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Xientie  posted on Mar 12, 2008 7:35:24 PM - Report post

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If you can't bring yourself to read through the below for my answers here they are in a quick summary.

Favorite Chapter: The Imperial Fist's.
Favorite Character: Rogal Dorn.
Favorite Race: The Eldar.
The Ultimate army: I don't think there is one.
The Next Dawn of War Will Include: The Tyranids (hopefully).

My favorite Chapter? Hm, let me think about that... I suppose when it boils down to it I like the Imperial Fist's best. Their story line and part in the Horus Heresy really interests me and there color scheme is something of pure arrogance.

"We are so big and strong, we wear bright yellow armor that is only just more subtler than shouting - We're right here take your best shot!!!"

As for the character I like the most it has to be Rogal Dorn Primarch of the Imperial Fist's. The tactics he employed during the Horus Heresy were nothing short or pure genius. Though his pride and arrogance did lead to him to his death in the end so not the brightest of the bunch at least my Primarch standards.

My favorite race is easy to say because it's the Eldar. After all being a huge fan of Arcologies, Ecologies and general Equality for all, the Eldar as a culture are high in all 3 while maintaining awe-inspiring architecture and a small elite while highly mobile fighting force.

In reality there is no ultimate army in Warhammer 40,000 since all Games Workshop games are open ended never ever having an end to them. Then of course the fact the no one ever gains any sizable amount of territory and when they do the lose something else in the process keeping everyone on an equal footing. Another of the universes little jokes, at our expense of course.

Well the next game should include the Tyranid's. Not because they are the only ones left to add, but because so many people have been asking for them. They are quite certainly popular in our avenue. Of course I understand how difficult it is to incorporate them into the game giving the unique circumstances of how the Tyranids invade a system.

Jagon  posted on Mar 13, 2008 1:44:32 PM - Report post

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Hmmm, thats a tough one, my favorite chapter has gotta be the Blood Ravens, i still see the grey knights as part of the Space Marines so yeah. Favorite race, necrons are cool but way too limited when it comes to mobility and superior tactics, Sisters of battle are ok but lacks in aces, chaos is strong but limited in units, eldars and dark eldars excels a mobility but are pretty useless in upfront fighting, orks are a general balance but too weak in longrange to make a real difference in the battlefield with out a distraction. Imperial guards... what can i say? a army full of useless pawns literally, only the baneblade tank is worth a damn in that entire faction. The Tau from what i see since i havent played them yet, they seem to pack a reasonably powerful punch with an above average mobility excelling at both long and short range. My favorite race so far is probably the Space Marines cuz of their balance in most fields.
Favorite character is probably Sanguinius the primach of the Blood Angels.
As for the next game, maybe the introduction of the Tyranids they seem like a worthy adversary and a story campaign with an optional risk mode?

[Edited by Jagon, 3/13/2008 1:46:44 PM]

USMC_GunnySGT  posted on Mar 13, 2008 8:25:46 PM - Report post

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awesome post...thanks for taking the time to write it...can you ellaberate on the Horus Heresy tactics of the Primarch...

[Edited by USMC_GunnySGT, 3/13/2008 8:26:05 PM]

USMC_GunnySGT  posted on Mar 13, 2008 8:26:39 PM - Report post

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Jagon good answers thanks for the post friend...
nemises-halo  posted on Mar 15, 2008 3:20:01 AM - Report post

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Fav chapter hmmm... guess it would have to be the Ultramarines
Fav guy(s) hmmm... Veteran sergeant of the Ultramarines 4th company Pasanius and exiled captain of the Ultramarines 4th company Uriel Ventris
Ultimate race hmmm... Tau cuz they can shoot like insanely distances

[Edited by nemises-halo, 3/15/2008 3:20:37 AM]

Solexfox  posted on Mar 19, 2008 8:09:33 PM - Report post

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Hmm, I would like to say that the Grey Knights of the Ordo Malleus are my favourite chapter but then it wouldn't be right. Ordo Malleus isn't part of the Space Marines, truely, they are one of the 3 sub-groups of the Imperium's Inquisition. (Ordo Malleus, Ordo Hereticus, and the Ordo Xenos - who also have awesome space marines in Deathwatch.)

My favourite Space Marine Chapter, well I have two: The Ultramarines, and the Deathwing Company of the Dark Angels.

Ultramarines have a fairly good history and are also considered the most honourable of all chapters. Their Primarch Roboute Guilliman is the man who wrote the Codex Astartes, which is basically the guide for all Space Marine chapters. Although they did not initially fight in the final battle of the Horus Heresy, they did fight a large battle; The Alpha Legion tricked them into a small system where they could ambush the Ultramarines with superior numbers, but in the end the Ultramarines defeated them and made it to Earth just after Horus was killed. Another thing that might interest you about the Ultramarines would be their great battle against the Tyranid Hive Fleet Behemoth, they had a little help but they pretty much defeated and destroyed the entire Tyranid force by themselves. (with great losses.)

And Deathwing Company is just awesome, they all wear Terminator armour.

As for my favourite Race, I would have to go with the Tau. The Tau are an interesting people and they have some very neat and powerful long ranged and stealth capabilities. Their Kroot allies are exceptional at close quarters combat.

[Edited by Solexfox, 3/20/2008 8:45:10 AM]

[Edited by Solexfox, 3/20/2008 8:48:46 AM]

USMC_GunnySGT  posted on Mar 20, 2008 8:07:07 PM - Report post

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hellhunter  posted on Mar 22, 2008 4:39:52 PM - Report post

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Blood Ravens for LIFE! Even if they don't have a backstory dating pre-heresy, but they're cool! And they're basically Thousand Sons.
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