine is fully functional. I removed the stuff they put on it, including the autorun function. Aside from the USB, the game is awesome My guy is a:
    Loner, Insane, computer wiz, with a good sense of humor. The insane makes him wear random clothing, but allows him to talk to himself, so I don't have to worry about socialization.
    "The tools may be more effective than those who battled before you but make no mistake, you are no less a barbarian than your ancestors with their clubs and rocks. The only difference now is you do it without honor; cowering behind your guns, your bombs. You don't use tactic, just force..."
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    Garonne posted on Jun 16, 2009 2:21:34 AM - Report post
    In fact, the CE Version is crap. Most of the promised bonuses is bull****. The only things you get are the car and the USB-Stick.

    The car is said to have been uploaded to Exchange already, so you can possibly get it for free, too.

    The "Strategy Guide" is a 6-page-piece-of-crap. Doesn't tell something new or interesting. The Tutorial of the game is way better.

    You also get 1000 SimPoints for registering your game online. It's NOT a bonus for having a CE, you get it for EVERY game.

    So you don't really get something for buying a CE Version, just buy the Standard Edition.
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