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Sephiroth battle continued
DemonKill3r  posted on Jul 17, 2007 8:46:37 PM - Report post

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Noting this now, if at any time you see him rise up and say "Descend, Heartless Angel!" you need to get close to him and up to him as soon as possible and hit him to interrupt (then lay into him with a combo while you can). That attack will drain all of your MP and take you to 1 HP. He can do
this at least a couple times during the course of the battle, you have been warned.

Once you've managed to damage him, he will start using some more attacks in addition to his combo attacks.

He has a sort of Flare, where pillars of fire will erupt fromt he ground. They do very heavy damage and seem to have a gravity effect (they suck you in). Use Glide to try and get away from them.

If you see him summon several balls of energy, be prepared. When they get close, start chain casting Reflega.

When he rises up and is covered in a purple aura while invincible, he is entering his final stage. He becomes a lot more aggressive.

He will keep doing the above attacks, just a heck of a lot faster.

If you see him rise into the air and beyond the platform, take the the air and get as far away as possible. He will be casting meteor shower. They will come in at a decending angle from just beyond him. Being on the other end of the
platform and gliding back and forth is a sure fire way to avoid this attack.

The best time to attack is while he is executing "Descend, Heartless Angel!" or right after his slashing attack which requires the Reaction command to avoid. Also,if you manage to get Rertaliating slash off while he begins his combo which knocks you into the air, you can use that as a great time to damage him. If he uses his ground combo, jumping stright up and floating til it ends and then attacking is also great. It sounds simple, but in my opinion, it's not. The key is to be relentless, you have to take advantage of every single one of his weaknesses at all times.

In order to finish him off, you need to deal at least 2 finishing blows in brief succession or he will remain at 1 HP and be extremely aggressive. He seems to have some kind of Second Chance and Once More abilities. Targetting
him and using Trinity Limit while he is on his last bar of health (or half bar) will finish the job for you.

He has weaknesses, exploit them at all costs. Otherwise, stay on your toes and keep moving. You don't wanna get caught standing still. Be prepared at all times cause he is a relentless attacker and if you aren't ready to deal with something, he will punish you for it.

revenge619  posted on Jul 27, 2007 5:55:06 PM - Report post

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too bad...... after all that typing.....tch tch...

F.Y.I this is the KH1 message board you're talkin about KH2

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