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Forza Motorsport vs. Gran Turismo
Chingy42007  posted on Feb 15, 2008 5:40:24 AM - Report post

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This board is dead. Seriously, where has everyone gone? Oh well, how bout kick-starting it back to life by having a debate? Which is better, Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport 2?


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I would say that it's a dead heat. There's nothing between the two game. Here's why.

Forza's gameplay feels far more involving, and has a much more technical confrontation to the player. Whilst others may argue this is a bad thing, this is completely overriden by the fact that this is a technical simulation game, made for racing purists. If you don't like the data, don't buy the game. Simple. The downfall is that Forza seems to be limited to just the very high-end cars, and very few real-world cars.

Gran Turismo's gameplay is on the monotonous side. There's no real sensation of speed, except on narrow tracks, and the game feels the same no matter which car, or which track you are on. And this is why if I had the choice, I'd pick Forza over GT. What brings GT back into the game (paradox FTW) is its absolutely sensational graphics, and the amazing quantity and variety of cars to choose from, from little, cheap, tosser's cars all the way to the most serious supercars.

Because of the above, I see no reason as to why you would pick one over another. It probably goes down all the way to consoles, and in that case a logical being would choose the 360, and Forza. But that's just me, what about you?

SuperSkyline89  posted on Feb 15, 2008 6:15:03 AM - Report post

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Well, with around 300 cars, Forza has no shortage of them. But I don't think it's limited to the high end cars, you don't have to race them until you unlock their events. You start of with normal cars and can get through a good chunk of the game with them. The only negative I've ever heard about Gran Turismo is the lack of a damage model. Some people say that's a good thing but these are racing simulations and not being able to damage your car makes it very unrealistic. The only reason I ever played the original Forza is because I had an X-Box. Forza 2 came with my 360 but I would probably have bought it anyway. I would like to know why you think any logical being would choose the 360 over the PS3 though. Halo 3 was the deciding factor in my decision to buy the 360. All the other games I like are available on both consoles so that has no weight as far as I'm concerned but the PS3 has Blu Ray which I'm told means games have much better graphics and can be much longer. So I don't really see why the 360 is the "logical" choice.
Chingy42007  posted on Feb 16, 2008 2:51:12 AM - Report post

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The 360 is the logical choice because of the following:

The high-end model, the 120GB Elite, is cheaper than the PS3's base model, the 20GB.
The PS3 can break down because of dust, whereas the 360 breaks down after 2-3 years (if that)
XBL is way more developed and advanced over the PSN (PlayStation Network)
There is a far more developed game library for the 360 over the PS3, with more exclusive titles.
More storage for the 360. 120GB > 60GB.

Oh, and while Blu-Ray does indeed give developers more freedom and length to games, as far as I'm concerned that doesn't make the games look any more spectacular nor better. The only exception may be Gran Turismo 5, but that's a long way off still.

So there, matter resolved. And this is all about GT and Forza, so this really isn't the place to discuss the consoles as such in detail.

RebelCommander  posted on Feb 16, 2008 9:39:37 PM - Report post

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I tried Gran Turismo 4 at my friend's house & I can't help but notice. Why does GT4 try so hard to cramp all the cars from the 1940's all the way to future prototypes?? Yes yes, we appreciate large amounts of car variety but don't u think it's gone a bit too far?? While the Forza series lacks in car variety to a certain extent, it makes up for car damage, better physics, more specified tuning options & easier goals. Plus, you couldn't buy certain cars in GT4, for reasons I don't see why not. When I mentioned goals, I'm talking about certain endurance races in GT4 being compared to Forza, for example, one of the most longest & boring races I've raced in GT4 was called 1000 miles which required u to race the German Nurburing in a 1970's car for 50 freakin laps, u know how long 1 lap in the Nurburing takes right?? When I was down to only 28 laps, I couldn't take it anymore. Back to Forza, endurance races only measure up to around 38 laps MAX(correct me if i'm wrong), plus u can use any car in that class which they allowed, 70's or not...

So generally, I would have to say that the Forza Motorsport series really brings out the best of these real-life vehicles.

Chingy42007  posted on Feb 18, 2008 8:56:13 AM - Report post

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Agreed. The gameplay in Gran Turismo is generally very monotonous. An impressive car + track list all goes for nothing if you get very bored, very easily.

Forza is a game for true gearheads. It provides the ultimate virtual simulation challenge, with the option to fiddle around with even the most finest of settings. It's good fun to play around with, and it's one of those games that will have you at it for hours on end. It's an easy game to play, but difficult to master.

Even my friend, who is the absolute opposite of gearhead, loves Forza. He says it's engaging, fun to play and really challenging. Emphasis on "really", but then again he's not the best gamer in the world.

Gran Turismo's only real hope is to liven up the gameplay in GT5. I've seen some trailers, and it looks just like GT4.

Dan_Sixx  posted on Feb 27, 2008 4:21:45 AM - Report post

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I think that Forza did need the whole, "near future concepts". I loves that aspect of GT
Lardner  posted on Feb 27, 2008 12:53:36 PM - Report post

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I have both titles, and while I wish that GT had damage I will still buy it due to the fact that are so many more cars, and the graphics are killer from what I I've seen on GT5 prolog.

I also like the fact that you don't get penalties for having one wheel go off the track. You also don't have fight for half a back stretch to get the damn car back on the road while being forced to loose 40-50 mph with the gas mashed.

I'm not saying that I like the fact that you can just blast through certain corners in GT, but they cured that somewhat in GT4. I also love how everyone bags GT for not having damage, but almost every race I've been in has the damage at cosmetic or limited, which means deep down that most people don't want their cars messed up anyway.

The one big plus for GT will be the interior driving from the dashboard, will add a touch of realism not in F2.

As far as tuning goes, I certain that GT's tuning system is on par if not better than F2's. You can pick different compound for the front and rear tires, you could actually turn the amount of the stability and traction control (for those who use it). Those three things can make a big difference in the tuning of a car, and something you just can't do in F2.

Either way there will always be pluses and minuses in a "simulator" and I think they are both fine examples of bring able to drive you dream car as much as you want for $50-$60.

Dan_Sixx  posted on Feb 29, 2008 4:46:55 AM - Report post

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you can pick you tire compound if Forza 2.
the tuning in Forza 2 is surpassed by GT4/5.
The modifications in Forza 2 are far more superior then those in GT4

thats my oppinion

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