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Locked Topic  WWE Quiz
Jackal  posted on Jul 13, 2008 2:06:24 PM - Report post

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In honor of king-of-games and for the rest of the wrestling fans here on CH I give you the rebirth of the WWE Quiz! To keep with tradition not much has changed but please pay attention to the new ranks and such...I feel its better if we modernize the Quiz a bit more, all past points and achievements are gone. *Note* If king-of-games ever does come back I'll ask him and if he wishes I will shut this topic down. Rules and how everything works is the same from the first 3 quizes (copied for the lepers).


• I will ask a question, and the first person to get it right will receive 1 point, unless I state the question is worth more points.
• You may only have 1 guess per person, until I either say its right, or wrong guess again, at that point you may have another try at getting it right.
• I will update the scoreboard every time someone gains/loses a point.
• Questions will be based on the WWE wrestler past/present and event through WWE history.


• Every now and then I will ask a multi choice question, when I do this EVERYONE who gets the answer correct, will get whatever points I state the question is worth.
• IMPORTANT: If I’m asking a question that allows everyone who gets it right to receive a point(s) if you make any comment in your answer that may give away the answer to other players in anyway, YOU WILL LOSE A POINT.


• Depending on how well you do in the quiz you may achieve certain fame and prestige in form of Championships, including Achievements.

• You may only hold 1 Title at a time.

Please note the changes and Titles will alternate upon show change, example- Right now the World Heavyweight Title is on RAW, seeing as RAW is seen as the top brand in the company the World Championship will be the top prize.

- World Heavyweight Champion = This is the person with the highest score, having this championship basically makes you the top dog in the world of WWE Quiz, the best of the best.

- WWE Champion = You're still a Champion but not the top dog, this is the person with the 2nd highest score. This puts you quite high up in the food chain, 2nd highest to be exact.

- ECW Champion = Among the best but still not quite there yet, placing you with the bronze in the WWE Quiz as 3rd highest ranked.

- WWE Intercontinental Champion = The newest rising star in the WWE Quiz, someone to be reckoned with but still not among the best of the Quiz. I will deem who is most worthy of the Title, namely new guys on the rise or someone climbing the ranks at a quick rate.

- WWE United States Champion = The last person to move up the scoreboard and surpass someone else's score. Having this title give you the right to say you might be an unknown but your a definite upincomer. (Must have over 5 points)

- WWE Quiz Hall Of Fame! = Anyone who gets over 100 points. Possibly one of the most prestige titles in WWE QUIZ, maybe even the wrestling world. Only true legends make it to the top. (None currently in the Hall of Fame)

- Power 25 = Last but certainly not least is the Power 25, I will deem who is to be among the best of the quiz. Namely those who are at the top of the WWE Quiz and answer correctly with a low incorrect answer count, in accordance with the actual Power 25 ranks will be updated weekly. When/or if we get enough people the Power 25 will come into effect.


- Posting a comment that may give away the answer to another player. You will receive one warning if new or do not know.

[Edited by Jackal, 8/16/2008 7:45:10 PM]

Jackal  posted on Jul 13, 2008 2:14:40 PM - Report post

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Hall of Fame is currently empty... (Anyone who gets over 100 points)

World Heavyweight Champion: latios_power
WWE Champion: Al_pucino
ECW Champion: malyg
WWE Intercontinental Champion: BRUTALEO
WWE United States Champion: Readie


latios_power [57]
Al_pucino [49]
malyg [25]
Readie [25]
Mr_Cheathappens [18]
ATAL [18]
The_Golden_2 [11]
DarthWright [9]
nedra12 [6]
RaysoRb [4]
x_skatebizzy_x [3]
Elite [2]
Bboy4Life [2]
White-Angel [2]
ArchDuke [2]
Ryan- [1]
C2GShadman133 [1]

[Edited by Jackal, 3/3/2009 12:41:47 AM]

Jackal  posted on Jul 13, 2008 2:23:10 PM - Report post

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World Heavyweight Champion:
Mr_Cheathappens Page 7
Al_pucino Page 35
latios_power Page 40

WWE Champion:
Al_pucino Page 23
latios_power Page 39
Al_pucino Page 47

ECW Champion:
malyg Page 24

WWE Intercontinental Champion:
Readie Page 27

WWE United States Champion:
DarthWright Page 29
ATAL Page 31
latios_power Page 36
ATAL Page 47
Readie Page 69
nedra12 Page 75
Readie Page 78

Power 25:
Currently empty...

Notable Champions:
Mr_Cheathappens - 28 Page reign as World Heavyweight Champion, equivalent to 3 and a half months.
Readie - 27 Page reign as Intercontinental Champion, equivalent to nearly 3 and a half months.

[Edited by Jackal, 2/19/2009 4:00:51 PM]

Jackal  posted on Jul 13, 2008 2:30:53 PM - Report post

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Mark this day, the first question in the brand new WWE Quiz! Make sure you read everything above first...

WWE Quiz is officially opened!

- Name the date and venue where Stone Cold Steve Austin had his last match?

Al-pucino  posted on Jul 13, 2008 8:19:38 PM - Report post

Current rank: 3.5 Stars. Next Rank at 8000 Posts.
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I think it's Wrestlemania XIX, March 30th 2003.

Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington.

Jackal  posted on Jul 13, 2008 10:37:29 PM - Report post

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originally posted by Al-pucino

I think it's Wrestlemania XIX, March 30th 2003.

Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington.

In keeping with tradition...


Everyone Question:

- What WWE wrestlers have had their own talk shows?

RaysoRb  posted on Jul 14, 2008 12:20:38 AM - Report post

Current rank: 3 Stars. Next Rank at 4000 Posts.
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Chris Jericho-Highlight Reel
assassincreed  posted on Jul 14, 2008 12:48:41 AM - Report post

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Chris Jericho
Piper's Pit
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