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Sephiroth battle
DemonKill3r  posted on Jul 17, 2007 8:43:08 PM - Report post

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Difficulty: 11/10

Note 1:Sephiroth is at the Dark Depths, beyond where the 1000 heartless battle took place. To find him, go to the Bailey in Raidant Garden, then go down to the Castle Gates (opposite the Restoration Site) and continue through several
'rooms' until you get to the end. 2 rooms before him, you can save at the Crystal Fissure.

Note 3: This is a battle depending much more upon your skill as a player as opposed to the level of your character, even so, you'll want to be 70-80+ and have all of the (at least) Lv.2 Growth abilities from the Drive Forms. You will also want the Second Chance and Once More abilities equipped, to ensure you aren't killed the first time he gets a combo off on you. You'll also was Retaliating slash, which is like Aerial Recovery, but with a return strike. Guard and Counterguard are effective as well for ground combat. You'll also want any extra finishers (like Explosion on the ground) equipped. I highly suggest packing elixirs, because you can use them in emergency to replensih your HP or MP (or both). You can heal, get damaged, replenish HP and MP with Elixir
for a second heal and be ready for a Curaga again in no time (though if you're being hit that much, you can almost forget it). I suggest having trinity limit, but I also don't suggest using it til the end. I'll explain below. I also
suggest having Reflega and Curaga on shortcuts.

Note 4: He has 15 life bars and he is extremely fast, be prepared, you need lightning quick reflexes and a clear head to play against him. I can list all the strategies I want, but you can expect to die a few of times while you adjust
to his speed if you're like me and have a generally low reaction time.

Strategy: To start off with, hit triangle immediately. He has a rushing slashing attack which you can block with a Reaction here. He may do this several times during battle so always be prepared to hit triangle at a moment's notice. Like all of his attacks, it's devastating and can be outright lethal. The second he is done with this attack, move in and combo him. Using a ground combo ending with
Explosion it's possible to juggle him for a few seconds before he recovers and starts the ownage spree.

Be warned, he will be teleporting around a lot, usually to within range of you. Never, ever stop moving during this battle for any reason. Try and keep a lock-on at all times. As I said, he teleports a lot, so keeping one can be difficult, but it's vital you keep an eye on him at all times.

He has an extended melee combo that will do extreme damage and without Second Chance and Once More, you'll likely be dead in under three seconds. He likes to teleport to you while doing this. Likewise, I have merely seen videos of people using Guard and Counterguard against his melee attacks, so I know it works, but your timing needs to be perfect. If you see the combo coming and feel you can pull it off, then by all means use Guard. There's 2 parts to the combo so you would have to guard twice. This would likely take a lot of practice though. Alternatively, just jump out of the way, using Aerial Dodge. If you time it right, you can swoop back in at the right time as he is ending his combo and get in a combo of your own. Another (absolutely ingenious) way I've seen of avoiding this attack and retaliating is to use High Jump + Aerial Dodge to jump stright up into the air as he is coming in, then use Glide ability without moving so you float. Once he is at the very end of his combo,drop down and unleash an air combo. If you are able to time it right, it works wonderfully.

He has a ground combo that hits you into the air. If this happens, immediately (and I mean like lightning fast) press square for Retaliating Slash and mash X for a combo. If you're lucky, you can get off a nice string of hits.

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