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CoH: Opposing Fronts v2.103 Trainer
davidfb  posted on Nov 13, 2007 1:46:49 PM - Report post

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Thank you very much for your great effort. My account status is unlimited now and please ignore the e-mail that i sent to you.
tlslead  posted on Nov 20, 2007 3:04:35 AM - Report post

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When i run the trainer without running it as administrator and start up the game and press F1 then play and press the keys to activate the options for some reason it works, and i kinda like it,ALSO im running on vista

[Edited by tlslead, 11/20/2007 3:13:26 AM]

turboz  posted on Nov 23, 2007 12:29:09 AM - Report post

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well no one works for free
estepki  posted on Nov 23, 2007 8:49:27 PM - Report post

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has anyone notices, by the time the trainers are released, a new patch has come out which means you cant use the trainer anymore, so you need to wait for the new trainer to be released and by the time that one is released another patch....... and so on and so on.... it is really annoying!
Skidmarxx  posted on Nov 25, 2007 6:16:48 PM - Report post

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The trainer 2.102 works fine with the 2.103 version of the game,have tried it for a week now and no problems,so give it a try and see for your self...until the next trainer becomes available to the public...hope this helps m8
link57  posted on Nov 26, 2007 9:21:48 AM - Report post

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Another way to use the old trainers is to go into your firewall and block RelicCOH it will stop the auto updates and let you play with the old patchs and trainers.
Tanzire  posted on Dec 04, 2007 12:59:11 AM - Report post

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Hey, Been around for awhile. Now I've noticed a issue or two with the 2.103 trainer. (Can't say much for the older ones, since I've been using Cheathappen's trainers for Company of Heroes for a rather long time by now), but anyway.. I've noticed that the Computer benefits from the trainer now.

This causes for some rather hectic gameplay. I mainly enjoy the trainer to shut-out the population limit, as I find it annoying to set up a fun little army just to be building that last unit and find that I'm at the limit.. Since I've yet to find a button that lets you retire a vehicle or infantry unit.. Well you know.

Anyway, I've noticed this in skirmish and single player campaigns. The computer tends to have a rather unfair advantage when it's manpower is taken away.. Turns into one huge cluster.. um.. you know. Annnnywho.. You get the engineers of each side rushing all about the map while you're trying to build a front-line, then later on in the game it's Light Armored Cars EVERYWHERE.

The benefits the computer gains from the trainer so far:

Instant Special Abilities: I've seen this in both single player and campaign. For example there's that one Allied Campaign map where you have to capture points around a main access base. Well you start out within range of rocket artillery. The computer will just bombard you forever with the rockets. In Skirmish, I've watched German Infantry constantly fire those disposable panzerfausts over and over.

Instant Buildings/Troops: Yes, I've watched a computer's unit production building start up the anim that it's 'building' and out pops the unit. As well as flat out watched a British rifleman team pop out a Slit-Trench instantly as well.

I admit I've really liked the trainers here because of the dedication to making sure it's the player only getting the effects. Especially when I'm prone to using them for a certain option for some aspect of the game I'm not a fan of. (I'm horrible with math! I don't want to add up all the population numbers for each unit while I make up a spiffy attack force!)

So, well, of course I'm just saying and all. It's been a tad frustrating turning on the options I mainly reserve to when I start to lose.. (I'm a sore loser against RTS AI's. I can't help it!) It may be the fact I play the Steam version or whatnot.

Buut. Just saying and all. <.<

Caliber  posted on Dec 04, 2007 6:14:19 AM - Report post

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attn: Tanzire and others-

thanks for your playtesting and feedback. we are glad that you like the trainer and use it. november is an interesting month for the games companies and anyone attached to it, (i.e. us). we made something like 40 or so trainers in one month because there was so much gaming activity and games released. there isn't any other website or cheats production unit that i know of that came anywhere close to our production of trainers this year. it's actually mind boggling looking back at it, as i created so many trainers in such a short time. unfortunately, time is what we don't have in situations of that sort. some games take 24-48 hours to complete and there just is no way to test each artillary peice in each mission for each faction, etc.- you get the idea. we have to get to the options we think will be most useful, get a stable trainer made that works on many different setups, etc. one of the most glaring problems with opposing forces was the gliders, which was partly a coding problem on RELIC's part, and partly the trainer. at any rate, we fixed it when we had some time to go back to the game. perhaps when things are calmer and we have caught up with all the new releases, patches, etc. we can revisit this game and i can play it 20 more hours or something and get into these missions that seem to hold the problems.

thanks again for the feedback and for the kind comments!


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