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    Joeyv34 posted on Dec 27, 2007 2:51:15 PM - Report post
    Nvm i found the hyrulian shield at malo's shop.By the way do anyone know where to get the crossbow I want to know and i really need one plz help!
    I am a saiyan elite don't try to fight me
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    psychomeowmix posted on Aug 03, 2008 3:00:29 PM - Report post
    alright its really simpsle, just head down the path where it says death mountain (make sure u have the iron boots, and if u dont, go back to ordon and talk with the mayor.) then go back to death mountain and throw those gorons like u would wit those goats. then there will be a cutscene wit a goron on top of another and exploding up. to do that, shield attack and slash wit the sword a goron. then keep going forward till you go where those 2 gorons from the cutscene where, and youll be stuck in a sumo match then u go really through the whole thing like this, From the start, run down the path and move to the left side of the room by hopping across the rocks on the right side. Keep going until you come across the planks blocking the way. Slash them down to continue and find a step switch to the left. Put on the Iron Boots to depress the switch, which temporarily turns off the fire jet ahead. Another one is beyond that, with another step switch, so just repeat the process and keep going.
    Once you pass the second fire jet you'll spot a ladder, but rather climbing that one, turn around and walk backwards to find another ladder. Climb that one and cross over the metal gratings to find an enemy-guarded chest containing a red rupee (20). After that, jump back to the previous platform, then across the room via the stone pillars.

    On the other side, make a right and step on the switch at the end, which will turn off the fire jet further behind. Run over there past the jet and wind around down the path until you reach the door to the next room. A large metal plate is adjacent to the door -- step on it with the Boots to open the gate in front.

    The next room is full of magnetic cranes (we will call this the Goron Mines "main" room). Run forward and down the left-hand path to find a chest with a small key. Run back and down the right-hand path. Hop along the moving platforms and use the key on the door at the end, then into the next room.

    Run down and across the walkway to find crates and barrels. Walk north to encounter a fire-breathing crocodile creature. To defeat it, you must get behind it and attack its tail. Beat it, then make your way to the other side of the room by jumping across the stone pillars carefully (watch the patterns of the lava geysers). More crocodiles will be ahead. Defeating them is critical, as you'll soon have to hurry back here, and getting knocked down by attacks won't help.

    You should see a large metal hook attached to the side of the doorway. Pick it up and pull it out all the way. Now run to your right and across the stone pillars, back to where the crocodiles were. Make a U-turn and head into the doorway where you pulled the wall out of the way. Roll in before it closes and run up to the door.
    In the next room, jump in the water and put on the Iron Boots. Step on the switch, which activates the magnetic panel. Walk up the curved surface until you reach the next door, which leads inside to the quarters of the elder Goron, Gor Amoto
    He gives you one of the Key Shards from the Big Key. Exit via the ladder behind him. Find Ooccoo upstairs in one of the pots, then exit through the door.Walk to the right in the next room and use the Iron Boots to walk up the magnetic wall. Move over to the circular door.
    The next room has a step switch. Walk along the ceiling with the Boots and follow the path on the map to get out safely. There is a piece of heart in a chest in the northwest corner of this room. You'll return to the main room. Walk across the metal grating to the large step switch. This sets the magnetic crane in motion. Walk to one of the crane's stopping points and put on the Iron Boots to be affixed to the crane. Ride it to the other platform and let go of the boots to drop down. Step on the next switch. It activates the other crane, which will take you to the next platform. Clear out the enemies and enter the door to the north.Tektites will be skittering along the water in the next room. Kill them and hop into the water on the west side, then put on the Boots to sink down to the chest, which has a small key. Head back to the start of the room and the other side of the water. Push the block to get on the other side of the cage, then swim up to the surface and climb up. Hit the step switch to turn on the magnetic panel, then walk up the ceiling. Get near the next step switch and drop down, then run up and depress it. This turns on the panel on the wall that sends out a magnetic "beam."Position yourself towards the beam and then jump off. Immediately put on the Boots to be slammed up against the wall, allowing you to walk along the wall to the exit door. Hit the blue crystal by the door. It will turn yellow and open the door towards the beginning of this room. Run back and enter through that open door.Spinning, laser-shooting statues will threaten you here. Ignore them for now. Walk up the metal wall to the right of the entrance, and hang to the right more to find a chest on a platform, which holds a Piece of Heart. Walk along the wall in the other direction and get off at the platform in the middle of the room. Cut the rope that is holding the red gate at the top. The gate will now fall and clear the way to the next room.
    You'll be outside, and fire-arrow archers will attack from a distance, so don't stay put for very long. On the east side of the area, in the corner in front of the laser statue is a small key chest. Grab it and run straight across to the west end and unlock the door.Through this door is a room with platforms that flip over periodically. Time ur movements and make it over to the upper platform that has magnetic panels embedded on it. Run over the side with 3 panels, and put on the Iron Boots once you step on them. Wait for the platform to turn over and back to right-side-up, and then move to the next panel, and so on until you can hop off of it. The next door is straight ahead from there.Another Goron GorEbizowitkeyshard nafterminibossget bow
    signed, yours truly, psycho meow mix
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