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Star War: empire At War gold pack
Friendly  posted on Sep 02, 2008 8:23:38 AM - Report post

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Hi everyone,

I have noticed alot of problems with Star Wars: Empire at War: Force of Corruption CHEAT mods and others, like trainers.

The game Star Wars: Forces of Corruption was programmed and built by the Lucasarts and petroglyph team, the data and programmation on each Gold Pack Edition of Star Wars Forces of Corruption is currently protected with the latest SecuROM version 7. Not only does it have Disc Identification Protection, but included in the SecuROM version 7 is DATPRO, wich protects Data from wich most of gaming companies call Rigged or glitched units or events, and you guys would recall it as cheating, DATPRO is almost undetectable, the ONLY mods of wich Lucasarts and Petroglyph accepted, is ADDON mods, such as adding extra maps, and units, not rigging and glitching units, when the program DATPRO sees glitched and rigged units, it will give an Access Violation Error saying in other words that by installing cheat mods, you have violated the game data.

As for trainers, there is another hidden program called PROCPRO, from the same creators as DATPRO, as you know, trainers INTERCEPT PROCCESSES, wich will badly harm your computer if the trainer is infected, or if you hadle the trainer incorrectly. Unlike DATPRO, wich runs once then turns off, PROCPRO runs for the entire time you play the game, because trainers can be started at any time of the game. PROCPRO protects the processes for the game it is included in. PROCPRO protects your processes for YOUR GOOD. since trainers can harm your computer if they are infected or wrongly handled, I STRONGLY suggest that you scan ANY trainers for ANY other games that you download BEFORE using.

Now you must ask youselves HOW BADLY that you can harm your computer with trainers??

It can go from minor errors (caused by bad handling) such as explorer.exe stopping responding then turning back on (explorer.exe is what you use to navigate through your files and folders and open programs).

Or it can be small errors (caused by bad handling) such as the game has became corrupted and you have to reinstall the whole game.

It can then lead to (most of the time) medium cases errors (caused by Viruses such as trojans) such as your whole system crashes somtimes, your files and folders of the game gets erased and corrupted as well as other files on your computer.

It can also cause (less frequent but still happens) bad errors (caused by VERY bad handling and rootkits/trojans/worms)
wich can start by stealing your credit and debit card numbers along with your cards passwords (if you have buyed something from the internet), then finish off by uninstalling by itself any antivirus and antispyware programs (some programs are IMMUNE to that like AVG 8.0 wich I have) harming your proccesses and Operating System ITSELF wich cand cause critical errors.

The most rare errors, Critical system blowout and shutdowns errors, are caused by the most recent and dangerous viruses hidden in the trainer.
Critical system shutdowns can DELETE the groud zero on your Hard disk drive in wich your OS is installed, the virus DELETES your OS wich is located on the groud zero of your HDD, the very center of your Hard Drive Disk. the first sign when running the trainer in a game, is the game crashes after about an hour of use of the trainer, and an error message box appears: Exeption Error!(as the title) Error 000002302x6483002(as the text) then it gives out the options: Debug, Retry or Cancel press CANCEL, and either go to a computer repair shop or get FREE assistance in removal of malware in the folowing link: www.techsupportforum.com ASAP.

Critical system Blowout is the rarest and most dangerous error in your computer it is also called Beyond the red zone, wich means when at final stage there is no way to stop it. this error is caused by a virus called Trojan Reaper, when running the trainer in the game, the game crashes after about 10 minutes and gives an error message: Critical System Error! (as a title) Error 0400402320x00220 (as a text) it will give you options of what to do, press cancel. and get help ASAP from a computer repair shop or at Http://www.techsupportforum.com, the Analysts over there will know how much time you will remain for your computer before its too late so they will help you first. it takes normaly about 4-5 days before it is too late.
A Critical System Blowout has 3 stages, first stage (24 hours) it slows down your computer and mixes,deletes and corrupts files, second stage (48hours) the computer will shutdown without any error messages and at random times, the third stage would be the most dangerous stage and thats where you have to hurry up or your done: it consists of booting up the computer, automaticaly switching BIOS options, such as overclocking way too much you CPU, video card, RAM, ect, also shutting down most cooling systems, then the computer runs at full capacity, it WILL be much faster, but this normaly lasts 24 hours more or less depending on your system, after that your computer completely fries.

all of this to warn you of the infected trainers and that trainers and cheat mods DO NOT work on gold pack, they do on original games but they dont on gold pack since they updated pretty much every security feature on it.

This message was used solely and ONLY to warn other members, this wasnt intentionally used of any insults, racism, piracy, or any other criminal or non authorized information.

the ONLY link in this message is a link that is for helping other members of cheathappens, this link (www.techsupportforum.com) isnt of any concurence with cheathappens as this site is only a forum and is used to help members with computer problems such a malware or hardware issues, and many other. DO NOT be warned, this site has NO viruses or other malware.

If there is any problems please report them to me by E-mail,

Thank you,


[Edited by Friendly, 9/2/2008 8:23:58 AM]

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