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Generally Unimpressed with GTA 4
Latiosmaster47  posted on May 05, 2008 9:36:26 PM - Report post

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originally posted by bully006

all the guys above me are nuts and are losers i have been playing GTA sens the very ferst one for the PS1 and i love the games no mater what so if any one out there that has been playing GTA from the start please post (but the only one i have not played is GTA londen cos i have not seen it here in the us)

I would usually make a witty comment at this point like "best arguement ever," but in this case I'm going to try a more direct approach.

Ask yourself this: If the game developers/programmers decided to make a GTA game as terrible as possible, would you still buy the game? If you would, then you're simply a fanboy, or someone who has an unnatural attraction to a certain company or franchise no matter how bad the game.


Be forewarned however, because fanboyism is frowned upon on internet forums, and you risk being made to look like a fool, or hit swiftly with the banhammer. And you don't want that either of those things to happen to you.

EvPhex  posted on May 06, 2008 9:43:00 AM - Report post

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Bully -

How insecure are you in yourself that you must resort to name throwing just because everyone doesnt agree with your love of GTA 4 - I have played and beaten every single GTA - and GTA4 is lacking in many many ways. San Andreas, and Vice City were great - this game lost all of what held GTA above the rest.

No question about it -

- people will have there opinion, get over it. And if its not in sync with yours - grow up, and have a real discussion instead of throwing around childish BS... If you dont agree - fine, but dont bother with your name calling - it just shows how small you really are to defend a game that has nothing to do with you, or your life - we are stating what we have noticed about the game... sheesh I dont now why I bother with people like you...

Everyone else - love your thoughts. I would love to talk more...

I have a whole lot to say about Assasins Creed as well...

EvPhex  posted on May 06, 2008 9:46:00 AM - Report post

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F*$%ing great coin my man -

Love your work...

SuperSkyline89  posted on May 06, 2008 10:05:30 AM - Report post

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Well, this is how I see this game:

- Graphics, no explanation needed
- Story, I didn't like the San Andreas story, I like the return to the Mafia

- Targeting System, it's awesome long range but close up it targets the wrong people and you die because of the wasted seconds
- Driving, I'm getting good at it but I do prefer the old physics

- Niko reacts too slow, ya it's more realistic but the whole reason to even play GTA is to do things you can't in real life

bully006  posted on May 06, 2008 10:38:18 AM - Report post

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ok i sent the creater of GTAIV an email about two days ago and askt why he went so Eastern European with niko he said this (the reson i went so Eastern European with niko is becose it opend alot of new doors to a new person in the game he has a ruff backgrond to figer out in the story) sadly thats all he woud say
toreador  posted on May 06, 2008 10:42:46 AM - Report post

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I'll say right from the start that even though I have GTA IV I haven't played it. I've watched my bro play it (I'd rather play the PC version no matter how insane that sounds).
The driving seems "hard".
I expected better graphics, they seemed kinda crooked while driving (on a 32" Philips LCD).
The targetting when you're against a wall is poor to say the least.
I like being able to answer the phone while in the car+phone ID (wish we had that in San Andreas, could have avoided the annoying phone calls from Catalina).

Again let me remind you I only commented on what I saw which is not a lot.
I'm wondering though why would they limit the character in this game? No plane or house? Although San Andreas is my least favourite so far you had so much freedom as to what you could do.

insomniac  posted on May 06, 2008 10:47:48 AM - Report post

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They say they limited the airplane because of the size of the map. Although I think thats not the only reason, it is based on NYC after all.
SuperSkyline89  posted on May 06, 2008 11:10:22 AM - Report post

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Planes in New York with total control to the player? Yup, sounds like grounds for a lawsuit if I've ever seen it. The media would be all over Rockstar and Take-Two.

I really don't see why this is such a big deal. Someone want to explain what you would do with a plane and nowhere to land it besides the airport?

And what's the big deal about Niko being European? How is that such a bad thing? He fits into the whole Russian, Irish, Italian mob thing.

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