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    GGaius10 posted on Oct 27, 2008 9:21:12 AM - Report post
    I have all three B&W games and even though I haven't tried it yet, it isn't that impressive after using the Cheat Happens trainers. If it is true that no good trainer can be made for these games, at least the last two. There is a way to edit the game and customize it to your own liking. I can do this with wood and ore but outside of that I have no idea what some of the other things such as stable army etc., mean. Is the first two numbers in line the cost or the strength? I'm sure someone out there smarter than myself knows how to do this already, if we can just get them to make themselves known.
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    BnW HaCkA posted on Nov 19, 2009 7:37:08 PM - Report post

    Hey GGaius10 I am not sure how to customize the army abilities but I can tell you how to hack the miracles so they only cost 1 mana or to however much you want to put it to

    Step One
    Go to my computer and double click local disk (c

    Step Two
    select program files look for lionhead studios not lionhead studios ltd if u have BnW 1

    Step Three
    Click BnW 2 than BnW2 battle of the gods

    Step Four
    Now, once in the BnW2 BOTG folder select the Data folder than click Balance, it should be the 2nd folder you will see

    Step Five
    Select GameBalanceMiracle but before you do that make a copy of the GameBalanceMiracle document and save it in a folder you feel is safe

    Step Six
    When you have opened up the GameBalanceMiracle document you will see 3 columns, 1st one is Spell, 2nd one is Miracle and 3rd one is Praying. Never mind the Spell and Praying columns and focus on the Miracle column.

    Step Seven
    Now there are rows and rows of numbers but you only need to focus on the first number Example HEAL 5000 now change that to HEAL 10
    and when you open up the game and look at your altar you will be able to cast the spells as many times as you want (or to be more specific at least like 6,000 times or more) and there you go enjoy

    This can also be done with just Black and White 2 as well
    and im am being very specific because when i was showed this i had to basically do it all myself im not doing it to make you feel stupid
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