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Locked Topic  pokemon diamond and pearl ar codes!
charizard105  posted on Nov 02, 2007 6:40:05 PM - Report post

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hey everyone welcome to ar codes for pokemon diamond and pearl
HHHrules!  posted on Nov 02, 2007 6:41:12 PM - Report post

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well r u gonna post anything?
HHHrules!  posted on Nov 02, 2007 6:50:07 PM - Report post

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ok i geuss ill be the 1st here is a code a
all yur pokemon in your box and pc turn to shiny yes u heard me correctly there SHINY!

ok and its VERY SHORT worsk 100% tested and working

12068ac5 000046co


charizard105  posted on Nov 02, 2007 6:51:18 PM - Report post

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This gives you my hard trained Kyogre that I got in Sapphire.
You will find it quite powerful. Enjoy!

94000130 FCFF0000 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 E0000304 000000EC 3625968A 8FA10000 274122B3 85F05CD7 34ABD736 1208EA51 28D2B6DF 4BE2C547 C5D2B5A8 E8AF7DB6 8F0B2181 C1455785 08AC5180 FF37AB25 C4C015FA 1B3E4ACC F97122C0 6298BC58 1B9F7AF0 B0F4D978 B24DB82B B3FC0BD0 1374CE10 624C48D0 B5EFA73F FB41AFFE D7C4FA7D 32EA307A F7553C0F 497AE1E4 8DE5895E 42F661BE DD2E6756 2B6ED53F 92CCFA9B 4292B690 719B6386 AA7AA76F 02390920 01AF341C AA4ADD13 0E2C0F46 5ED06DCC 07DBB25A 43260F4A 796DBD04 97B34288 E1DAC22C C5020EC5 50A95AD3 5BA54275 826E9222 2E55CF7C 4194FEC0 EA5EB699 0F5C1D63 D2393620 5925C0A9 7E7A2FEB 00000000 D2000000 00000000

charizard105  posted on Nov 02, 2007 6:51:40 PM - Report post

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Press L+R to activate this code and go to you trainer card. Your money will be equal to your secret ID. (handy for pokesavers)

The code:
94000130 fcff0000
B21c4d28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
Da000000 000002e2
D6000000 000002e4
D2000000 00000000

charizard105  posted on Nov 02, 2007 6:52:04 PM - Report post

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This is for Level 100 Wild Pokemon, remember to hold Select while entering the battle (occasionally requires 2 to 3 tries)ok heres the code
94000130 FFFB0000
D5000000 00000064
B21C4D28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
C0000000 0000000B
D7000000 0002461C
DC000000 00000006
D2000000 00000000
charizard105  posted on Nov 02, 2007 6:53:24 PM - Report post

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This gives you the ultimate Regigigas team, they are
Elemental. These six Pokemon replace your entire team.
The types are fire, grass, ghost/dark, water, electric,
And ice. Have a lot of fun! Remeber to mess with your
Friends. One more thing, pokesav generated.

94000130 fcff0000
B21c4d28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
E0000304 000000ec
3c65d9e5 f8490000
Ee40dcab 5d95c428
3e25fc0d 9e489a67
99d8c916 780e2258
F5e5ab9d e20fe102
44327bea 8cd7e252
676f6095 2e0c4403
B8d69dc4 85791004
Bc6bbc9d 712a06da
C498731f 0c966f0d
816c3e4d f9087603
7dff30aa bc1ec6ea
A44e766a 14775363
0581f283 0c533d0c
E52a3e09 86001cf4
542b7844 ca148dd9
B72959db c65b4712
61426bdf bd42b72d
3f7ad67c 2e71a7ee
468338c6 c3be99b4
032b41ac 90ed1796
7161d066 9811b90b
3b9abfdd b56ee65a
84850969 3541be83
2e14ee73 ffa86a83
A893075b 8fe160d6
9efb5c9b 2ab65d3d
1488ee2b 083710c1
C7884d27 64aacdf6
Ed762baf 00000000
E00003f0 000000ec
Bcaa3826 859d0000
C0525c63 8a8873a8
4b95db98 d82692a8
50b0b260 2a33e9f7
B36cbbaa ddc6bb1b
1d85e72b a9aa3139
Be1e1e31 d8b8d029
295dedb0 4c466cca
A530eefc 6913a83b
46636d8a 17ce9057
43d324fd b32f768c
E00c6222 2ac86eb0
9fa826a4 b9da2bfa
7788cb2d 94a303c8
721fb533 38d54c78
D26eaaa7 4ba01adf
52bf3ca2 4f521cd6
052244f9 ce1522f0
D1d6952a 32893015
0435983d b1730883
252a940a ae9a48d0
999fe915 ece3a3ed
E06821d8 1c97726a
A37d1a43 022685e6
1e34cd38 3426cca3
74e7743c b59c9a57
E2d4ee6b f07aaa3f
E243a2ac d4692e7a
B2ed5126 1dc78094
E29c87f2 00000000
E00004dc 000000ec
D45f35de 94620000
6c28d2a7 7cdb5ed4
6011ed13 3fcafcd1
214f555f 063a5de8
0677cd2a b18e52fd
Cb9e778d 3936c955
576c6f9f 9fc4f345
9bfd0871 72636bba
Ce963771 08a882ba
826a31bf aaba52b9
385c89f6 d2b73c1c
Ac75c14d 03016aa2
824d2c2e 11360eff
A55d107b cc345b80
4778b9da 58ab2693
E2bb49b3 aface23e
Bc5db4d6 236161cd
9d6f76a7 2f58b2d3
12b29b1e bbb94431
B30ff4fe 765240df
C7d92145 dbc635c8
Fd392a04 e51c1222
31dc51cf 997b7199
Bac3510c 666540ff
E74310ec c93dcb5c
F02d1099 0d088449
B52fe9ab 2077237d
Ec7aa7df c824e5a8
A8a4e80a b11c067f
58cef24a 00000000
E00005c8 000000ec
Cb7fde64 03310000
13bee985 d5e36268
0a0b8ef6 caf004f3
374906c2 b622e7b1
Cca11ca0 6e7a54cd
9fba2189 00318cb6
C11aad2c 22e85493
F1362c04 7c34f3ac
7f2d7cc7 4b390026
61328e23 861283ee
A6e72780 979e63d2
8b8c83f3 1eee2672
646796cc f7ff5550
F3c5dda3 5a1d13a5
D9f17532 5e779600
206e8b24 45073d7d
Bf8d8c1e 51d41e21
D000008c 5372b19a
D163aa82 df69b42c
780cd862 25de5a76
37ce03c2 475d5d18
D6a2fd17 767269e2
F9767cb7 798a642e
B3bafa1c 99977d78
7ac8adb2 e7f01454
F86ccaf1 fe758ea2
81a647ad 9df7a301
35adc4ac ced5c581
09376b78 67eaab9b
41f7d576 00000000
E00006b4 000000ec
Dc2062f2 98060000
05d048d0 cc319017
Ae21c43e 038af6af
9e072b00 e096a38e
C411804c 35b8b87b
Fa3cf25b a3d1ef2d
Aa736fda 7b9a6828
Bbdcd50f 45020bb4
4a2d2cd4 bc6a4817
6eafc88c 844b3e12
Bdd2d5d2 27ac06a7
9662a80c 09fe1554
Af257d9a 780f3903
Ac37bbcd f30cfc4e
35416b36 54bcdbdc
6f358907 8230181b
814a188e bcdf19e7
Af70911c 2f310e4e
7c297c57 162e7faa
6071dcfb c5bc6289
Ac79c49c c5c705e9
Fcd03ab0 f00f317a
E5ff81dd 790b37b5
B3d9dfa3 9f63fade
667b238e beb24054
4cb25ca8 ca8de52b
E099722e 75c4c7f7
Ca869386 89e77bea
2e26b36f 330b1921
A5e78279 00000000
E00007a0 000000ec
F064edf0 c6330000
72817b66 a2f62a23
86b93848 6ba2d99a
Bd0e6d57 443e241c
87ebaee1 ec9bbcf9
2e868ff8 94cf71b3
1661904b d45eb317
4fd4e978 48bc4a3f
342845f4 7b33b88a
913b541c 5758125c
9724c639 c6b6e8da
Dd7137f2 5683ea65
F500270c 005622c0
1563c710 48ea6327
2bedd936 04289a2f
07388513 0c91dbf9
2f3a073f 8dd03027
Abe61318 efa696dd
4dd82c82 c95facac
Bbf186a7 a1842685
18d8ceed f6db14ad
6845d140 0c54341a
F4f4e6c3 32d6a20b
C15dc6d8 4c96e45c
Fb8d5eb3 33bcf43d
Be6e7d2d e7464024
A34b67d6 a22cd904
E793ad50 40c53ebe
2addc8da 98687fd7
092c6b2b 00000000
D2000000 00000000

charizard105  posted on Nov 02, 2007 6:55:37 PM - Report post

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This code will give you a Blazeken and a Gallade in your PC. It will also give you a Rampardos, a Deoxys, an Armaldo, a Lugia, a Garchomp, and a Regigigas
94000130 fcff0000
B21c4d28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
E0000304 000000ec
56f156f3 92b90000
4c3ca0bb e880e3bf
C457b261 2b7141a4
5768db82 56c02e7d
9862180a 39221813
88822b56 75f46df9
Cc24759e f6bd9cd9
26dd65e4 bca53ea6
9ed98259 f9286625
A08e4eb7 c40be0f7
1ca16f90 5dc81c65
0747dbd5 0493ac5e
Df579e78 4509fb4b
D16f79f3 2ba81e56
Caefda48 41e6f34a
48b7a80f 6b6b3b66
A13fe7df 3cb37f04
Ec8f8032 a478fbf1
781ee7ff 6588c308
7221b12e d9aec2da
E6f7e507 0031af71
14bf8152 d551eb54
1898685e 62e4b695
Ac5a5e73 1ae22c22
C0031f7f 583bb16c
D8a6d15e 18e4bc49
6aa2565a 4533131b
A31743f5 186ceb31
549581e5 7e9b896c
Fb17d55f 00000000
E00003f0 000000ec
Febaf99e ac1d0000
349ab116 84125a56
Ece49d3d fa1719ab
13e7cda3 dcf37cbb
Eec2bc98 e35dca2b
B6aa3ff5 7a48cb11
7dc0330c c491c6a3
Bef064fa 2eda9d43
A6f22f4d d728ce68
2b7e9912 6acd2863
561f0606 87b846b0
E4f5f10a 5466b301
4192a6c5 7d56d860
5cd2576c 73953147
D1f7a614 91c43771
74ab9ffa bceaaebd
1990d666 50e24ede
90539bde 98209e7d
Ecc2dee6 5f48a394
Bba8e51a c5d743d0
5cb8b7a8 297a2f22
82c3ee03 2a409d4c
Bcb9500d 838a59a6
64339bbb 5ed7cf6c
7ae58c89 b94542d6
B5ba4cab 9d578765
163dc588 34f8c780
B63a8367 f7c0313e
A9a4206b 79759c85
1ab96abc 00000000
E00004dc 000000ec
0abb0ab9 73120000
A5f3b4ca d93ad70d
C3570573 b08e942f
825c8f74 22fa9931
8efccfc7 d7a4098a
Ddf99e40 95324dfd
1ed8177c 098d48ce
9ee78e69 73526790
9410e8d8 999d7703
Ceae0924 3b622b74
8789ac0e 2a35a626
839db12f 5535b191
419728b6 5c6eb75c
4276ec23 4470fa10
4b10a78b 88d5e4d4
2cf15393 9ef5895e
D11d8cab 35b7da08
Cfbbd2fe f29c0080
97024b68 935cc76b
3c29cea5 95702c7b
Dda86475 036a24d2
09252fd3 a7334221
B52081e1 c29de72b
23b51a9a f304facd
Fdfb6810 827ead87
Ea56f18f 9851133a
34095103 fca49533
580f5e96 63798067
8b2a729d 72db3400
8d3be1b4 00000000
E00005c8 000000ec
35a71d80 48f60000
Ad83fbe0 4054ff89
7154455e 8deecda3
50f95546 9184f88a
Bf04e6d3 45c1222a
7254e62f 4f6bc57a
6b374473 ab9beddf
6d08c0e2 6323e4f7
8900839c d1353569
4ffd9185 2717b231
E89ba884 bded4b7b
Bdc12460 f851466c
788facd7 669e52cc
8fbca22f fab0195a
F1581f64 fda838f1
1e64d7e5 784dbc02
D195c434 3c72805e
1dc81424 5b9f62a7
B6ad6513 dd6a87ea
Bd83ce99 45ca62a0
94b4383e 2610ae0f
873b91fd a8d1d3e5
F3f9ba81 93ecaa9d
A1841532 1520481f
231c7697 01ada979
9aeb352f 6c3b21ce
5c8c7381 b4fbc48e
33d1f771 780b3ee6
53c022d5 fe1ed47a
31dfe148 00000000
E00006b4 000000ec
8d197c28 0ad80000
7dea3f56 4961a4ae
2345c84a 76c4b902
F531c439 4a27ed73
1e2ef9b1 e30b450b
Af650c32 390a8f58
B55e2840 3ac860f5
A9cb2e22 89515fc7
84dc1f50 58d88b52
632a7460 f11232d3
6284425a da205b0d
Dfba89a6 0a752d4e
4596ba76 5566bc2d
47c4a814 f70cfd3d
Fabaf310 079b8308
Afda3ea1 e2895e96
Ae825c9b 4108d56c
Fef2069e 4e376c4f
77f626b6 520da313
Ba19380a 8fe6749c
Fc7cab20 aa4b9543
E1382e35 25ad30fe
6534e73c b2d4904c
Ba34b277 6e9396e2
A310d24d 3be45fe2
147048a6 9c50694c
1dd67179 aa9402b4
5ee1b2a2 1b81f335
8cd054f8 69238aa5
Cc44da9e 00000000
E00007a0 000000ec
96fd96fd dfbf0000
C47ad074 7014b69e
E5edd8b6 c2f8eee8
0bb0451f bff1ea11
470a9524 810a3b87
48da3096 d3198922
6e5da57a 9a3d97c4
F4429161 6a29523b
84101511 17988e53
A20a1e82 81459cd2
Ba36baa7 8f09b26c
D74fe08a 22c3e9db
273cd97a 3953337a
Cb2142cf 631736ad
F4926a12 684661fd
57303a80 14d2ef77
5fdedc7a 204b1d25
Aa6f92a8 c40a8843
34670d14 b22c4e59
92a8caa9 fa067adb
F99829de 365ad5ea
81172206 433ad37e
Efce0b59 abbca505
23582363 46845d9f
39eebf78 8334fce1
1ef89f1d 1b2261d5
4ce600a7 194b6a45
D8415c22 6d88c238
17fce873 7eff27bc
7f104ec0 00000000
20000300 00000006
E000c370 00000088
2df32df3 6bc00000
D8ef3683 6dac3e9e
E04b2616 0a857889
E00883f6 a9b19a54
641fbbd0 1a858799
41f7c321 8a487ee8
3c1d0c3c 55d8c779
Bf7ccb6e 8f4806
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