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Tips: Limit your use of the trainer.
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    Treb posted on Mar 13, 2009 8:30:56 PM - Report post
    I have recently started to limit my use of the ETW trainer.
    To make different types of games, even whit the same nation.

    For instance:
    - Use ONLY the money cheat.
    This will give you a game whit out any worries about your money, how you spend them and how big your spendings become. As you will always have money enough.
    The "downside" will be that you will research, build and recruit at the same speed as any one else.

    - Use most of the other functions but NOT the money cheat.
    Okay, you get fast research, building, movement etc. But you got one major case to worry about: Money
    You will have to watch your money and how you spend them, and make sure you build what is needed to build up your economy.
    The up side is that you don't have to wait the 2-4 turns it take for buildings at higher levels to be build, you can get it done in 1 turn.
    The same whit research, 1 turns for all of them too. A great boost over other nations, and can help out a bit about the economic too.
    Your in war and need your units moved fast around ? no problem, you can do that too.

    By only using some of the function in the trainer you will still get a game where you will have some challenges but will still get some easy areas in the game.
    In one game you can have the big armies, and in the next the game a smaller but much more advanced army.

    2 different games, whit different challenges.
    And you still get your gaming made a bit easier by using the trainer,

    What I have written is maybe something every other then me already does, but well .. then we now got a thread about it too and the tip is now given to every one who can read here anyway. :P

    Good gaming out there.
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    Dhampy posted on Mar 13, 2009 9:18:39 PM - Report post
    Even on Very Hard/Very Hard, I find the game ridiculously easy. So, I use the trainer like crazy because getting all the late era units right away is the only way to keep it fun.
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    RevCheater posted on Mar 14, 2009 5:46:35 AM - Report post
    I agree with Dhampy.
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    dnak posted on Mar 15, 2009 8:39:24 AM - Report post
    It's true.
    The AI is ridicolous. No matter which faction I start with i have both France and Spain after five turns. Even the hardest settings ale pathetic and the AI never defends their capital. The only way to have any fun is cheat-building up for 10 turns and then starting a global war.
    I've finished campaigns with most of the european countries and only one posted any challenge (United Provinces, not becouse the campaign is hard, but the colonies and tradelanes are so spread out that every turn takes a lot of time just to get a hang of what's happening).

    So far it's one of the least playable total wars for me. Medieval somehow managed to stay fresh, shogun is playable in a nostalgic way and this one... I'm, already bored, mostly becouse of the stupid, stupid, stupid AI.
    I've already reseted my computer several times in anger becouse the troops on the walls instead of getting down the normal way decided that it'll be fun to get down on the rope ladders and got stuck for 5 minutes before they can form up a line.
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