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is it worth buyin the game?
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    PeTTs0n posted on Nov 15, 2007 2:22:02 PM - Report post
    I'd have to agree with most, it's a huge disappointment. It feels like they've just thrown in a very low amount of tracks and customized them a little to get the races, and the feeling is pretty darn bad. (Wobbly etc.)
    One thing that is cool though, is the damage system. It looks really neat when the cars get ripped to pieces, missed that in the earlier NFS games. (Even though Porsche 2000 and High Stakes had some damage features, they were quite undeveloped and not as tuned as now - not strange considering it's 8 years ago...)
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    DeaMoNiK posted on Nov 17, 2007 2:42:32 PM - Report post
    The game is a total sucker. I am a huge fan of NFS but this one dissapointed me deeply. I was expecting something more vivid then carbon (which by the way was below MW in many aspects) but instead I ended up with a game that has almost totally unrealistic physics and i had to use a trainer from the first few races. From where I'm standing this is the worst NFS yet, regardless of their huge car list (which ain't that big). It's a good thing I always test a game before buying it (pirate testing that is ).
    So, all in all, the game is a big fat scrueup and it is not worth buying. At least i wouldn't buy it (and will not )
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    poster55 posted on Nov 17, 2007 11:27:26 PM - Report post
    To be honest I'm enjoying the game quite a bit. If you take it out of the context of what the last 2 NFS titles have been and place it on its own, it's quite a good game. The game has a feel like MCO which wasn't a NFS title but kind of a experimental MMO they launched about mid-career with NFS. Though, granted, it doesn't have half as many tweaker options as MCO did, but it's a move in the right direction.

    I'm not sure why everyone claims the graphics are ****. From what I've seen they're actually pretty impressive. This is of course on the PC version.

    A racing wheel is a definite bonus when playing this, as the handling tends to be a bit more relistic and lacks the 'arcade' xbox gamer feel. Or the "Daytona USA" physics which is pure crap when it comes to racers.

    The realism in the handling I suppose is what has people upset. It's not easy when you set the controls to 'king' which gives no steering assists, but it does exactly what it claims and lets you feel the raw power of the car.

    It's quite a different flavor of game from hot pursuit... it's more closely related to Porsche. Not one that will please all, but there never was a game that would. I for one am happy with the direction they took with this.
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