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Any cheats or trainers yet
Prince Balious  posted on Dec 28, 2004 2:48:37 AM - Report post

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Think i Will Hope It Be Soon
Balious  posted on Dec 28, 2004 2:56:14 AM - Report post

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I Am Now A Member
azp  posted on Dec 28, 2004 2:58:27 AM - Report post

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good for you
chicha.org  posted on Dec 28, 2004 9:30:30 AM - Report post

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hi guys,
first off: i don't like cheating. i arrived here searching a pop cap remove to make epic battles in multiplay like in those EA trailers.
but i won't tell anything bad to you guys, you can do as you wish with your game.

but as i see that there are some guys needing cheats coz some maps are too difficult for them, i will try to help with some counsel on beating that maps without any cheating

(first off congratz to commondog for all those .ini file information. dunno if it's a simple copy&paste from another site or you own job, but it's great)

ok, i'll tell ya my stats with good campaign (difficult mode)

usually i like to "camp": that means survive in my base until i have enough army and resources to overun the enemy. this is a MUST in some maps (black gates) and in other maps you just can't do it (fangorn). and you have to know how to build a camp and in what order (standard camp and 1000 gold: 2 farms and 1 fountain. make a hobbit to explore and level him up fast killing goblin caves) leaving 2-3 squadrons of anything near 2 fountains at your base-entrance makes them kind of invincible.

first trick is to get "overpopulated". this means get at your maximum of population, let some of your troops die being careful to let at least one soldier of each squadron survive. then make new troops and once this is done, heal your survivors and HOP: you got 400/300 population. (for example)

you have to learn the pro's and contras of each army.
for example rohan:
you only need to build two kind of army: mounted archers and elven warriors. the mounted archers can overrun enemys with their horses and take down big ones (trolls, ballistas, towers, etc) with their fire arrows. elven warriors have great range. combo them together to have archers behind and swordmen in front, boost them with firearrows and all that stuff and you'll se how they kick ass other armys archers or whatever without being hit. only problem will be enemys cavalry, but if you have your troops a little upgraded and everytime a fountain near, that will be no problem.
only thing i need, is a combo of rangers and guards of the fountain (upgraded of course) and some catapults: they can defend agains cavalry with their pikes and rangers have a nice attack-range. i did a lot of maps only with this. 1 or 2 squadrons of cavalry maybe to get fast to a enemy catapult and destroy it.
3-4 squadrons of pikemen (do not combine them with anything, it will slow down the unit or make them worst against cavalry) 2-3 squadrons of wargs to take out enemy catapults and the rest make combos of uruks+xbow uruks. the exploding mines are great and you can trigger them with your fire arrows
free orcs... tons of free orcs... but i don't like that really. i prefer a few archer+orc combo and then the standart haradrim. i hate the mumakil (to slow, dies fast) but the trolls are great (expensive but great). what i use to do are a lot of catapults, 5-6 trolls (they move slow, but if you tell them to attack they are pretty fast and they can range attack if you give them a stone. you can heal them eating orcs and once they reach level 2 they regenerate, so it's a good moment for giving them a tree/club) and the rest just orcs+archers. the troops just decoy and die while the catapults take care of everything. the trolls stay near the catapults in case cavalry comes. one good thing mordor has is if you troops die, you will make more troops fast.

only maps i think they need advise are helm, osgiliath, minas tirith and black gate.
chicha.org  posted on Dec 28, 2004 9:31:22 AM - Report post

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only maps i think they need advise are helm, osgiliath, minas tirith and black gate.

helm good:
make only archers, upgrade them, make legolas (i'll speak about heros later) upgrade them. place the archers on the large wall, place the best archers near the door. place the melee heroes like gimli on the large wall.
in the small part in front of the last fortress, make a fountain and a farm to continue making money when you lost everything else, later you can change that farm for something to build more archers or mounted archers.
the most important is not to guard the big wall (sooner or later it will explode anyways) but to guard the main door. once you loose the main door, party will begin.
even if they enter helm in the big wall, you can easily shoot them down with your elven archers. you will also hit their catapults before they hit you (computer AI sometimes suck). if you think you are in trouble, just retreat into the last little place and place your archers into the reach of the fountain, but on the walls. legolas will do a great job there and make a few levels too. once you can summon the rohan army (which should be mounted archers or elven warriors) you can kill their camps while you defend the base with your last troops.

helm bad:
catapults (well, those ballista things) and exploding mines will do the first great job. when rohan is about to come, place 3-4 pikemen squadrons near the place they will appear and they wont last long. if there also come some ents, just shoot em down with firearrows. once wall and doors are broken, go for them with the typical xbox+uruk combo

osgiliath good:
can't remember how i did it, but i guess i already had a pretty nice army and i went for all 3 bridges inmediately

osgiliath bad:
can't remember if there was a timer too. just went for the bases at the right and then overran them with my standart army

minas tirith good:
was really dissapointed about this one... way too easy: grond didnt even move (bug? fear? lol), all what i did was place archers and catapults (a lot of catapults) on the walls, and shoot everything like ladders and so on. i didn't even have to retreat to level 2. then, even before i could summon rohan, i went for them. when rohan came i sent them for grond and a "still standing" base and just before killing all the enemy (didn't even need rohan) aragorn came with the death army (i was laughing: you come too late, mate)

minas tirith bad:
same as everytime, take out their catapults, grond takes out the door, and your archer+orc combo and trolls do the rest. nazgul come very handy to take out catapults.

black gate good (there isn't black gate in the bad campaign if i'm not wrong... at least i finnished the game 3 times with bad side and didn't do black gate)
can't believe ppl. had problems with this. the big trick may be is gandalf lvl 10: when enemy starts to move, bring him (mounted on shadowfax) in the middle of them, cast his level 10 spell, and make the hell out of there. that will kill some, and hurt most. i placed about 4 catapults in each base (enemy never reached my third base anyways), had 2 fountains in the entrances of my bases, and placed my archers OUTSIDE the base, to reach enemy sooner, but staying in the fountains range. legolas and the catapults took care of the trolls, gimli, bow faramir and boromir taking care of one base melee attacks, and aragorn and legolas taking care of the other base. didnt use the summons.

chicha.org  posted on Dec 28, 2004 9:31:56 AM - Report post

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nazgul: fly around and summon balrog. it's my main fun, lol. witchking+drum troll give huge bonus on your troops if they stay near.
lurtz: nice hero. level him up and he will take down a lot of enemys before getting into trouble
saruman: i dont like him. they should have given him some more powers.
hobbits: great explorers. level them inmediately killing goblin caves or single squadrons of troops. a level 6 hobbit can take out a lot of enemys (use stone throwing everytime). if in trouble, move a little bit and use the elven cape to get invisibility and recover
gimli: he just rocks, activate his berserk attack and then jump: i took down 6 trolls with this (gimli lvl 8)
theoden: he just and play sucks. the glorious charge is great, but if you are running to a group of enemys, you have to stop to activate it. once activated it's great. theoden by foot dies in 2 seconds
eowyn&eomer: regular heros. spear attack is good to take down trolls or catapults (well, at least a little of their life) the "hiding" ability from eowyn has only sense in multiplay
faramir: regular hero. i use him with bow all the time
legolas: this guy kicks ass. his last attack just rocks and once he reaches lvl 6 or 7 he take out entire troops just shooting normally and he has a very big range.

well, thats it. really guys, i understand ppl. who wants to play around with the .ini to see what happens (or to see stuff you can't get normally, like sauron and isildur for example) or to get rid off the popcap in multiplay (if you think your computer will handle 5000 instead of 800... why not?) but i really can't believe that you need cheats like i read for "instant army, invencibility, etc" that takes all the fun (and "reality" from the game. but as i said before: do as you wish.

enjoy this faq i just wrote, maybe it helps to play "On the right way"
chicha.org  posted on Dec 28, 2004 9:33:45 AM - Report post

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all these hints are only valid in SINGLE PLAY
Balious  posted on Dec 28, 2004 9:49:04 AM - Report post

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Ok I Did Helms Deep With Hardly Any Archers By Main Gate And The Deeping Wall Blew Up When Two Mins were Left For Rohan Than Boromir Got Killed By Wargs And Pikes Than Aragorn Just Surrived And I Got Legolas Pwning Everything

[Edited by Balious, 12/28/2004 9:50:08 AM]

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