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Achievement Help
SuperSkyline89  posted on May 02, 2008 4:20:00 PM - Report post

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IGN just put up 3 videos on 3 of the achievements in GTA IV. They're on the following achievements:

- One Man Army - Survive 5 minutes at 6 stars(incredibly stupidly easy)
- Wheelie Rider - Wheelie 500 ft
- Walk Free - Lose 4 stars on foot(actually really easy)


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SuperSkyline89  posted on May 07, 2008 11:17:54 AM - Report post

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Found some more tips to get some achievements

One Hundred And Eighty - In a darts game score 180 with 3 darts - 10 points
Throw 3 darts in the Triple 20 in a row.

King of QUB3D - Beat the High Score in QUB3D - 15 points
High Score is about 1100. Took me about 15mins of straight play. Learn how the game works and it will be easy.

Chain Reaction - You must blow up 10 vehicles in 10 seconds - 20 points
Time Square and a Rocket Launcher will do.

It'll Cost Ya - Complete a taxi ride without skipping from one island to another - 5 points
First time you can do this is when you unlock the northern island (with the Strip Club). Make a waypoint to Dukes from that island, Hail a cab, have him take you to that waypoint, sit back and relax.

Warm Coffee - Successfully date a girl to be invited into her house - 5 points
2 successful dates with Michelle will do it. Take her bowling, then pool on the 2nd date.

Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie - Kill a Rockstar developer in a ranked multiplayer match - 10 points
Either kill a Rockstar developer or someone with the Acheivement

SuperSkyline89  posted on May 08, 2008 12:00:39 PM - Report post

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More achievement tips:

Liberty City Minute(30)
Complete the story missions in less than 30 hours. Take a taxi as often as possible to cut down on travel time. Save most of the side-quests until after the story is done. Canceling dates with friends will also save some time.

Warm Coffee(5)
Successfully date a girl to be invited into her house. Very easily done with Michelle, she'll allow you to come into her apartment on the second date.

Gobble Gobble(10)
Score 3 strikes in a row in 10-pin bowling. An easy way to do this is choose the first lane, then on your turn take two full paces left, then throw straight ahead quite slowly. The speed should be right around 20 or so. The angle of your shot is very important, it needs to be dead straight with no curve.

One Hundred and Eighty(10)
Score 180 with 3 darts in a darts game. You have to hit the triple 20 spot 3 times in a row. Its not very hard. Just be patient and use the steady aim. Just keep trying until you get it.

Chain Reaction(20)
Blow up 10 vehicles in 10 seconds. Easily done by parking a bunch of cars at a gas station and using a grenade or rpg.

Finish Him(15)
Complete 10 melee counters in 4 minutes. Get in fights with pedestrians, then when the take a punch hit A (Xbox) or X (PS3) to dodge, then punch back to perform a counter. If you die the timer or counter total will not restart, so do this near a hospital with lots of pedestrians.

Rolled Over(30)
Do 5 car rolls in a row from one crash. Fairly easy to do. Use a mini-van or other vehicle that is prone to rolling and hit any ramp type object with only half the car. You should end up rolling several times in the air. Stunt jumps are good targets.

It'll Cost Ya(5)
Complete a taxi ride without skipping from one island to another. Pick up a taxi at one side of a bridge and set a waypoint at the other side. Fairly short ride to sit through.

Fly on all helicopter tours of Liberty City. The tours are found in the south of the second island. There are 6 tours to take. Just keep taking tours until it unlocks.

Under the Radar(40)
Use a helicopter to fly beneath the main bridges in the game that cross water. There are 14 of these. Look at your world map for trophy markers after you fly under one of the bridges.

Fly The Co-op(15)
Beat Rockstar's time in ranked versions of "Deal Breaker", "Hangman's NOOSE" and "Bomb da Base II". The times to beat are: Deal Breaker - 7:04, Hangman's NOOSE - 2:32, Bomb da Base II - 5:56

DarthParametric  posted on May 10, 2008 12:36:35 AM - Report post

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Concerning the Gobble Gobble achievement (3 consecutive strikes in bowling), I found that a ball speed of around 17mph was the sweet spot for getting consistent strikes. The scoreboard shows you the speed of the last ball bowled.

I also found a relatively harmless way of getting the One Man Army achievement if you have passed the point where all the islands are unlocked (it's rediculously easy to get early in the game by driving into the Bohan/Algonquin train tunnel while Algonquin is still locked). Make sure you have plenty of grenades and RPGs. Steal a helicopter and land on one of the buildings near the middle of the Algonquin equivalent of Times Square. You want a building that is low enough so you can see traffic and ped spawns (not just lights), but that is inaccessible other than by helicopter. Now just start blowing up cars with grenades (save the RPGs for choppers) and shooting peds and police to build your wanted level. You should be able to approach the edge of the building and quickly kill a cop or two or chuck a grenade and then get back out of their line of sight. Do it right and you will rarely get hit. Once you hit 4 stars the choppers start spawning, so keep an eye out for them. They find it difficult to navigate in low amongst the buildings, so mostly they won't be able to shoot at you (and sometimes will hit buildings and crash). Take them down with RPGs when you get a clean shot. It will likely take a fair while to get to 6 stars but once you do it's simply a matter of sitting back away from the edge and waiting the 5 minutes. Helicopters are the only thing that should be able to hit you, so keep an eye on them, but mostly they will just hover above you out of both your and their line of fire. After the 5 minutes has passed and you got the achievement jump in your chopper and fly off (or jump off the building and die if your chopper was destroyed/unreachable).

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xXSwatXx  posted on May 10, 2008 8:59:35 PM - Report post

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Tyvm, great post
DarthParametric  posted on May 13, 2008 2:00:21 AM - Report post

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I was having trouble with the Chain Reaction achievement (explode 10 vehicles in 10 seconds). I was browsing the various videos of it on YouTube when I came across a suggestion that someone posted in the comments for one. I tried it and it worked first time. Here's what you do. From your safe house in Alderney, go north to the motorcycle dealership that is a static spawn of eight NRG 900s (here's a map - Link). Smash one of the windows to enter (just punch it). Steal a bike and drive it back to your safe house, parking it in the "garage" out front. As long as you don't turn off your 360 or exit out of the game back to the dashboard, you can store more than 2 vehicles at a time in your garages. Keep going back and forth until you have at least 10 bikes in your Alderney garage. Make sure they are lined up right next to each other, then hit them with an RPG. It probably helps if you can get up on top of an SUV or something else biggish so you can angle the shot downward, but I managed to get the achievement first try with one shot from the ground. If you have trouble with it, try boxing the bikes in by surrounding them with cars to prevent them scattering in the initial explosion.
aimnfire  posted on May 30, 2008 8:05:36 PM - Report post

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u only do achivements on xbox 360 right. I think that sucks cuz the whole time i played on ps3 i havnt dont any achivements
DarthParametric  posted on May 30, 2008 11:28:51 PM - Report post

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Yes, the achievements are only in the 360 version. It's part of Live - all 360 games have achievements.
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