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NEW pokemon
kkrraakk  posted on Jun 09, 2009 12:09:22 AM - Report post

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Types: Dark/Fire(Male) Psychic/Fire (Female)
Male only appears at night; female only in the day.
Only SP. ability: ShadowSpread: if a Dark move is used by foe or self, SP attk, Sp. Def and Def are all raised Sharply 2 times in a row, and the attack fails.
Moves (male):
Starting moves (from lvl 1):
DarkEmber (New; similar to Shadow Ball, but always burns, lowers sp. def 45% of the time. LOW ATTK POWER!
Next moves: Learned in a random pattern, 1 or 2 learned at lvl up, spaced by `3-5 levels.
ShadowBlaze: Like DarkEmber, but no auto burn, a 50% SP Attk raise chance for user, med-low attk power, 120% acc. Can miss if blinded; flash, etc.
Blaze kick
DarkAura- High attk power, foe always flinches, even if attk misses, EXTREMELY LOW ACCURACY! (but acc raises dramaticly if used in succession.)
Blackout: 2 effects; Electric attks miss 100% of the time for the entire battle after use, and ALL PKMN ACC (including Spiriblaze) is lowered slightly every turn.
ShadowBlitz- Exactly like volt-tackle, but the type is dark.
Despair- 1hitKO move. High accuracy, but Spiriblaze loses 2/3 health when it is used, and must rest for 2 turns, during which the trainer cannot use items on it, and it cannot eat berries.
Moves for Female Spiriblaze:
TerrorScream: Like roar, but can fail easily. If the pokemon does not switch or run, that Pokemon's stats (ALL OF THEM) sharply lower, and 15 hp * 1/5 the Opponents Level (rounded down) is done. FEMALE SPIRIBLAZE CANNOT FORGET THIS MOVE. EVER.

___Next moves are learned just like Male.___
Same moves lernable as male, but ShadowBlitz, DarkAura and ShadowBlitz are changed into:

MentalSlash: Opponent's mind is overwhelmed with "static", lowering all stats moderately, and doing high damage. If the move misses, it rebounds onto Spiriblaze, with the same stat effects, but no damage.

SonicBlaze: The user utilizes it's psychic powers to move faster than sound. Always hits first, allways leaves a burn, moderate damage, medium-high acc, If miss, Speed and Attk and SP. attk upped sharply.

PsyBlaze: The user uses Psychic powers to ignite the air around the foe. Allways hits, and allways first: Moderately low damage, allways burns, lowers Opponents AND users SP. def sharply, and upps user's Sp. Attk sharply. Has 17% chance of confusing the foe.

Wow! That was quite a mouthful.
And, now I want one.

DirtyGhettoKids  posted on Jun 15, 2009 7:15:31 PM - Report post

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Grifroze (A 4th Starting Pokemon)


Species-Ice Griffin

Ability-Icey Feel/Ups Ice Moves

Lvl. 5-Scratch and Howl
Lvl. 7-Peck
Lvl.10-Wing Attack
Lvl.15-Aurora Beam
Lvl.16-Evolve (Need Help Coming Up With Evolutions,Help If You Would Like.)
Lvl.20-Aerial Ace
Lvl.27-Ice Beam
Lvl.36-Evolve(Once Again Need Help With Evolutions)
Lvl.60-Hyper Beam

Learnable HM's-Fly,Strength,De-Fog,Cut

Well Thats My Pokemon,And Once More,If You Could Help Come Up With 2 More Evolutions That Would Be GREAT!

robofingers  posted on Dec 17, 2009 5:08:24 PM - Report post

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Name - Rapiraptor
Type - Dark/Fire
Base Stats - HP: 80, Atk: 125, Def: 65, Sp Atk: 85, Sp Def: 70, Spd: 140
Ability - Front Runner: Whenever a pokémon uses a stat changing (including accuracy/evasiveness) move Rapiraptor's speed increases one stage.
Specialist Item - Reptilian Eye: Whenever a pokémon uses a stat changing (including accuracy/evasiveness) move that causes a change of at least two stages, Rapiraptor's accuracy increases one stage.

Lv 1 (default) Quick Attack
Lv 1 (default) Pursuit
Lv 3 Snarl (New Move)
Lv 6 Ember
Lv 9 Swords Dance
Lv 15 Bite
Lv 18 Agility
Lv 22 Fire Fang
Lv 22 Thunder Fang
Lv 25 Curse
Lv 27 Blaze Kick
Lv 31 Baton Pass
Lv 35 Crunch
Lv 40 Outrage
Lv 47 Fast Feet (New Move)
Lv 53 Sprint (New Move)
Lv 59 Footloose (New Move)

Learnable TMs & HMs:
TM02, TM05, TM08, TM10, TM11, TM12, TM15, TM17, TM20, TM21, TM23, TM26, TM27, TM28, TM31, TM32, TM35, TM37, TM38, TM39, TM40, TM41, TM42, TM43, TM44, TM45, TM46, TM49, TM50, TM54, TM56, TM58, TM59, TM61, TM63, TM64, TM65, TM66, TM68, TM70, TM71, TM75, TM76, TM78, TM80, TM81, TM82, TM84, TM86, TM87, TM88, TM89, TM90, HM01, HM04, HM06, HM08


Type - Dark
Power - 0
Accuracy - 100
Effect - Opponents pokémon's Atk and Sp Atk are lowered two stages. User's speed is lowered four stages. (three if you take the ability into account)

Fast Feet:

Type - Fire
Power - 60
Accuracy - 90
Effect - High Critical Hit Ratio. Speed increases one stage. May cause a burn.


Type - Dark
Power - 22
Accuracy - 100
Effect - Hits 2 - 6 times. Opponent is poisoned and confused but user's speed is decreased by three stages. (Two if you take the ability into account)


Type - Fighting
Power - 80
Accuracy - 70
Effect - Attacks 3 times. For each successful hit accuracy is lowered one stage. If all three attacks hit, Hit Points are fully healed.

This took a while to think up and write, so I hope everyone likes it!

[Edited by robofingers, 1/3/2010 1:06:23 PM]

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