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The NFS: ProStreet Quiz!
LordVenator  posted on Jan 26, 2008 8:49:17 AM - Report post

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Zonda is a car for Speed Races.

Zonda is Italian car-formula with great handling, speed and when on road it has good downforce,it has fast acceleration. I think that it's best for Speed races cause it's a car-formula,half car half formula, and formulas are good on races where's much speed.

that's my answer.

Chingy42007  posted on Jan 27, 2008 4:20:52 AM - Report post

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I'll give LoopDaLoop that. 5 points, man.

17) - State the purpose of the windtunnel. (5)
LordVenator  posted on Jan 27, 2008 5:17:10 AM - Report post

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The windtunnel is there for an important purpose.
When tunning a car the wind tunnel shows you in which way will wind flow: around car,over car...so actually it makes it easier to tune a car. Also helps you in building good downforce which is important in speed races...without wind tunnel you could tune the car in wrong way and then car might act strange while on race cause the wind flows with wrong way or angle.

that's my answer.

Chingy42007  posted on Jan 27, 2008 8:19:07 AM - Report post

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That's more or less correct, good one!

18) - Define the following terms:

- Downforce (3)
- Lateral Grip (3)
- Drift (I will be VERY harsh on this) (5)

The_CheatMaster  posted on Jan 27, 2008 8:54:10 AM - Report post

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The term downforce describes the downward pressure created by the aerodynamic characteristics of a car that allows it to travel faster through a corner by holding the car to the track or road surface.

Lateral Grip:When turning the wheel, the side force grows up to a certain level and remains then constant or slightly drops with bigger steer angles. This can also be tested with ordinary cars driving on a circle track. The faster a car can drive in a certain circle the bigger the side force of the tyres. In the limit speed the tyres can no longer produce the necessary side force and the car moves to the tangential direction.

Basically, drifting is getting your car sideways down a road. It doesn't sound very hard does it? Sounds a lot like power sliding huh? Well it isn't. It's much more complex. Instead of a drifter causing a drift and then countering to straighten out, he will instead over-counter so his car goes into another drift. That is the reason many drifters do it in the mountains, because there are many sharp turns strung together. So in essence a good drifter has the ability to take five or six opposing turns without having traction at any point in time.

There are two ways to start a drift.
The first is the clutching technique. When approaching a turn the driver will push in the clutch and shift his car into second gear. Then rev the engine up to around 4000-5000 rpm (it all depends all the model of the car being used) and then slightly turn away from the turn and then cut back towards it hard while at the same time popping the clutch and causing the rear wheels to spin. At this point the drifter has a loss of traction and is beginning to slide around the curve. Now comes the hard part. You have to hold the drift until the next turn. To do this you must keep your foot on the accelerator while at the same time adjusting your car with the steering wheel so you don't spin out.

It's not as easy as it sounds.
Then as the drifter reaches the end of the turn and approaches the next turn which is in the opposite direction he must cut the wheel in that direction and in some cases, if the previous drift was to slow and they start to regain traction, they must pop the clutch again to get the wheels spinning. And that is how you drift a rear wheel drive car.The second technique is used by a few drifters in rear wheel drives, but is the only way you can really drift a front wheel drive.
You have to use the side brake. A front wheel drive can not whip it's tail out because the tires are being driven in the front as opposed to the rear. So when approaching a turn you pull the side brake to cause traction loss. And the rest is pretty much the same except that it's much harder to take more than one turn with a front wheel driver.

Chingy42007  posted on Jan 27, 2008 9:05:08 AM - Report post

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Your explanations for Lateral Grip and Downforce are correct. What you said for drift isn't incorrect, nor was it what I was looking for. I'll give ya 3 for that.

Someone can still attempt to get drift right... so get cracking!

LordVenator  posted on Jan 27, 2008 9:59:27 AM - Report post

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Ok let's see.

Drift is race type in which driver must earn as much points as possible. to get more and more points driver must in curve with right speed and angle. Speed will give driver more time in curve and if he hits right angle he'll make large point numbers.
Also important is not to crash car cause you'll lose your points and you'll also lose style points.Driver must watch out cause he can enter curve with too SLOW or too HIGH speed and if he hits wrong angle he's done for that race. Also driver must try to connect drifts one after another to get more points.

That's my answer.

Chingy42007  posted on Jan 28, 2008 5:14:58 AM - Report post

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Lmao, you don't need to state "that is my answer" after every post, Loopy. What else do you think that was?

And for drift, you're all wrong. CM was the closest, though.


A drift requires three things: inertia (momentum), relative speed, and a knowledge of how to shift and maneuver the car's body weight, a.k.a. load-shifting. The three aspects are the three pillars of a true drift - if one does not exist, a drift cannot exist.

When a car is moving, it has a force called momentum. This is the force you feel when you brake, when you are thrown forward, but restrained by your seatbelt. Usually, the higher the speed, the greater the momentum. A drifter must know how to utilise this momentum effectively through a technique called "load-shifting". This is when you shift the weight from the center of gravity on the car to a certain place on the car, i.e. the side of the car, or the front, near the engine. For example, when you brake, all the weight is suddenly shifted towards the front. That's why you are thrown forwards under braking. Similarly, when going round a sharp left bend, all the weight is thrown to the right-hand-side of the car, thus pulling you to the right. Drifting is all about using the weight of the car to get you through the corner, using your steering only to direct the drift, and your accelerator only to maintain the momentum gathered. This is done by sharply turning the steering wheel into the direction of the corner, so that the momentum is transferred to the side of the car, instead of the middle. You maintain the inertia by flooring it through the turn, and fine-tuning your drift angle using the steering wheel, so you line up parallel to the exit at the end of the drift. This allows you to gain speed on the exit, as
turning is minimal, thus leaving the corner effectively as fast, if not faster, than you entered it.


19) - Suggest a tuning scheme for a grip car. Include the car, upgrade packages and any specialist tuning if necessary. (10)

And come on! Where the hell is everyone? Only two main frontrunners, we need more!

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