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C&C3 CH Mega Trainer v1.06
Shwez  posted on Aug 16, 2007 7:36:11 PM - Report post

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Yeah about the unlimited aircraft ammo... It does effect the enemy. ...until next version then.
btyeh  posted on Aug 16, 2007 9:39:51 PM - Report post

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@ Caliber,
During the missions, it was definately the case.

- GDI 'Defend the Pentagon' Mission, AI NOD Vertigo's just kept circling the Pentagon dropping bomb after bomb without re-arming at airport.

- NOD 'Kane's Tower' Mission, AI GDI Firehawks kept on bombing my structures, dropping up to 4 air-to-surface bombs and turning around and doing the same thing.

- Scrin 'Threshold 19' Mission, AI GDI Orcas would attack structures by firing an 'endless' supply of missiles (counted at least 10 before Rift-ing them)

Minor problems really, since I usually have Infinite Health [Shift F1] for most of my things. Although on the last NOD mission one annoying thing was a heroic Firehawk kept on circling and bombing. UNLIMITED AMMO combined with INSTANT UNIT UPGRADES.. it drops 4 bombs, does a Strato-Fighter-Move to the same spot, drop 4 again, Strato again.. couldn't ** kill it, even with a nuke cause it would evade

disestablish  posted on Aug 17, 2007 3:42:41 AM - Report post

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Plasma armour's nice, but lulls me into a false sense of security.
RaZoRb0iz  posted on Aug 17, 2007 6:24:00 AM - Report post

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Testing it now. Never noticed it before because I like to fight GDI against Scrin.
RaZoRb0iz  posted on Aug 17, 2007 6:39:08 AM - Report post

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originally posted by btyeh

I played through all the campaigns using this v1.6 trainer.
Here are my reactions:


Using [Shift F1 F2 F3] the HEALTH mods causes everything on your battle-interface to gain that alteration. Does not matter if you selected/highlighted units or not.

E.g. Your structures, your units, neutral structures, bridges, enemy units, enemy structures.

It changes everything 'you can see'. (So I got around this by highlighting units/structures, then scroll to an area covered by shroud or a place with nothing, and then pressing the keys)

Enemies which fire on your INVINCIBLE [Shift F1] buildings gain veterancy insanely fast (Not that it matters since its invincible)

Managed to turn this around for my favour: Invincible-ise an enemy structure, and then allocate your units to "level up" on that structure. Works wonders for every unit. (Note: Train Snipers in APCs and train Commandos by demolition)

UNLIMITED AIRCRAFT AMMO [Shift G] also gives AI the ability.

INSTANT SIDEBAR UPGRADES [Shift D] gives Superweapons no fire-cooldown time (which is good) but the timer is not 0:00 (minor problem).

Along those lines, enemy superweapons "LOOK" as if they are ready to fire, but they don't (which is good also, scares the **** when they build a Superweapon & it instantly comes online).

Finally, NOD's Nuclear Missile / NOD's Catalyst Missile is the only Sidebar Ability that can't be spammed. If you fire the missiles, then before impact, fire at another location, it will fall there instead. (Solution? Have to wait, can't shower the world with nukes)

PLASMA FORCE ARMOUR [Shift H] does nothing (for me anyway). It could be a visually transparent, but regardless, no damage reduction for units with [Shift H].


All of the above are minor notes. This is my first attempt at a trainer & it has been very fun! Comments:

Love spamming RIFT GENERATOR, makes the map so clean!

Setting enemy structures' health to zero, & using units that are not meant to combat buildings to level the base e.g. Snipers / Shadow Teams / Buzzers

Sending 20-or-so Orca Bombardments at a single target, so there is just this line of Orcas stretching accross the map.

Using units that were weak before, to take on an entire army E.g. Scrin Corruptor VS NOD Avatar

Pay-Back against the AI on the NOD Mission'Outback' (where you have to secure the nuclear transports). Attempting to finish it in Hard Difficulty took me at LEAST 20 tries, but with this trainer.. lalalalala

Shift + F1-F3 doesn't make everything on the screen get that effect, only those units currently under my cursor (literally under my cursor, not selected or anything) or those that are currently selected, which is how Caliber designed it.

Yes, I also find ANY enemy unit that fires on a Shift + F1-ed unit gets leveled up to max veterancy very fast.

Yeap. Unlimited aircraft ammo gives the enemy the ability, in both Skirmish and Campaign, and for both Allies and Enemy AI as well. I managed to reproduce it in the Pentagon GDI mission as well as all the skirmish matches i tested.

NOD's Nuclear missile and Catalyst missile CAN be spammed before the first one hits the ground, but there must be a lag time in between. Try it to test it out. But yes, no blanketing the whole map in nukes.

Yes...Plasma force armor is visually transparent. =)

[Edited by RaZoRb0iz, 8/17/2007 6:39:44 AM]

[Edited by RaZoRb0iz, 8/17/2007 6:59:13 AM]

Caliber  posted on Aug 18, 2007 9:58:45 PM - Report post

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can someone test with a scrimmage match against ai and tell me if you get same result with AI getting unlimited aircraft ammo?


Shwez  posted on Aug 19, 2007 5:37:51 AM - Report post

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I thought Mr.Razorboiz already do that. I've tested it too in skirmish.
No more like 1.5 trainer where you have to click aircrafts one by one to activate the cheats - just press the hotkey, all aircraft that have payload are affected.

Edited: The cheat make all aicrafts available have the effect, even when the cheat deactivated. But aircrafts made after the cheat is off, obviously doesn't have the effect, until it turn on again.

[Edited by Shwez, 8/19/2007 9:14:59 AM]

btyeh  posted on Aug 19, 2007 8:24:48 AM - Report post

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@ Calibar
The Aircraft Ammo still affects all sides, Allies Enemies AI.

@ RaZoRb0iz
Found out the reason about the Health Modifications [Shift F1 F2 F3].

The HEALTH MODIFICATION Mod affects ALL HEALTHBARS YOU CAN SEE. That is why highlighting or selecting units/structures (as the original mod suggests) works.

But for me I use [Shift ~] which displays ANY & ALL possible healthbars, Allies, Enemies, Neutral units/structures, so no wonder for me, it changes everything I see.

And also, still can't shower the world with nukes like the Rift or Ion Cannon or any other sidebar weapon for that matter. By Spamming, I mean Click-Fire-Click-Fire-Click-Fire. But I have noticed that, you fire a nuke, look at Temple of Nod, when the head of the next nuke appears, then you can fire again.

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