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im stuck at the temple of time
Toastman  posted on Aug 14, 2008 2:19:46 PM - Report post

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my sword glows now, but i cant get threw the waterfall of darkness thing

and a list of all the poe locations would be nice too

zelda_rulz  posted on Aug 23, 2008 12:31:42 AM - Report post

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spin attack near the wall of darkness, it should fade away
and here are the poe locations:
Arbiter's Grounds

1. There are four Poes hiding within this desert dungeon that you must defeat
in order to proceed to the end.

2. See #1.

3. See #1.

4. See #1.

Castle Town

5. Go inside Jovani's house by digging under the front or by taking the
passageway from Telma's Bar. This Poe will be found inside the house; you
can't miss it.

Cave of Ordeals

6. On the 17th floor (the one with the skeletal dogs), you will find a Poe
floating around.

7. On the 33rd floor (the one with the ReDeads), you will find another Poe
floating amongst the enemies.

8. On the 44th floor, you will find the final Poe of the cave floating among
the other enemies.

City in the Sky

9. At the eastern side of the map, get to the second floor outside area where
you have to Clawshot between flying plant enemies to make it past a couple
of walls. Once you Clawshot to the third plant enemy in the sequence, look
to the south and you will see a fourth plant enemy flying low by a tree.
Clawshot to that enemy and become a wolf to fight the Poe there.

10. In the center area of the map, get to the fourth floor (it's the area
with all the ropes and bird enemies, just outside the room where you get
the Big Key). Make your way to the western platform as a wolf and you
will find this Poe floating high above.

Death Mountain

11. From the bottom of the path, as a human, get to the second Goron. Have
him boost you onto the eastern ledges high above. Turn back into a wolf
and you will find the Poe here.

Faron Woods

12. In the area with the poisonous fog, use Midna to reach the middle area
where there is a large platform; you will see the Poe there.

Gerudo Desert

13. Just to the south of where you enter the desert after taking Fyer's
flight, you will find this Poe on a platform above the sand.

14. In the southeast area of the desert (on the platform where the Gerudo
Mesa portal drops you off), this Poe will be hanging around there.

15. Outside of the entrance to Arbiter's Grounds, the Poe is floating to the
east of the doorway.

16. To the east of where you found the golden wolf, you will find the Poe
floating around in the dead end path.

17. In the area where you fought the axe-wielding leader, there is a Poe
floating around in there.

18. In the northeast area of the desert, head to the west of all the towers
and gates to find some ledges with a tree on top of one of them. Use the
Clawshot to reach the tree, then go north from there as a wolf to find
the Poe.

19. In the same area as where you fought the previous Poe, use your senses to
find a special dig spot. Dig down into a hidden cave, where you will find
two Poes to fight.

20. See #19.


21. In the middle of the graveyard, this Poe is floating around.

22. Push the north tombstone from the entrance back and this Poe will appear.

Hidden Village

23. When you enter the village, the Poe is floating atop the northeast
balcony. To get onto it, go to the side of the house facing the path and
use the Clawshot to reach the netting above the water pool. Walk along
the balcony and become a wolf to get the Poe.

Hyrule Field

24. In the Lanayru province, go south and east of Castle Town to an old arena
of sorts. The Poe is at the bottom of that area.

25. In the Eldin province, go to the field south of Kakariko Village. To the
southeast of the bridge over Kakariko Gorge, there is a hill. At the top
of the hill is a tree; the Poe is by that tree.

26. In the Eldin province, head to the field south of Kakariko Village. Far
to the south is a cave which you can enter by bombing a boulder. Inside
that cave, head to the northwest portion and there will be a path split.
The right path will lead up to a room where this Poe is hiding (the left
path leads to the Piece of Heart).

27. In the Faron province, just to the north of the bridge over the stream is
a slight hill. This Poe is hanging around the top of that hill.

28. In the Lanayru province, go to the northern portion of Hyrule Field. Walk
onto the bridge above the river that flows from Zora's Domain. The Poe is
floating above the middle of the bridge.

29. In the Lanayru province, head to the field north of Castle Town. Go to
the east of the bridge spanning the river, and you will find some grass.
Use your senses to find a large dig spot; dig there to enter a cave
below. You will have to deal with many Deku Babas in here, as well as two

30. See #29.

31. In the field connected to the south exit of Castle Town, you will find
this Poe to the east of the pool.

32. In the Lanayru province, after the bridge to western Castle Town is
fixed, walk on the bridge to find this Poe.

33. In the Lanayru province, get to the south of the wooden bridge (this is
to the south of the bridge above Lake Hylia). If you look up to the high
ledges, you will see several boulders you can destroy. Use bomb arrows to
destroy the arrows, then make use of the Clawshot targets to get across
to the platform where the Poe is.

Kakariko Village

34. Take the path above the Bomb Shop to reach the tower on the high cliff.
In front of that tower is the Poe.

35. On the path above the Bomb Shop, check out the ruins of the house that
burnt down while collecting the Tears

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