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Lack of committment perhaps??
RebelCommander  posted on Oct 15, 2008 3:21:42 AM - Report post

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As we all know by now, Mercenaries 2: World In Flames is the sequel to Mercenaries (duh!). I've noticed a LOT of glitches on this game. Let me start off by listing the GOOD and the BAD points of this game... let me remind everybody that this is ONLY my opinion of Mercs 2.


> More variety in Airstrikes, Supplies and Vehicles
> Physics somewhat improved over the prequel
> Graphics are also improved
> Good overall storyline

And now.. the BAD

> Huge objects (e.g. oil rig) appear distorted at a distance
> Anti-aliasing doesn't come in as fast as expected
> Shader quality & shadows take too much time to 'form'
> Graphics may be improved but still doesn't match a excellent gaming platform's such as the Xbox 360
> My Xbox 360 always keeps hanging when playing this game

Seriously, with this amount of bugged performance in Mercs 2, I'm questioning the committment & heart being put into this game. Although Pandemic did postpone the debut of the game, it still feels like it's being rushed into.

Yes, we consumers can sometimes be demanding, wanting better quality games in a shorter period of time. But, just announce u're postponing it & we can be assured that we can receive quality games, not some sequel loaded with bugs.

Or is it because of the new ownership under EA?? I wonder, hmmm...

nailan  posted on Oct 15, 2008 8:29:54 PM - Report post

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I own this on ps3 and dont see any of your negatives.
is there that huge a difference between the 360 and ps3 versions?

ps my main objection is the extended ragdolling that happens when you are falling down a mountain. or when you fall from a helecopter and roll down a hill. also how do you live from a max altitude fall out of a helecopter anyway? You land with 1 hp. unless there is water in which case you take no damage

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TMH  posted on Oct 15, 2008 8:43:41 PM - Report post

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No there is not. Both consoles have the same thing. The hanging up occurs on anygame you play to long. My game didnt freeze until i played this game 27 hours straight and I ended up messing up my 360.

The only reason you are fine on the PS3 is because it downloads to the PS3 and that keeps it from hanging up as much if it does at all.

The game was delayed a half a year so they could make it compatible with the world maps to come out in the DLC and do a 3rd remake of the characters and add more details.

Now with the update delayed it is obvious that they have received massive bug reports and are working on them. I actually enjoyed every single glitch in this game.... The flickering of the models (changing colors) and several others.

The graphics are not top of the line because they were on a TIGHT ass schedule when it was to be released in Jan of this year. When they were told they were being held on longer they added what they could and what they felt to be necessary to enjoy the game. Now if just the grahpic details from far away bothers you then stop playing the game, much less stop playing all games. ALMOST EVERY SINGLE GAME is like this... No one shows full detail for everything no matter how far away, they do this to save time, cut what loading time it has, keep game from lagging on its self.

If you bought this game i do suggest now on renting everything before you buy if you are this nit-picky... I rented and pre-ordered it the day I beat the game.

nailan your problem with the rolling is because they made everything a smooth surface just painted it rough which can save disk space and all that good stuff I mentioned above. I get annoyed by the rolling but I have yet to get stuck or rolled for more than 4 seconds. You land with 1 hp (2 HP is the average you get)its realistic because you got hurt, but also having mercy on your character by giving you some part of health. Thats why I liked Nilson (Sweedish mohawk guy), he regenerates his health faster than the other 2 (soon to be other 4+ mercs) which does come in handy when you are just flying around and haven't cleared the area or are testing out the Castro Or Rouge Choppers.

nailan  posted on Oct 15, 2008 9:25:49 PM - Report post

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oh the rolling isnt that anoying till you are shot to death while doing it. then you have to start all they way back at you base losing your weapons and possibly progress on a mission.
I only play for about 4 hours in a row at a time so i guess i was never on long eneough to hang.
systemsniper  posted on Oct 20, 2008 2:49:06 PM - Report post

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The 360 and PS3 have the same glitchs just like the PC does. So dont set there and try to talk good about your 360 or PS3 or computer, go to and read the forums to find out whos lieing and who aint. Patches never came out like promised from Pandemic so who knows what will happen with this title. I have high hopes but Im not to sure anymore. Im crossing my fingers though.
TMH  posted on Oct 20, 2008 2:55:13 PM - Report post

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As I said, why else would they hold back a patch, if they just did it to do it then they would loose money and you know at least one of their guys in the brain trust would see that... If not then me a 15 yr old kid needs to take their place.....

With the forums, if you watch them you will see more and more bugs being reported daily or current bugs getting worse. As it comes closer to the proposed DLC release date they are either coding it into one big thing or having their main programming team go back over the DLC to fix the issues that were and are being reported now.

Pandemic hasn't release a crappy game in some time so you have to have some faith in them.

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