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Why cant we have a game...
Massiveattack  posted on Mar 03, 2008 5:33:48 PM - Report post

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...Where the germans win ?

I mean, we have been through preety much every other damn reincarnation of WW2, this one included, but in every one Germany either gets owned or joins the allies (those games usually end up sucking). So I ask, why cant we just have a game that goes "Screw Political correctness !" Im sure everyone has had at least one momment where we all wished we were piloting that tiger tank, or Was that one SS soldier that just blew up your squad with a well placed grenade. Its not that i like Nazis, but hell I would love to just once be able to play the ultimate "bad-guys" and see them win for once. The games that we have now are basicly straightforward good-guy kill bad-guy scenarios. I for one am bored out of my mind of these games. Weve played medal of honour to god damn death, I have stepped on that damn beach more times than id care to remember, I stormed every blasted hill, killed every virtual german soldier at least twice and was there at preety much every major allied victory in that campaing. Im done, ive had enough of that one point of view, I think its time for game devs to step up and actually have some fun making a WW2 game instead of retelling the same story, Give the veterans a break im sure theyre tired of telling every game dev with his thumb up his ass how his videogame should look like.

Soory for that rant, and yess i know i made a huge number of spelling errors, but im too lazy to care ATM, flame if you want chances are i wont check this thread, just wanted to let my opinion be known about games like Turning point and all WW2 games in general so far that i have played.

(Note: There is one acception, the PC RTS game known as "Axis and Allies" had a alt-history campaing where germany and the other axis nations ultimately won, so i guess there is at least one game that has stepped out of the box)

Helshad  posted on Mar 04, 2008 4:20:18 AM - Report post

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I totaly agree... I am booooooored with the general setup of ww2 games... Let us kill some reds,yanks and britts for once...

I would love to run around like crazy with a tiger tank or have some fun with the MP40

In MP games I usually can... Loved United offensive for that.. especially some of the custom maps where you could use differnt type of tanks...

But in SP... noooooo

bryanskrantz  posted on Mar 04, 2008 8:34:18 AM - Report post

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because that would offend a ****load of people and would get sued. I don't think companies want to get sued just because they had the germans win.
Massiveattack  posted on Mar 06, 2008 4:12:51 PM - Report post

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Why the hell would people sue a company for making an alt-history WW2 game where different events happen. Also, i never said anything at all about the game including the horrible **** the nazis did in that war, If the dev who would be making that game have that nasty crap present then theyre just asking for it. The game would obviously change plenty of things that actually happened in WW2 so as not to offend anyone.

I personaly, would NOT like to play a 'shoot up the jews' WW2 game. I think a few million would agree with me, and im preety god damn sure the game devs would too.

Drakonis  posted on Mar 07, 2008 7:56:14 PM - Report post

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Panzer General II you could win as the Germans and even invade the U.S. for two of the missions. Its an older game made in the 90's, excellent game.

And no one would be able to sue a company for making a game where the germans won

Massiveattack  posted on Mar 10, 2008 7:18:50 PM - Report post

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Found another neat alt-history game- Rush for berlin, a good RTS that doesnt get nearly as much attention as it deserves.

[Edited by Massiveattack, 4/16/2008 4:18:58 PM]

Lord Vader  posted on Apr 21, 2008 9:05:52 PM - Report post

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hey massiveattack,
u're right man. i am so sick of the usual fare on WW2. it sucks. game developers should make it interesting and challenging if they want the WW2 franchise to survive. have us play as russians or germans besides having us play as allied troops. they should give us gamers more credit. we're not dingbats. we're not nazi lovers. we're just hardcore gamers. we like to be challenged. we love games. Hoo Haa!!
Massiveattack  posted on May 06, 2008 8:47:41 PM - Report post

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Russians aren't so bad, they usually get alot of coverage as they were part of the allies (sort of) during world war 2, and thus are "good-guys".

I think many gamers would agree with you, me, and (most) of the other poster's in this thread. The typical world war two game has simply lost interest. We've seen it all before, in almost every genre (I still haven't seen any world war 2 rpg's yet, well besides commando's anyway). So, the solution is to change things in one of two ways. 1: change history or 2: use different perspectives. I think there is alot that can be done with number 2. Has anyone ever wanted to play as the Italians in a WW2 game ? I sure have, Or why not the japanese ? Or the fins in the winter war with the soviet union ? Theres alot of things that have simply not been covered yet that would make for great games, yet still many devs continue to beat a dead horse by releasing more "normandy shooters" as i like to call them.

I think this all has to do with the dumbing-down of games in general, either to meet a wider audience or just to not **** anyone off, which is just silly.

These are simply my thoughts though, I could be(and probably am) wrong.

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