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Dracula: Origin
majidazizzade  posted on Jun 21, 2008 9:40:10 AM - Report post

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Dracula: Origin

by Frogwares

Walkthrough by MaGtRo May 2008

Gameplay: Dracula Origin is a point and click game. The main menu has: New, Save, Controls, Credits, Resume, Load, Options and Exit Game.

The Controls menu has configuration options for keyboard keys. The Options menu has Video, Graphics, Sound and Games Setup selections. The Video setup has resolution, color depth, vertical sync, antialiasing, anisotropic filtering and gamma options. The Graphics setup has graphics detail, texture quality, normal mapping quality and shadows options. The Sound setup has master, voice, music, effects and ambient volume options. The Game setup has subtitles and mouse sensitivity options.

ESC key accesses the main menu during gameplay. The space bar shows all the hotspots in the game screen. Double click on an exit changes the screen faster to the next scene.

During gameplay, right click of mouse accesses the journal and inventory. The items has inventory collected during the game. Dialogues have the discussion done during the game. Documents are paper collected and Reports have notes of evidences or important information gathered during gameplay.

Professor Van Helsing's home:

Professor Van Helsing is in his office. He talks about the weapons used against vampires. Aside for sunlight; folklore, legends and books have mentioned that garlic, their reflection in mirrors, running water and silver bullets can be used to stop vampires. His weapons that are decisive are crucifix, holy water and wooden stake.

Maria, the lodger knocks on the door and inquires about Prof. Helsing. She inserts a letter and newspaper under the door.

The letter is from Jonathan Harker. It is a sad letter to be read only if 'a grievous destiny, worse even than death has put an end to my existence'. Under the guise of a librarian, he penetrated Castle Dracula. During the interview, he showed Dracula a picture of his betrothed, Mina. Count Dracula has shown interest at Mina and has been absent for three days while he writes the letter.

Right click the game screen and access the documents to read the letter and the newspaper.

The News Times Thursday, September 8, 1898 reports the death of Gerrit Melford and his wife. He was alleged to have killed her after a visit of a man dressed in black during his absence. A black bird was seen flying out of the home in New Kent Road towards the direction of the National Gallery. A cry, struggle and a shot were heard. Mrs. Melford has a wound on her neck. The newspaper refers to another incident similar to this reported in Tuesday edition.


Mina's apartment: Automatically be at Mina's apartment.

Talk to Mina and find out that her servant's sister died. Today's newspaper has the report of the murder of the servant's sister.

Take The Courier, Thursday, September 8, 1898 from the chair. Read about the chambermaid's corpse found at the banks of the Thames by Southwark Bridge. There was an incision on her neck. Few trollops were seen going towards the Tate Art Gallery.

Take the Daily Big Mirror, Thursday, September 8, 1898 from the table on the left. Read about Sarah MacAllistair's corpse found at the intersection of Tottenham Court and Euston Road. There are 2 wounds on her neck. A stranger was seen jumping to the roof towards St. George's Cathedral.

Find the newspaper referred by today's News Times:

Take the pile of newspaper at other end of the table.

Today is Thursday, September 8 and the referred newspaper was on Tuesday.

Select-click on the News Times newspaper with the date September 6 (6\09\1898).

Read the News Times, Tuesday, September 6, 1898. It mentions the lucky escape of Ethel Basingstroke when she was assaulted at the exit of St. George's Church by a man dressed in black. Touching her cross saved her. The assailant changed into a winged demon that flew towards the direction of Victoria Station.

Pickup and look at Jonathan Harker's framed picture on the table.

Go to bottom screen. Open the curtain to see Harker's map of London.

Find the direction where the aggressor fled:

Based on the newspaper records of where the assaults took place and the witnesses' statement of the direction where the aggressor went, draw lines to see where the aggressor fled.

Check the newspaper items in the documents.

Click to pick up the red pencil at bottom of screen. If you need to check the documents, click on the items frame at bottom left. Click the dragon arrow to exit the map.

Based on News Times Thursday, September 8, 1898 concerning the Melford assault; click-hold the pencil on the circle at the Station close to New Kent Road and move to click-release on the circle of the National Gallery.

Based on The Courier, Thursday, September 8, 1898 concerning the Jenny's sister's assault; click-hold the pencil on the circle at Southwark Bridge and move it to click-release on the circle of the Tate Art Gallery.

Based on Daily Big Mirror, Thursday, September 8, 1898 concerning Sarah MacAllister's assault; click-hold the pencil on the circle at Tottenham Court and Euston Road and move it to click-release on the circle of the St. George's Cathedral.

Based on News Times, Tuesday, September 6, 1898 concerning Ethel Basingstroke's assault, click-hold the pencil on the circle at St. George's Church and move it to click-release on the circle of the Victoria Station.

Click on the circle where the lines intersected - Godalming Manor next to Bloomsbury Cemetery.

Mina returns to the room. Van Helsing asks Mina to hang a dozen garlic bulbs on the windows and not let anyone in.

Godalming Manor: Click on the door and Van Helsing talks to Hendrik, the 'butler' of the manor. Hendrik was told by his master to kill the flies that bothers his sleep and that he can eat them.

Bloomsbury Cemetery: Enter the cemetery left of the mano

maggie59  posted on Sep 06, 2008 9:32:38 PM - Report post

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if you want complete walkthrough, go to www.gameboomers.com


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