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How start gta4 with command lines
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    nononoaaa posted on Dec 06, 2008 7:02:49 PM - Report post
    Create "commandline.txt" and put it in your gta4 directory, then fill it up with commands you want from this list:

    -benchmark: Runs the benchmark tool and immediately exits game.
    -help: Display list of all command line options

    -renderquality: Set the render quality of the game. (0-4)
    -shadowdensity: Set the shadow density of the game. (0-16)
    -texturequality: Set the texture quality of the game. (0-2)
    -viewdistance: Set the view distance of the game (0-99)
    -detailquality: Set the detail quality of the game. (0-99)
    -novblank: Disable wait for vblank (No Vsync)
    -norestrictions: Do not limit graphics settings
    -width: Set width of main render window (default is 800)
    -height: Set height of main render window (default is 600)
    -safemode: Run the graphics in the lowest setting possible
    -frameLimit: Limit frame to interval of refresh rate
    (ex If refreshrate is 60HZ –frameLimit 1 = Locks down to 60HZ)
    -refreshrate: Set the refresh rate of main render window
    – Warning - Monitor must support (ex. –refreshrate 60)
    -fullscreen: Force fullscreen mode
    -windowed: Force windowed mode
    -availablevidmem: Set amount of physical Video Memory(ex. –availablevidmem 0.9)
    -percentvidmem: Percentage of video memory to make available to GTA

    -fullspecaudio: Force high-end CPU audio footprint
    -minspecaudio: Force low-end CPU audio footprint

    -noprecache: Disable precache of resources
    -nomemrestrict: Disable memory restrictions

    So basically you can now run with the highest textures and in windowed mode if you choose to.. Basically however you want to run the game.

    If the commandline.txt isn't working for you

    IN VISTA Go to: Users/(user name)/Appdata/Local/Rockstar Games/GTA IV/Settings/ and delete settings.cfg

    IN XP Go to: C:\Documents and Settings\(user name)\Local Settings\Application Data\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\Settings and delete settings.cfg

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    Send a message to Caliber
    Caliber posted on Dec 06, 2008 7:05:35 PM - Report post
    please note that you must be subscribed to rockstar client and have it running and logged in for this to work-

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    Send a message to LordJB
    LordJB posted on Dec 07, 2008 1:54:01 AM - Report post
    Using just a shortcut to LaunchGTAIV.exe would require a active connection to their "Social Club" application but I think it'll work anyway (Offline) if you just use the commandline.txt method.

    EDIT: Reason for that is because the shortcut would open the "Social Club" application and show the play button whereas being fully signed in would skip this and start the actual game.
    (Missed pointing that out, ofcourse that text file will probably work regardless of the "social club" applications status.)

    [Edited by LordJB, 12/7/2008 1:56:32 AM]
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    Triggy-finger posted on Dec 07, 2008 2:12:12 PM - Report post
    i have to say it works indeed, but if you do this this doesnt really increaqse the graphics
    made it as high as possible ( rendering on high ) but you get all greavy textures like the shadow does
    and I thought i readed somewhere about the high settings,
    that i would only benefit the computers still to come ( i7 chip?)

    anyway if someone doesnt get it to work lose the : rest works out beautifully

    i have only one question: what type of options do i need to get the fullest graphic possible
    without crashing the game ( it happend 2 times )
    the game doesnt have to get forced fullscreen because it is fullscreen
    because i have the idea im forgetting something or do something wrong because it really looks horrofying and without addapting these files it actually looks better
    can you do me a quick fix on the commandline options please?
    config for: amd dual core 6000+ 4GiB ram ( vista reads 3,5 )
    readeon 3870X2+HD3870 in crossfireX
    and as high as possible ( im a graphic addict )

    [Edited by Triggy-finger, 12/8/2008 1:40:42 PM]
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