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funny experiences
krazy_killer  posted on Sep 20, 2007 4:59:22 PM - Report post

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one time, i was in ravenholm, and i put a roller mine on the ground just for fun. there where like, 10 zombies, and 9 of them went directly after the rollermine. 1 of them turned, and walked up to a barrel that was right up against a car. he couldnt get behind the barrel to knock it at the rollermine, so he got in front of it, turned around, and hit it when it was behind him. he killed himself, he flew forward, and killed 2 of the other zombies, lol.

what funny experiences have u had?

kai50000  posted on Sep 21, 2007 11:30:53 AM - Report post

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First of all, LOL at that zombie.
Second, yeah, I had one in ravenholm for one; I was walking out of that one building with the meat hooks and saws, and here comes a fast zombie, running straight towards me while I'm walking out of the building, I fired a meat hook at him with the gravity gun when he was close, and I missed slightly, hitting the door frame instead. The meat hook ricocheted off of the door frame, hit the zombie still(yay!), but then bounced and hit me. I, at this point only had 50 health because I had had to deal with all of those zombies coming up the stairs before that. The meat hook killed me.

Another time, I was shooting at a fast zombie that was right up close to me, with a shotgun, there was a barrel VERY close behind him and some of my bullets hit it... we both died.

One time though, while in that one place with all the snipers, I saw a "normal", non sniper combine, he threw a grenade at me, I threw it back and missed by firing it too high, and it actually hit a sniper, I ran up to the combine to use my crowbar and another sniper shot him to get to me, at this point, the combine had dropped a grenade he was about to use, I quickly used the gravity gun to pick it up and kill that last sniper. So I ended up using three different combine enemies against each other to kill them all.

[Edited by kai50000, 9/21/2007 11:40:22 AM]

krazy_killer  posted on Sep 21, 2007 5:13:33 PM - Report post

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LOL, cool! o btw, i had notarget on, and i was going into the sandtrap lvl, and at the place where u have to get past a train, where there r zombies in the tunnel, and i used noclip, sped forward, caused the 3 fast zombies to come, then i quickly flew into the room with the headcrabs with the file cabnet up against it. i killed the headcrabs, turned to face the window, and a zombie was clicking his claws softly on the window(weird, lol) and a fast zombie was silently attacking the window, which was odd, cuz they couldnt see me, lol

another time, was when i was at a combine base on sandtrap, i had no target on, placed 2 fast zombies, and a rollermine near a cliff, and the first fast zombie ran over, attacked the rollermine, got zapped, and the rollermine flew off the cliff into the water, but before it got to the water, the second fast zombie ran over to the edge of the cliff, and jumped off after the rollermine, killing itself with leeches in the water. seconds after, the first fast zombie slowly slid off the cliff, and landed in the water, and a truck fell in right behind him cuz i used grav gun to shoot it off lol XD

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IrishBear  posted on Apr 07, 2008 10:05:04 AM - Report post

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lets just say i like strider legs with the grav cannon against combine elites
krazy_killer  posted on Apr 16, 2008 6:39:14 PM - Report post

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i had a new one recently. i was in ravenholm, near the beginning, i put notarget on, put boxes around a zombie, stacked fire barrels on the crates, then i turned notarget off, and the zombie knocked the fire barrel at me. i turned notarget back on, placed the fire barrel back in place, turned off notarget, the zombie attempted to knock it at me again, but when he hit it, it blew up in his face! XD
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