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Locked Topic  Stranglehold CH Trainer
LuKiE  posted on Sep 24, 2007 9:36:04 AM - Report post

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Very nice, thank you for the trainer.
I just upgraded to unlimited because there will be a lot of nice games this upcoming year. Stranglehold is hopefully one of them.
Thanks cheathappens!
42N8Son  posted on Sep 24, 2007 4:33:53 PM - Report post

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I've noticed quite a few crashes as well! Is it the game or is it the game with this trainer running? I've only tried it with the trainer running so I'm not sure about crashes without the trainer? Let me know.

Crashes seem to happen a lot when I use the #3 Tequila bomb option. I think the game has a memory leak or something that's flooding up the system RAM and is causing these crashes.

I'm not sure, is this game the LARGEST hard drive hog of all games so far? 12Gb compressed and 50GB uncompressed hard drive space is incredible!

Also, I miss the bulletcam from Max Payne. I hate taking single head shots in this game and not being able to keep firing at them. In Max Payne you could keep firing at an enemy during the slomo cutscene and watch multiple bullets hit him. In this game, you can only fire one solo shot and watch it hit the enemy. Nut shots have a pretty cool animation though! LOL!

Caliber  posted on Sep 24, 2007 8:46:22 PM - Report post

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i noticed many crashes while playing the game without the trainer, which i did for quite some time with this one...

you can interrupt the slo-mo deaths with precision aim by pressing ESC if i remember.

the game is a resource hog and even with 2gb memory i still had some stutterring as it downloaded more data from the hard drive.

Dab, regarding the health code location. it appeared to me that it was a function that was called by the GUI to update the health bar that is drawn on the screen. i put a conditional breakpoint with olly and had it log the address while i battled multiple enemies, etc. and it only showed the one address, which was tequila's health location. therefore, i am perplexed why this function would be called for the bosses or any other entity other than tequila. also, i would be perplexed to see why the one-hit kill code would make anything harder to kill when it is setting the health to 1 the enemies. at any rate, maybe there is a better way but i haven't had time to get back and look at it again-

thanks for all the info fellas. i will relook at this game when i get more time and maybe re-look at health when i get to the bosses at the end and lasers, etc. since i never played the game that far. lots of game releases this week so i will be a busy bee-


LuKiE  posted on Sep 25, 2007 6:39:48 AM - Report post

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Yes its a massive game, my disk drive is full now, after the 12gb.
I also have random desktop crashes, whats the meaning of that?
And the slowmo kill thingie thats under "2" is nice, but if you do it too much it gets very boring, after the level in the harbor im already throu of this game.
m4rc  posted on Sep 25, 2007 8:25:00 AM - Report post

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well ive upgraded 1 month ago to a p5k asus with a c2d 2.6 and implemented 2x 2gb kingston hyperX ddr2-800
cpu cooled with the massive zalman 9700 cpns
this combined with my nvidea 8800 ultra
and to be sure i'm running the game from a raptor 10.000 rpm hdd

it gets me a top temp of abt 29-31° C in full gaming mode.

but as far as the game goes, it has the same result.
crashes usually in the slow-mo precision aming part of the game.
usually have to go over the whole precision thing again, which can be annoying assuming u are almost at the end of that part.

anyways ... i was lucky to get the unleashed trainer, suffering from same hickups i've been reading up here.

so pretty sure an update will be imminently followed

HieroX  posted on Sep 25, 2007 4:26:11 PM - Report post

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I have only encountered crashes once. Its in the Casino, where the car is. If I use the "Barrage" thing... I just call it "Blow-the-hell-out-off-every-god-damn-thing-kick-ass-awesome-maneuver" But thats a problem even if I don't use the trainer.

Anyway, love the trainer... and CH of course.

HotKeyH  posted on Sep 26, 2007 4:06:26 AM - Report post

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Just for the info cal, I reached the third level with the 3th end boss. The game is using a scripted event. At the beginning Vlad is standing on a balcony, if you kill him right away you get stuck in the game. So just don't kill him and follow him. That would solve all problems. It has nothing to do with the trainer I would say, haven't tested yours though, just created my own.
Juniorek  posted on Sep 27, 2007 1:09:15 AM - Report post

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regarding the constant crashes...

this f*** game is buggy like ****
many users have problems running it

besides, i`ve noticed that when i run the game with the unleashed trainer the game crashes in some parts
but when i`ver changed to ch trainer - it plays good

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